Charlotte McFarland Yelled At The Judge After Her Harassment Order Was Denied In Brookline Court Today


Charlotte McFarland spent two years stalking me, tried to get a restraining order against me in March, and failed because I’d never contacted her or met her before. I then applied for and was granted a restraining order against her, and the Holden Police filed criminal charges against her after a series of death threats were discovered, including one where she threatened to burn my house down with a molotov cocktail.

Yet six months later we were in court again today as she once again tried to get a RO against me. Here’s a summation of the day, which I also give in more detail in the podcast below:

  • It took two hours to get from Holden to Brookline. I have no idea how people do this commute every day. The whole time I was just thinking, how insane it is that one mentally unstable woman can disrupt my life like this, despite the fact that I’ve never contacted her. Especially since I have a restraining order out against her. Seems like there’s something wrong with a judicial system that allows situations like this to occur.
  • The judge asked her why she was taking out a restraining order. It was the same stuff as the last time – Turtleboy publishes blogs that cause other people to threaten to kill her. Of course none of this had ever happened, but publishers are not responsible for comments made by third parties anyway.
  • She brought up the Turtleboy graveyard and said we also have a second graveyard where we stockpile suicides and people who starve to death “in the streets” after becoming Turtleboy famous. This was a blatant lie she told under oath. Because another thing courts don’t seem to care about at all is perjury.
  • The judge asked her for evidence of threats that I made, after the stack of papers she handed him didn’t contain any threats from me. She gave him another stack, he read them for 10 minutes, and told her that there were no threats there from me. It was stuff Bret Killoran and other turtle riders said 9 months ago. The judge said that although he found some of the things Bret said disturbing, none of this had to do with me.
  • Charlotte argued that not only do I order turtle riders to threaten her (without providing any evidence of that), I also use fake names to directly threaten her (without evidence of that either).
  • Before I had a chance to speak the judge had already decided he wouldn’t be granting the order. I asked to speak but he told me I probably shouldn’t since he was denying the order. The fact that the judge thinks he was doing me a favor by denying the RO is bunk. He was doing his job. There were no grounds to grant that order.
  • When I did get a chance to talk I told him that I was concerned that she’d keep doing this. The judge realized this was true and warned her that if she kept filing for meritless RO’s, without me contacting her directly or posting threats against her on the blog (which I’d never do and have never done), then I could contact the police because it could be considered a violation of the restraining order. Make no doubt about it – I will.
  • The judge urged us both to stop writing about each other. I objected to this as I have every right to write about whatever and whoever I feel like. Freedom isn’t contingent upon the judge being annoyed. I began to explain that I publish blogs for a living, and he interrupted me and said “I’ve read some of your blogs, and many of them cross the line.” Yet he didn’t name a specific blog, and he didn’t say what that line was. I will continue to write about Charlotte whenever I feel like it, because that is my right as an American and as a journalist.
  • At the end Charlotte began screaming at the judge. She yelled, “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT MY LIFE IS IN DANGER? DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT HE MISGENDERS ME AND CALLS ME A BLT-123? DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW MANY TRANS PEOPLE GET KILLED EVERY SINGLE DAY?” I was immediately taken out of the court after that and have no idea how it ended, but I thank Charlotte for proving that anyone who thinks that transgenderism is a mental disorder.



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