Media Portrays Rayshard Brooks As Loving Father Despite Criminal Charges Of Cruelty To Children, Battery On Family Member, False Imprisonment


In the coming days many will try to equate the killing of George Floyd to Rayshard Brooks, but you shouldn’t fall for it. George Floyd did not put any police in danger and begged for his life. Rayshard Brooks drove drunk, resisted arrest, assaulted two cops, stole a taser, used that taser on a cop, and has a long and extensive criminal history. He’s been charged with false imprisonment, battery on a family member, cruelty to children, theft, receiving stolen property, interference with custody, obstruction of an officer, and a handful of other misunderstandings.

Yet this is how WCVB chose to portray him today.

Rayshard Brooks’ 8-year-old daughter had her birthday dress on Saturday morning waiting for her dad to come pick her up and take her skating to celebrate her birthday, family attorneys say. Her dad never came home. He was shot and killed by an Atlanta police officer at a Wendy’s parking lot in Atlanta Friday night. Since then, the officer who shot Brooks was terminated and a second officer was placed on administrative leave. The Atlanta police chief stepped down from her position. Brooks, 27, has three daughters who are 1, 2 and 8 years old, according to the attorneys. He also has a 13-year-old stepson, they said.

That’s it. That’s their entire story. Loving father gets killed by cop who has been fired (because Georgia has laws that limit union rights) thus preventing him from going to his 8 year old daughter’s birthday party. Or as he called her, “Daddy’s lil gangster.”

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The same guy who was charged with battery on a family member and cruelty to children was a loving father. The media doesn’t mention any of that easily accessible information because they enjoy and profit from race wars, especially in an election year. Their portrayal of him as a loving father once again proves my theory that society doesn’t care about the welfare of children, and that they view racism as a far worse crime than child abuse.

Rayshard Brooks was not a good father or a good person. Good people don’t drive drunk, assault cops, steal tasers, batter family members, or get charged with cruelty to children. Good fathers who have birthday parties for their daughters the next day don’t go out and get drunk, drive around, and pass out in a Wendy’s drive through. Yet he will be memorialized by the media while the police officer who justifiably shot him will be vilified, threatened, and potentially charged by a district attorney looking to make a name for themselves. These are the kind of people black lives matter exists to defend. These are the only black lives they care about.


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