Chloe Ricard’s Brother Says He Was Worried About Her Living With Stepdad Brian Dolan After He Was Kicked Out Of House


We have a few updates after our groundbreaking interview with Brian Dolan, the stepfather of deceased 13 year old Chloe Ricard never reported her missing, is alleged to have been abusive towards her (and suggests himself that he abused her on our show), made disturbing comments about her sexuality, and drove her into the arms of a Lawrence drug dealer. Listen to the interview with him first if you haven’t. Starts at around the 40 minute mark.

Here are the new updates.

  1. Chloe’s older brother said 18 months ago on IG that he was kicked out of his house by Brian Dolan, that his mother chose Brian over him, and that he was worried about his little sister Chloe.

That’s obviously extremely disturbing, and should be considered an important piece of evidence against Brian Dolan. If the child ran away from home because she was afraid of him then he should certainly be charged with several crimes. I have contacted the Amesbury Police and the Massachusetts State Police since the interview and left messages with both of them about this. Neither have returned my phone call. However, they should be questioning why he never reported her missing and whether or not he’s been abusive towards her in the past, as well as speaking to her brothers about their experiences living under his roof.

2. He says he knows where I live, and has implied that he will be visiting me.

3. He claims that he has retained counsel, and after suing me will take my house as damages.


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4. He has previously made degrading comments towards drug addicts and drug dealers on the Amesbury Squawks Facebook group.


5. The Amesbury Squawks Facebook group has many enablers treating him as the victim, while claiming to be virtuous for not judging him.

But he should be judged, because he is the primary reason she is dead. Moral people cannot sit back and watch this man pretend to care about this girl in front of the cameras. We don’t apologize for using our platform to be an advocate for abused children who feel the need to run away from abusive households. And shame on anyone who victim blames a dead 13 year old girl who tried running away from such a terrible situation.


6. According to messages between Chloe’s brother Kyle and a friend, Kyle has a gun, and suggests that he wants to use it on Brian Dolan and/or his mother. He also says he wants them investigated by the police, and that he wants his mother to burn for this.


7. His wife just posted this on Facebook, but has since deleted it.

We are interested, although I have a feeling he’s not going to let her talk.


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