Charlie Baker And Jaclyn Corriveau Say Mass GOP Chairman Should Resign For Not Denouncing Asian Hate, Refuse To Comment On Rep Liz Miranda Using N Word Hundreds Of Times


This is Republican State committeewoman Jaclyn Corriveau from Peabody.

As you can see, she’s a fan of Governor Charlie Baker.

This is Donnie Palmer, a veteran, heavy weight boxer, teacher, and recent candidate for Boston City Council.

Donnie didn’t stand much of a chance when he ran because he’s a Republican in a city that ain’t. He quit his job in the public schools because he opposes the teaching of critical race theory, and as a guy who grew up gritty he has no filter when he speaks. At no point was he a serious candidate with a legitimate chance to win, and he finished 14th out of 17, failing to make the general election.

Yet for some reason the Boston Globe and Jaclyn Corriveau are very interested in the things he has to say on social media. In late August Donnie posted something controversial on Facebook about leading Mayoral candidate Michelle Wu, and Jaclyn got offended. Instead of just speaking with Donnie like a grownup she ran and told Mass GOP Chairman Jim Lyons, because Lyons had donated money to Donnie. When she didn’t like his response she went and cried to the Boston Globe, which could not wait to write a story tearing down a black Republican and gloat about the infighting within the Mass GOP.

A Massachusetts Republican State committeewoman says she alerted party Chairman Jim Lyons of anti-Asian statements made by a Boston City Council candidate Lyons publicly supported this summer, but Lyons ignored her calls to publicly rescind his endorsement. Jaclyn Corriveau, the 2nd Essex District state committeewoman, told Boston.com she informed Lyons in late August of a social media post with disparaging and false statements made by Donnie Palmer — then a candidate in the Sept. 14 preliminary election — aimed at mayoral hopeful and Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu.

On Aug. 29, Palmer wrote on Facbook: “ARE WE ABOUT TO ELECT A CHINESE CITIZEN TO CONTROL THE CITY OF BOSTON?” Accompanying the words was a picture of Wu, the Chicago-born daughter of Taiwanese immigrants, alongside a photo of Chinese head of state Xi Jinping. Corriveau, who said she is the only Asian-American member — and the only minority represented — on the 80-member state committee, said she messaged Lyons over Facebook on Aug. 31 about the post. 

According to screenshots of her exchange with Lyons shared with Boston.com, Corriveau wrote to Lyons: “I would appreciate a retraction of support. As a Chinese American, this is unacceptable. I hope you find it to be too.” Lyons’s response was only a question, asking Corriveau if she would like to have Palmer’s contact information. She told Lyons she already had it and that she hoped the party “will condemn this and retract any support it has offered.”

“I suggest you call him,” Lyons wrote back.

Despite Corriveau continuing to repeatedly tell Lyons this was his opportunity “to denounce Asian hate,” Lyons only reiterated his suggestion Corriveau speak with Palmer and eventually gave her Palmer’s phone number, though she never asked for it.

“I can go public with this but I wanted to give you a chance to condemn these words.”

Ya know what that’s called? Extortion. She’s telling him that if he doesn’t do what she wants him to do that she will “go public,” by crying to the Boston Globe. What an absolute child. Is there anything more meaningless than denouncing hate?

This constant need to be a victim is pathetic. It’s a leftist tactic that makes weakness something to aspire to attain. We get it Jaclyn, you’re half Asian. It’s very hard for you when people like Donnie Palmer, who have been knocked in the head repeatedly by heavyweight boxers, say insensitive things about Michelle Wu.

Meanwhile, not one Republican elected official, including Corriveau, has said a word about Democratic State Representative Liz Miranda repeatedly using the n word on her official Twitter account, meeting up with a convicted murderer for sex in New Jersey despite the fact that he cannot cross state lines due to the conditions of his parole, and threatening a pregnant victim of domestic violence.

She even falsely claimed to be a licensed attorney in Michigan in order to scare the woman into not pursuing a harassment order against Miranda.

Since Republicans are so quick to call out “hate” from their own party, I wondered why none of them were calling out racism, threats, and lawlessness from a prominent Democratic politicians. Donnie Palmer has no power. He was not elected, and he likely never will be. Liz Miranda is trying to become a State Senator. Why are they not condemning her and demanding her resignation? So I emailed every single Republican State Representative and State Senator in Massachusetts today to ask them for comment:

I heard back from one – Representative Nick Boldyga from Agawam – who said she should resign.

“Any state rep who is using racial slurs on a regular basis or is violating any laws whatsoever, I believe should resign.”

Silence from the rest of the names on this list is unacceptable. And I will be relentlessly calling their offices next week until each and every one of them is on the record. I will not be ignored, and they will not get away with deflecting on this one.

Governor Baker of course has had nothing to say about Liz Miranda, but he did take the time to demand that Jim Lyons resign today for the crime of telling a grown woman to talk to a grown man about her issues with him.

“First of all, I’ve expressed previously my concerns about the level of vitriol and racism that’s come out of a number of members of the committee,” Baker told the newspaper following an unrelated event at Park Plaza Hotel in downtown Boston. “I’m not familiar with this particular incident but unfortunately, I’m dismayed, but on some level I’m not surprised. It’s a continuation of a practice that has no place in life, much less in public life.

“And I said previously, that I thought based on some of the previous incidents that had taken place, especially with respect to the gay and lesbian community, that I thought Jim Lyons should step down. I continue to believe that,” Baker added.

Hey Charlie, this you?

“This time he has my back.”

Good for Jim Lyons for refusing to resign. This makes me want to get involved in politics so much more. What a weak, pathetic, emasculated excuse for a party the Mass GOP is in its current state. Everyone on the left is a fighter, and I respect them for that. They win because the power that they have is never enough to satisfy them, and even though the Mass GOP isn’t even remotely a threat to them, they still use the Globe to punish them into submission.

I have reached out to Jaclyn Corriveau to see if she denounces Liz Miranda’s anti-black hate speech, but she has yet to respond.

Also, I reached out to Globe reporters James Pindell and Chris Gavin who covered the Donnie Palmer story, and neither of them has responded.

Almost as if they don’t really care about hate speech and are just looking to do the work of their Democratic overlords by sewing division within the minority party.


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