Dozens Of Women Accuse Chicopee Wrestling Enthusiast Of Prolonged Sexual Harassment Over Several Years  


Sexual harassment in the real world is frowned upon, but yet sexual harassment on the Internet seems to be commonplace. That’s one thing I’ve learned while working at Turtleboy. As a guy I can’t relate to strange women sliding into my DM’s and refusing to take no for an answer. But over the years countless women have either reached out to Turtleboy, or posted their frustrations with some of these creepsters on the Facebook machine, which were then brought to our attention. Such is the case with David Strycharz from Chicopee.

He’s a grown man who stalks two kinds of people – professional wrestlers and women he’s never met before on Facebook.

I for one am shocked that the short balding man who is entertained by what is basically theater in speedos has such a hard time meeting women. Perhaps because his overinflated ego, which derives from the oozy trail of sex juices he leaves behind wherever he goes, David has a tendency to think that women owe him something. This was recently discovered when a woman posted about her frustrations with his behavior on her Facebook page.

Nicholas Sparks couldn’t craft the kind of romance that David does in his DM’s.

The women try not to be mean, and politely tell him that they have a boyfriend so he’ll go away.

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But when you’re David freaking Strycharz, you don’t take no for an answer. Instead, you kick it up a notch.

If the women ignore him his next play in the courthship handbook is to be more direct and ask them to sit on his face.

He even sent a visual, in case it was unclear what that would look like.

After that comes the memes about every girl’s fantasy – having David climax in their earlobes.

This can literally go on for years without any sexual gratification, yet he persists like the sexual camel in pursuit of the camel toe.


This woman is apparently a stripper, so he feels like he’s entitled to treat her like this.

After a few years of wearing them down David the women tend to get frustrated, so he naturally then accuses them of being welfare mooches.

If there’s one thing I know about strippers it’s that they don’t need food stamps David. That’s literally the whole point of stripping – you trade in your dignity for cold hard cash. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Whenever people like David get exposed by one woman, it inevitably leads to a chorus of other women coming forward and sharing similar stories. Some search for his name in their filtered messages to find that he tried it with them years ago, and they didn’t even realize it.


I’ll bet you anything he refers to himself as a “good guy” too. People like this always do. They think that because they haven’t slept with hundreds of women it somehow makes them virtuous, when in fact their celibacy had nothing whatsoever to do with any choice they made.

I know some might say, “Why don’t they just block him, or tell him to f*** off?”

And the answer is, because they shouldn’t have to. It’s not incumbent upon the person being sexually harassed to change their behavior. It’s up to people like David to not sexually harass strange women and pretend like they’re owed something. It’s the same thing with these guys all the time – fake bank accounts, undeserved sense of entitlement, and a complete inability to take a hint.


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