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Chicopee School Committee Member Was Charged With 4th Degree Sexual Assault At Mohegan Sun In 2014 And The Media Hasn’t Reported On It


In December we published a blog about Chicopee City Councillor Lucjan Galecki after he wrote some controversial things on Facebook, suggesting that women were partly to blame when they were sexually harassed. Since then there have been widespread calls for him to resign, but he pulled a Nancy Pelosi and waited for the outrage cycle to move on so he’s still on the Council. However, it’s interesting that his scandal got so much attention considering Chicopee has another elected official who’s previously been arrested for 4th degree sexual assault.

This is local Chicopee business owner Dougie Girouard.

Last year a spot on the School Committee opened up after one of the members left to serve on the Mayor’s staff, and Girouard was one of two finalists for the job. The other candidate was John Mruk, a retired teacher with a PhD who probably was more qualified to serve on the School Committee. But the fix was likely in from the beginning because State Rep Joe Wagner got behind Girouard and Mruk ended up withdrawing his name. By June Girouard had won the seat.

There’s just one problem though:

On New Years Eve 2014 Girouard was arrested at Mohegan Sun and charged with fourth degree sexual assault. Because it took place on tribal land the police report is not readily available, and it’s unclear how this matter was resolved. Either way, you don’t get charged with 4th degree sexual assault for no reason. This happens when the victim is either a minor or is too drunk to consent.

Normally I don’t get involved in small town politics, but it’s interesting that Mass Live and other Western Mass news outlets haven’t found this worth reporting or looking into. It’s the second thing that comes up when you Google him.

Considering he is now in charge of running the Chicopee Public Schools, and was previously arrested for and charged with a crime that could have involved sex with a minor, I think the public has a right to know what the hell happened in Uncasville. Maybe he’s completely innocent, but an explanation is owed to the public, and the media should probably do its job because they appear to be asleep at the wheel.


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