Chicopee Man Has Been Threatening, Stalking, Sexually Harassing Women And Girls As Young As 13 Since At Least 2008


After we published this blog about a vertically challenged and sexually repressed Chicopee man named David Strycharz, who has a long and documented history of sexually harassing complete strangers on social media, we got a lot of feedback from people with similar stories.

David is well known in wrestling circles, and sources tell us that he is infamous for stalking performers at hotels. His Facebook page was filled with pictures of him and dozens of famous wrestlers.

Sources tell us that wrestlers have complained about him getting in their personal spaces, and some of them have had to physically push him away.

He’s become a meme in WWE fan circles, dating back years, as can be seen by this video.

David preemptively blocked all the Turtleboy accounts prior to publication of the blog exposing him, which means that he knew the blog was eventually coming on him, but wanted to keep harassing women in the meantime.

A Granby man tells us that he had to get the police involved after David began stalking his wife online.

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After blocking on social media he finds your phone number and starts texting you more of the same.

Yea, just keep messaging David. Women like it when you wear them down. Worked great for Steve Urkel.

Another woman who blocked him on both Facebook and Instagram showed us messages of him implying that he was going to have her beaten up.

I just wanted to add to the story you told about the Chicopee creep who is harassing woman online. After blocking him on Facebook he messages me on Instagram and this is the conversation. FYI I did not know him personally. 

“I don’t hit women, but rest assured you’ll get what’s coming.”

“Life will take care of a c*** like you and your kids.”

These are the words of an angry virgin who is upset because he thinks women owe him sex. Someone who thinks that women who turn him down deserve physical punishment.

Two women separately reached out and told us that Strycharz uses an app to keep track of women who blocked him on social media, and then finds them on alternative social media platforms to let them know that he knows what they did.


Totally not psychotic.

An Enfield woman who messaged us said that David got her phone number in 2016 and began leaving threatening messages after she blocked him. She contacted the Chicopee Police about it, but she never followed through with her local police department. He found her years later.

“He repeatedly would call me a stupid cunt and bitch because I told him to leave me alone and I had a boyfriend at that time. He tried to contact me again a year ago.”

He harassed another woman over a period of months to meet up in person, and tried to exchange noodz.

He doesn’t do well with hints.

It gets creepier – he allegedly likes them underage too.

Read this link. It’s a website for people who have been harassed by David over a 12 year period. Over 30 women, starting in 2008, all tell similar stories about him. Here’s some small samples.

He sent me a friend request on Facebook and a message telling me IN DETAIL about his life. Supposedly,  he is a “production executive for the WWE”. He got my phone number from my profile in the 5 min I had him added so I could get a better look at his pic to see if I knew him at all. Come to find out,  I was his one and only friend on there. He has texted me incessantly since last Thursday and will NOT stop” sends pics of himself or of someone he SAYS is him. 2 of the pics, he was shirtless. One pic he had a small mole on the left side of his chest and in the next…it was miraculously gone. When I asked him abt it, his response was that he’d had it removed with laser surgery. When I asked him to take a picture of himself at that very moment, he said “I can’t. I dropped my phone in Miami from my hotel balcony. It fell 400 ft to the sidewalk and the screen is cracked and wont let me take pics anymore. I put in a request to the company asking for a new phone, but they haven’t approved it yet.” That was the last red flag I needed. If u dropped your phone 400 ft, I guarantee you it wont work to even text. This guy is a real slime and I hope someday someone gives him exactly what he’s got coming to him!


So…….as of last week I found out some useful information. This guy started fb messaging me on 9/22/2012 as of 9/25/2012 he had gotten my number from fb and began sending me text messages. They started out very innocent then became more aggressive demanding photos of myself, texting at 3am, etc. I asked him to stop contacting me, stop calling, stop fb, etc. Kept saying the reason he messaged so late was bc he worked for WWE. His fb showed all of these “check ins” so I thought this man was legit. I finally decided to get a little smarter than him. I contacted WWE directly on 9/27/2012, was sent up to Human Resources where I explained that one of their employees was harassing me and I wanted it to stop. The guy at WWE works for corporate and contacted me on 10/3/2012 with a follow up. He had checked into this guy (after requesting me to send still images from his fb acct, emails, and forwarded texts), found out that NO guy named Jeff Monti worked or had ever worked for WWE. Stated that WWE has contacted this man and proceeded to file formal charges against him for false representation of a company. I am still in close contact with WWE and will be witnessing for them when and if this goes further than formal charges. WWE does NOT take this lightly. Supposedly it has been told to this boy/man that he needs to remove ALL information pertaining to WWE from his fb, I do not know if he has b/c simply this man has been blocked/deleted.


His name is really David strycharz! He’s a FREAK and a liar. He’s on twitter and Facebook and if you search him there, you’ll find him under some stupid WWE God name. Go to the police if this guy contacts you. He is NOT Jeff monti. If this number calls you or texts you GO TO THE COPS! NOTHING WILL BE DONE IF YOU ALL JUST SIT THERE! If you all wanna see his real face, search David strycharz on twitter and Facebook and you’ll see who’s really been bothering you


He sent inappropriate messages to my 14 yr old daughter i messaged him he blocked me


One was only THIRTEEN when she received sexual texts and images from Strycharz aka Monti

It would be a real shame if David got catfished by a turtle rider who then contacted me and Bristol and we showed up for the date instead. I would imagine that no woman has ever actually agreed to meet up with him, so he’d likely explode in his pants if someone did.

P.S. Can someone tell Eric here that protecting sexual deviants who stalk women and potentially children doesn’t make you virtuous?


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