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Cape Cod Brewery Says They Can’t Celebrate 4th Of July Due To Supreme Court Decision, Owner Posts Picture Celebrating At Chinese Restaurant Instead


Editor’s Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show (7:15)

This is Beth Marcus, the owner of Cape Cod Beer in Hyannis.

Over the weekend she posted on the Cape Cod Beer Facebook page that she would not be saying “Happy Fourth of July,” and couldn’t find a reason to celebrate our nation’s independence because she is in mourning about Roe vs. Wade being overturned.

“while being this bold isn’t without risk….”

You literally couldn’t have a safer take in Massachusetts right now than pretending to be in mourning about Roe vs. Wade being overturned. The vast majority of the population around here agrees with you, abortion isn’t restricted in any ways in Massachusetts, and the comments were overwhelmingly in her favor.

“Another black man gunned down needlessly in Akron.”

He had a gun and shot at cops

“Nazis marching right in our own Boston.”

They were mostly feds playing dress up.

“Fearing for the future of LGBTQ rights.”

This is why women couldn’t vote until 1920.

Using your business page to push your politics only comes with a risk if you’re posting conservative viewpoints. That’s why every major corporation in this country got behind the BLM riots two years ago, change their profile picture to a rainbow flag every June, and moved the All-Star game out of Atlanta because they didn’t agree with Republican pro-democracy laws being passed there. Corporations knew that there would be no consequences for this.

But as it turns out Beth Marcus wasn’t actually in mourning, and actually spent the holiday CELEBRATING with friends and family at Chinese restaurants!

Because nothing says “freedom” more than the Red Chinese. It’s almost as if these people are overly dramatic about everything and pretend that anything that doesn’t go their way is proof that the world is ending, when in reality they’re living a comfortable existence and haven’t been happier.

She’s really upset as a menopausal woman that she’ll be forced to get pregnant though.

Beth’s blatant hypocrisy was pointed out by some people who posted it in local town Facebook groups. Beth couldn’t understand why people were making it so personal! After all, she wore black!

Guys, the struggle is real. Menopausal white women who own breweries have it really, really hard in this country because they choose to wear black short sleeve shirts on hot summer days. It doesn’t count as celebrating if you’re wearing black. She’s a God damn civil rights icon, and it’s about time you showed her some respect.

The ironic part here is that the same people who are so worried about losing our “democracy” are losing their shit on social media because people in each state will be able to debate and vote on their own laws. This is how democracy is supposed to work. People debate issues in the public square, then elect people who represent their values and vote on laws. Roe vs. Wade let 7 unelected judges set law for the entire country without a single person voting on it. Sorry about all this democracy Beth! Hope you’re feeling better!

But all that is besides the point really. Beth Marcus doesn’t actually care about the Supreme Court’s latest decision because it doesn’t affect her life in any way. She celebrated on the 4th of July because she’s not suffering from depression and realizes that her life is pretty good, actually. She just lied about not celebrating it so that she could virtue signal, get a bunch of likes, shares, and new customers, and as a result she gets to feel good about herself. That’s all any of this is really about.


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