Canton Cover-Up Part 79: Hundreds Attend Canton Rolling Rally To Protest Police Coverup Of John O’Keefe’s Murder


Yesterday turtle riders participated in a rolling rally through Canton to peacefully protest the murder of John O’Keefe in that town, the protection of his killers who still live there, and the framing of Karen Read by the State Police, Canton Police Department, and Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office. I was expecting maybe 50-100 people tops, but instead was joined by hundreds of people as we visited the homes of Brian Albert, Michael Proctor, Jen and Matt McCabe, Julie Nagel, and Deputy Police Chief Tom Keleher, before ending the rally outside the Canton Police Department (directly across the street form Tim Albert’s house) on the busiest street in town. Our numbers grew as the rally continued, and I live streamed the entire thing (although it apparently came out blurry) and discussed it on the Live Show last night.

This setup is what life is all about.

I must’ve posed for at least a hundred pictures, so if you’d like me to share yours please message Clarence Woods Emerson on Facebook or email [email protected]. We are not afraid to show our faces. We are proud to support Karen Read and demand justice for John O’Keefe, even when his “friends” and family won’t. We are not afraid of the Alberts, the McCabes, or anyone else who have attacked people like Tom Beatty, and other Canton residents for not supporting the lie that Karen Read killed her boyfriend.

It was such a positive day, and a reminder to Karen Read that there is an army of people behind her, who don’t just post things online, but will actually show up in person to support her. It was a reminder to the Canton Police Department that their silence makes them complicit. It was a reminder to the McCabes and the Alberts that they no longer get to walk around Canton and pretend that they’re normal, law abiding soccer moms. And it was a reminder to everyone involved in this coverup that we will not let this die, we will not go away, and we will continue to make life uncomfortable for you until you start telling the truth about what happened on the morning of January 29, 2022. John O’Keefe is dead and Karen Read continues to be put through mental Hell, as she has the last 18 months, so none of these people deserve a minute of comfortability or normality.

Wherever we stopped cars would drive by, honk their horns in support, and yell “go get em Turtleboy.” Everywhere I looked there were cars with “Free Karen Read,” “Justice for John,” and even “Where is Chloe?” written on them. One was iconically parked across the street from D&E Pizza.

The Alberts and McCabes all abandoned their homes because that’s what cowards and rats do when they’re backed into a corner. Bullies aren’t used to people standing up to them.

If the people of Canton were too scared to talk before, or involve themselves with the defense, they aren’t any longer. Dozens of Cantonites joined us in the rolling rally, and helped us navigate around town. As we drove around Canton for two hours we were greeted by countless people on their front lawns, cheering us on, and shouting their support for Karen Read. On Fairview Road especially I watched as neighbors who were watching our live stream began pouring out of their homes to voice their support. No one is afraid anymore.

The most interesting part was that I didn’t see a single Canton Police Officer all day. If you had 300 cars come into your town, clog up the roads all day, drive through narrow side streets, and protest outside of people’s homes, your local police department would have a police escort to make sure there were no problems. If I lived in Canton, I would want the police who I pay taxes to to make sure no one came on my lawn or blockaded my road. But CPD didn’t do that because they’re afraid to show their faces. They didn’t want to end up on Turtleboy, and they knew that the hundreds of people there would ask them questions they didn’t want to answer.

The rolling rally began at the Shaw’s in Norwood. I was amazed to see at least 100 people there waiting for me when I arrived. I realized we were gonna be separated by red lights, and it would be hard to keep up in downtown Norwood, so I told everyone the itinerary and said that they could follow the YouTube stream if they got lost to see where we were.

The first stop was Brian Albert’s new home at 909 Washington Street #3 in Norwood that he fled to after replacing his basement floor, getting rid of his family dog, and selling his family home for $50K less than asking price. They had Ring cameras all over the property, just like they probably did the night John O’Keefe was killed in their home on Fairview Road.


Norwood was a lot more urban than I remembered it so parking was an issue, and a lot of people missed the first stop. It was my first rolling rally, so live and learn.

After that we went to 6 Wentworth Road, the home of Michael and Elizabeth Proctor. He clearly thinks this is a big joke, since he put a “turtle crossing” sign in his front yard after we visited there three weeks ago. He has since put a private property sign up, and removed the thin blue line flag from outside his garage. The highlight was seeing the kids across the street running a lemonade stand, which several turtle riders donated to. If those kids did that in anticipation of the rolling rally then they will be millionaires someday.

The next stop was Chez McCabe, less than a quarter mile away (despite Adam Lally claiming that the two families had never interacted before). Unfortunately they weren’t there, as Jen and Matt fled to Ogunquit Beach for the week, where they were looking SHARP!

Jen may wear the pants, but Matt wears the bra.

Jen put up “no trespassing” signs after I knocked on her door three weeks ago. At their home I explained the huge role they had in John O’Keefe’s murder and coverup, as turtle riders shouted “cop killer,” and her neighbors looked on with curiosity. Unfortunately a lot of turtle riders missed it because her street wasn’t big enough to fit all the cars, and there was absolute gridlock.

The next stop was Julie Nagel’s home, who lives in on a very densely populated street on the other end of town. Julie is the girlfriend of Brian Albert Jr. who called her brother to ask for a ride, told him to leave when he arrived, then told police 11 months later that she saw something dark and shadowy on the front lawn of 34 Fairview Road, despite the fact that John’s body wasn’t there yet when she left at 1:47 AM with Jen McCabe. She attempted to hide her address by covering up the 78 on her mailbox.

Unfortunately for her the neighbors to the left live at 76, so it wasn’t hard to figure out which house was hers. This was the only home where we caught them by surprise, as her family was doing yard work in the back. Her neighbors all voiced their support for us as they came outside and joined our protest.

The next stop was 31 Fairview Road, the home of Deputy Police Chief Keleher. I made sure to take the long way there to try to be the last one to get there, so that everyone could watch. I passed by turtle riders tailgating on their front lawn along the way. When I drove down Fairview Brian Albert’s former neighbors cheered us on, and I came up to the house and saw a sea of people in the street and the sidewalk. I delivered an impassioned speech in front of the spot where John O’Keefe’s body was dumped like trash, and the hundreds of people listening were able to see for themselves just how impossible it would have been for Kerry Roberts and Jen McCabe not to have seen his body.


The rally ended in the most positive way outside of the CPD, as people drove by cheering us on, including a big rig that laid on its horn and made the crowd go wild.


The only negative thing that happened was right at the end when I was being interviewed by Canton TV and someone threw an egg that nearly hit a 5 year old boy, which kind of sums up the kind of people we are up against. People claim it was this BMW.

It happened while I was giving an interview so I didn’t see it happen. But if someone wants to run that plate for me we can look into whoever owns that vehicle. Email [email protected] if you can.

Finally I decided to hit up the Waterfall Bar & Grille, which I think has gotten a bad name because it’s the last place John O’Keefe was seen alive. But it’s actually a really nice place, and I had a chance to hang out with some wonderful turtle riders while I was there. We even did the Canton salute in a couple pictures.


I hope to have an even bigger turnout for Karen Read’s hearing on July 25. The hearing starts at 2 PM in Dedham at Norfolk Superior Court, and the protest will begin at 12:15. I’d like to see hundreds, if not thousands of people there to protest the injustice that’s happening inside that courthouse. Judge Cannone and ADA Lally will try to gag the defense, but they can’t gag us all. If you come please be respectful and avoid confrontation with any opposition that meets us. Our nonviolent, passive resistance will always win out over their intimidation and thuggish behavior.


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