CNN Removes Video Of Dasha Kelly’s Apartment Interview, Court Records Show She Was Already Evicted, Has Previous Eviction, Tried To Sue Casino Twice


CNN has quietly retracted their entire Dasha Kelly interview. It is no longer on their Twitter account as it was last week when we first broke this story. CNN correspondent Keith Boykin still has a copy of the video with Cori Bush and Dasha on one of his tweets, but the original reporting from inside her apartment has been removed on the other tweet.

But screenshots are forever.

CNN likely did this because they are liable for damages in a civil suit since they reported misinformation that directly harmed an innocent woman (the children’s real mother Shadia Hilo). However, they have not done anything to alert the public to this. The story has obviously blown up, and I have received no credit for it, but we all know where this story came from.

However, what hasn’t been reported is Dasha Kelly’s history with the courts. For starters, the reason she didn’t have anything in her apartment was because she had already been evicted. She had to move out by August 4, but the eviction process began in October of last year.

It’s not her first eviction either. In 2009 she had a judgement against her in Arizona for $689 in rent.

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She’s also a grifter who has twice tried to sue area casinos and lost. In 2019 she hired attorney Craig W. Drummond to sue Cannery Hotel and Casino, which was dismissed without prejudice. She then tried to sue them again, lost, had it dismissed with prejudice, and was ordered to pay the court fees for the defendant.


This is what grifters do – scheme and do whatever it takes to make money.

Meanwhile Shadia Hilo has filed a child custody complaint against David Allison, the father of the three children who allowed Dasha Kelly to exploit them on CNN for money.

David Allison also has a long and documented criminal history. In 2019 he was charged with domestic battery, and he has a 2011 conviction for animal cruelty.


All of this was easily searchable online, but CNN didn’t do any of it because research is too much work for them. They really are the enemy of the people.


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