Chelmsford Diversity, Racial Equity And Inclusion Committee Member Says All Cops Are Bastards, Demands They Prove To Him Otherwise


Never forget that over the summer we allowed rioting, looting, vilification of the police as a whole, and humored demands to defund the police, all because one black man was killed by a rogue cop in Minnesota. Across the country communities responded to this by voting to declare racism a “public health emergency,” forced cops to bend the knee to rioters, cancelled TV shows in which police officers were the good guys, and shoved BLM propaganda down our throats. In the town of Chelmsford, MA they formed a “Diversity, Racial Equity and Inclusion Committee,” despite just 1% of the town being black.

One of the people appointed to the committee was this knob.

His name is Brian Petro-Roy, and his bio for the committee reads as one of the most hilarious examples of white guilt you will ever read.

He “educated himself on racism through the works of authors of color.”

Ya got that? He saw George Floyd get killed, wanted to prove that he was an “ally,” read some James Baldwin and Zora Neale Hurston, loudly denounced his white privilege, and thus proved that he is in fact one of the “good ones.” Please clap.

A couple weeks ago this newly formed committee had a meeting on Zoom in which they talked about how they were going to fix racism, or something. At the 23:00 minute mark Wangston Hughes showed the world what he learned from his reading over the summer, when he stated that he would operate under the assumption that “all cops are bastards,” until they prove to him that they’re not all bastards.

“Im just coming more from the all cops are bastards sides of the equation. I think that’s a healthy assumption to go in with, and if they can prove us wrong then all power to them. But I’d like for them to actually prove us wrong.”

The awkward silence afterwards until the other white guy blurted out “I second that” was priceless. This is what happens when you are a white person who chose to live in an a nearly all white town, and you desperately want to prove to the other black people on the panel that you’re not racist, so you co-opt an Antifa slogan because you assume that all black people hate the police. The reactions between the white and black people said it all. Every white person was nodding and smiling because they read on Vox that this was the right thing for white people to say.

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The black members of the committee know better than that, and were thoroughly unimpressed.

By their facial reactions it look like they felt belittled by the awkward assertion that being upper middle class and black in Chelmsford meant they had to think all cops are bastards. Black people by and large do not want to defund the police, nor do they think they are all bastards. All of these people moved to Chelmsford because it’s a nice town, and it remains nice because they have a police force that makes sure their homes are protected. There is nothing more racist than a suburban white liberal who treats black people like a monolith and believes that they don’t trust cops simply because of the color of their skin.

After that they started talking about asking the police chief for data on the races of people who were pulled over. The Chelmsford Police should refuse to cooperate or do anything with this group until they denounce Brian Petro-Roy’s declaration that all cops are bastards until they prove to him that they’re not. They clearly have no respect for the police so why should the police sit through their nonsense? It’s not June. No one is falling for this anti-cop gaslighting anymore.

P.S. How do you prove to this white guy that you’re not a bastard? Maybe Brian should prove he’s not a Klan member first, because based on his views of black people that’s kind of the vibe I’m getting. Just sayin.


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