City Council Believes Springfield City Clerk Was Talking To Cousin When She Told Police Chief “Bitch, Shut The F Up,” Masslive Steals Our Story An Hour After Publishing


Masslive conveniently published a story an hour after TB Daily News did about Springfield City Clerk Taneesha Davis saying “Wow, bitch, shut the fuck up,”  to Police Chief Cheryl Claprood during a Zoom call City Council meeting about defunding the police.

“Reporter” Stephanie Barry said that she had been working on this rather simple story for 24 hours. “It’s called reporting” to wait for TB Daily News to go first.

The video was out there for two days and the newspaper that’s in Springfield itself magically did a story on it an after we did a story criticizing them for not writing a story on it. Sure thing.

It’s OK though because she likes our stories and she called me uncle.

Very serious reporter.

Her blue checkmark friends with 765 followers seemed to agree that she was right.

Since they like stealing stories I won’t link them this time like I usually do, and instead I’ll report directly on the quote that I got from City Council President Justin Hurst, who also has a hatred for the police.

“I stand behind Attorney Davis 100%. She made a mistake that could have happened to any of us considering these unusual times and remote technology. If she says she wasn’t speaking to the Commissioner, then I believe her until proven otherwise. She has done an unbelievable job as our clerk and we all make mistakes that we have to learn from. This situation is no different.”

Did I call that one or what? Of course this bootleg Terrance Howard is pretending to believe her, even though everyone on the council knows she’s lying. The fact of the matter is that his supporters agree with what she said. She’s on their team so they’re going to protect her at all costs. Imagine if republicans actually fought like this instead of electing people like Mitt Romney, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Marco Rubio, and other losers whose life goal is to get the invite onto the Bill Maher show? They might actually be able to build a wall.

This same guy also said six months ago that he didn’t trust police.

“The idea that I’m going to trust Commissioner Clapprood and the Springfield Police Department, it’s just not going to happen.”

Luckily the police chief isn’t buying it.

“I do not believe she was talking to a family member. I listened to the clip over and over and I didn’t hear anyone in the background. I do not accept her apology and if that’s the way she feels about me personally and this department, that is a big problem. I’d like to get to the truth.”

“We’re partnering up with of course the law department in terms of requests for body-cam footage … and I know she was slated to be one of the attorneys helping with that. If that’s how she feels about me and this department we need to look at that. … We need to get to the truth of this matter.”

Yes chief, that is how she feels about you. Good for you for not going along with it like a lot of police chiefs would. Good for you for standing up for your officers. Clearly this woman is a lying ratchet who hates police. You could sense her anger and frustration in her voice. She should not be allowed anywhere near the reigns of power, and the police should never negotiate with a person like this. If I were the chief I’d refuse to work with this woman, and I’d consider resigning until she resigns. At the very least they can conduct a forensics investigation from an unbiased third party who can tell us if there was anyone else in that room. What the name of the cousin who was there? What’s the name of her boyfriend? Can they confirm they were both there at that time? What were they fighting over? There’s a million and one ways you could catch this woman in a lie, and she won’t be prepared to answer for it because she’s counting on people like Justin Hurst to bail her out.


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