Chloe Ricard’s Stepfather Revealed His True Colors In Angry, Threatening Interview 


The Amesbury stepfather who never reported 13 year old Chloe Ricard missing, and who was posting Bruins memes after finding out she was dropped off dead at a Lawrence hospital by a man in his 40’s, came on the TBS Live show last night. The 45 minute conversation was hard to listen to and very disturbing, but it once again shows why independent media like TB Daily News is important. His interview begins around the 40 minute mark of the video.

Please take a moment to forward this blog and video to the Boston media, the police, DCF, and anyone else who you think should hear that.

Here are some highlights:

  • He laughs throughout most of the phone call, despite the fact that his stepdaughter died 5 days ago.
  • He was loud, angry, and abusive, showing his true colors for all to see.
  • He wished death upon my children several times.
  • He lied about her running away from his abusive household, and claimed that his wife dropped her off at a friend’s house. This is a documented lie.
  • He calls me homophobic slurs several times, and threatened to defecate down my neck.
  • He invited me to meet face to face at his house and at Lawrence Court on Tuesday, presumably so he could physically assault me for asking him relevant questions about why his stepdaughter is dead.
  • Threatened to kill me a couple times.
  • He asked me if my kids were attractive.
  • He suggested that he was physically attracted to his own daughter.
  • He misheard a comment I made and then responded by demeaning my manhood for like the Red Sox because real men only watch hockey.
  • He attempted to get me to cosign on abusing disobedient children so that he could rationalize the abuse he likely put Chloe through.
  • He told me he was a great, moral guy, who reads the Bible regularly and suggested I do the same.
  • Put his son Nick on who also threatened me.
  • We asked him several times if he sexually assaulted Chloe. He didn’t answer and laughs out loud instead.
  • It’s clear to any reasonable person after listening to that that this man was abusive, and would scare any 13 year old girl who was forced to live with him.

This man is a monster, but he’s being portrayed as a victim to the media. Just watch the way Boston 25 News handles him in an interview, and compare his tone to his tone during our interview:

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