Canton Cover-Up Part 83: Judge Cannone Denies Motion To Recuse Herself But Still Hands Defense Small Victory


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The more I reflect on yesterday’s hearing in Norfolk Superior Court the more I realize it was a massive win for Karen Read and her defense team. If you missed it, the results were as follows:

  • Judge Cannone denied the motion that she recuse herself as the judge in this case
  • The motion to gag the defense was taken under advisement by Cannone
  • The motion to revoke the pro hac vice status of California Attorneys Alan Jackson and Elizabeth Little was not even addressed
  • Adam Lally was pressured by Cannone to hurry up and hand over John O’Keefe’s clothing to the defense for DNA testing
  • Adam Lally accused the defense of not responding to an email he sent regarding getting consent to go through Karen Read’s cell phone, but he admitted that he only sent the email to Attorney David Yannetti (not Jackson or Little) who was out of the country on vacation when the email was sent

Going into the hearing I thought there was a 0% chance Cannone would recuse herself. Alan Jackson repeatedly stated that he was not accusing her of actually actually knowing Sean McCabe, the brother of Matt McCabe who threatened to bury me in the backyard of her seaside cottage. He was simply pointing out that the rules require a judge to recuse of herself if there is an appearance of partiality, which there clearly was based on the hundreds of people outside with signs demanding that Cannone recuse herself. I must say that I never imagined that when I messaged Sean McCabe in May that the contents of our conversation would end up on white boards displayed as evidence in a murder case.

One thing I haven’t written about (it was on my list but just never got around to it) was the Venmo screenshot from Julie Nagel that was presented in court yesterday as well. Julie Nagel was inside 34 Fairview Road when John O’Keefe was murdered, and has been lying to police about what she saw and didn’t see. She evidently sent money to her brother last June with the message “Frank and Beverley.”

I didn’t write about this because the screenshot doesn’t prove anything, since there are many people named Frank and Beverly in Massachusetts. But how many of them are married? Not many as it turns out. And the only couple with those names that owns property on Cape Cod is Cannone and her husband Frank.

Again, this doesn’t PROVE that she knows Julie Nagel, but it may give the appearance that she does to an unbiased observer, which fits the standard for recusal.

It’s also highly suspicious why Nagel suddenly decided to delete all of her transactions after people began posting about it in a Facebook group that the Alberts and McCabes monitor.

I was expecting her to deny the motion to recuse on the spot, but instead Cannone took a 15 minute recess to think it over. When she came back we saw actual human emotions from her for the first time. She very defensively insisted that she did not know Sean McCabe, and never rented her summer home out to Julie Nagel (or anyone else). She pointed out that her name is not spelt Beverley either.

For what it’s worth people can misspell names, and the Google machine says that Beverley is something she also goes by.

But again, this doesn’t prove anything, although it does give the appearance of partiality to many.

In her written denial Cannone had the nerve to refer to me simply as a “blogger,” when in fact I am an award winning journalist, and said that I am not subject to the same high ethical standards as members of the press.

The mainstream media anointed Monica Cannon-Grant a civil rights icon in 2020 while we were exposing her fraud, racism, and threats of violence. Now Monica’s going to federal prison for exactly what we reported she was doing. So please, spare me the lecture about the high ethical standards of corporate controlled media.

Regardless, from that point forward Cannone was a different judge. Cannone 2.0 was visibly rattled by the implication that she wasn’t fair or impartial, and seems to be moving forward cognizant of the way she appears. It seems as if she does in fact care about her reputation, and knows that recusing herself would be an admittance that the defense’s allegations of partiality were legitimate. Therefore her best move was to not recuse herself, and comport herself differently moving forward.

In other words, although the motion was denied it was a huge wakeup call to her, and may be a turning point in the case moving forward.

Towards the end of the hearing Lunchbox Lally (who carries 500 manilla folders into court with him because he apparently can’t afford a briefcase) seemed noticeably on edge when Cannone demanded to know when he was going to hand over John O’Keefe’s clothing to the defense for DNA testing. She also seemed to like Attorney Little, who informed Cannone that Michael Proctor had not handed over 25 pieces of evidence, and that Lally had not copied her or Jackson on an email to Yannetti that was sent to him while he was in Italy.

The highlight of the hearing was Attorney Yannetti’s impassioned, fire and brimstone opposition to the gag motion, in defense of the First Amendment. In a speech that will go down in history as “How Dare They,” Yannetti pointed out the plethora of incidents in which the DA’s Office leaked information to the public for the purposes of turning public opinion against Karen Read. The sharp contrast between the passion you felt every time Karen’s attorneys spoke, compared to the monotone nonsense that Lunchbox Lally read off of a piece of paper, was impossible not to notice.

Let’s be clear – if Judge Cannone 2.0 continues to be fair then that is a direct result of our movement. The Sean McCabe screenshots were embarrassing for her, and must make her dislike the McCabe family for putting her in this position after protecting them for so long. But those screenshots would not even exist if we weren’t writing about this. McCabe posted that because he was frustrated with how effective our reporting has been on influencing public opinion. We pushed him over the edge and he reacted accordingly. Now as a result Judge Cannone was forced to change her behavior, and Karen Read may have a fair chance after all.

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