Complete Analysis Of Kate Peter’s Defeat In Attleboro District Court


Yesterday I finally had my day in court with former blogger Kate “Bristol” Peter, and her temporary harassment order against me was not extended. I talked about it at length on the live show last night and will summarize below if you’re following this story:

Attleboro district court has more degenerates per square inch than any courthouse I’ve been in, and I’ve been in close to half the courthouses in Massachusetts. There was one gentleman who came in as a spectator and left as an incarcerated criminal. Drunk after drunk was produced from the holding tank in the courtroom we were in, some without underpants on.

One woman in a wheelchair was sitting next to me while I waited for my turn, and she seemed quite lovely. But as it turns out looks can be deceiving, because 60 year old Deborah Ruzzo was there to face charges of leading police on a drunken 25 mph chase through North Attleboro and Plainville. She ended up crashing into two cop cars and refused to get out of her vehicle, so the cops had to smash her window. Read all about it hereI felt like I was in the presence of a ratchet celebrity.

My point in bringing these people up, is that court is a serious place for serious criminals. Kate Peter is using it as a playground to silence speech that is critical of her. She filed for the order on the day that she found out that I had damaging information on her that I intended to publish. I elected not to publish that information with the order in place, since I don’t trust the North Attleboro Police Department, who seem willing to interpret any free speech I exercise as a potential threat towards her. Luckily the judge agreed with me.

Kate is the 4th person who has been granted a temporary harassment order against me. The others are Haddasah Robeson, Charlotte McFarland, and Kathryn “Failure Swift” Narcissi. All of them are certifiable and the orders were not extended, so Kate is in some good company with some very stable women.

I intended on defending myself as I have done in the past. However, while I was sitting in court an attorney with a striking resemblance to Thomas Jefferson called my name and asked to speak with me outside. He introduced himself as Michael Maloney, a man I wrote about in 2018 and interviewed on my podcast because he was running against Rachael Rollins for Suffolk County District Attorney.

He offered to represent me after I explained what I was there for, and I accepted.

Last week I filed for a harassment order against Kate in Leominster District Court after I found out she had hacked into my Facebook account and wrote a threatening comment to herself, designed to have me arrested for violating the harassment order. It was a long pattern of harassment on her part, including when she came to my YouTube stream and began threatening me, and when she used the Aiden Blarney account to sabotage a fundraiser while still under my employ. Although I didn’t think it would stick, I thought the best defense was to go on the offense. I made it clear to Attorney Maloney that a victory would be having her order denied, and that I was willing to not have an order against her in order to achieve that.

The hearing for my order was moved from Leominster to Attleboro to be held on the same day as Kate’s hearing. She apparently was unaware that she was both a plaintiff and a defendant yesterday so she needed to review my affidavit. During that time the three people she brought with her – Ashley Azevedo, Mike Hilario (Sound Guy), and Shannon Pereira (Masshole’s Wife), were loud and obnoxious and were reprimanded by a bailiff and the judge. They were forced to step out of the courtroom since it’s not in fact a zoo, which they all seemed to be dressed for. Hilario was again reprimanded by a bailiff for laughing loudly during the proceedings.


Kate and Mr. Maloney were eventually called in front of the judge, and Kate got to make her case first. She spoke so fast that is seemed like she was on something and many in the court couldn’t understand what she was saying. This was probably for the better because most of her points were straight out of the Rian Waters School of Law. From my recollection (there was a lot to remember) she essentially argued the same things that every ratchet we’ve ever blogged about has made, along with some new ones:

  • She was harassed by third parties after being written about on Turtleboy
  • She said that she left Turtleboy because she disagreed with our practices of public shaming
  • She said that she shut down the online Turtleboy store, but that she had told me about it, which is a lie.
  • She proved her innocence to the NAPD by giving them her IP address, something that was NOT stated in the police report she posted on Facebook yesterday. The report suggests that I conspired to frame Kate, claims that Mike Hilario ran the Aitch Paul account which posted the threat to Kate at the exact same time he was allegedly using my Facebook page (yet they didn’t question him about this, even though Kate has admitted to having access to the account), said that the Google doc account she accessed to hack into our Facebook page didn’t contain Facebook passwords because it was titled Turtleboy Blog Ideas (not realizing there are several tabs on a Google Doc), and said that Kate proved that she didn’t log into the Facebook account on February 28, something she would not be able to prove without a forensic analysis (plus the account was hacked on the 29th). I can’t emphasize enough how bad Sgt. Jason Roy is at his job.

  • She said that I encouraged people to call and email her anonymously at home and at work
  • She said that I posted about her husband (she’s not married) and her children (more on that later)
  • She denied being the owner of “Masshole Report,” her new online endeavor that revolves around constant updates regarding Josh Abrams

  • She denied being behind the Aitch Paul account, which was used to post the threatening comment on our Facebook page
  • She said that the $300 she collected from an advertiser and never reported to me was “no intended to go to Turtleboy”
  • She insinuated that I was responsible for a fire at her workplace in Bridgewater in which a company truck was torched four days after the harassment order was granted
  • She said that I am involved with a Facebook page called “Not Turtleboy Sports” that has posted documents regarding Kate’s troubling past and present
  • She told the judge that I intended on putting her in fear by writing about her and talking about the things she has done to me and the company on the live show
  • She mentioned the Zoe Quinn Gameragate case and said that that was grounds for extending the order
  • She said that the order should be extended due to a 2016 federal cyberstalking law
  • She claimed that she never publicly disparaged me or spread any lies about me

Attorney Maloney grilled her back:

  • He produced documents showing Kate inciting people in the Discord group with vitriol towards me, calling me a “retard,” and posting pictures of my children amongst other things.


  • Kate claimed that Discord is “private” and not public, despite the fact that she had an open invite to her group on the Facebook page, and over 1,000 people joined it
  • He showed her text messages in which she explicitly stated to me that she was in the wrong for collecting advertising revenue and not turning it over to the company
  • He showed her comments that she made on my YouTube channel in which she said that she is “not afraid of Aidan Kearney,” despite seeking a HO because she was allegedly afraid of me. According to her she wasn’t afraid then, but was afraid now.

  • He asked her why she continuously wrote blogs and made videos publicly shaming people like Bucket Boy is she was so opposed to this practice.

The judge made it very clear to Kate several times that he wasn’t interested in hearing about third parties contacting her, nor was he interested in her allegedly being in fear because of things I wrote about her. This was a harassment order for Aidan Kearney, and I have not harassed her. I have written about her, as is my right. But I have not harassed her, nor have I encouraged anyone to do so.

In an unprecedented but planned move, Attorney Maloney said that both orders should be thrown out, including mine. Pursuing this route increased the chances that the judge would deny her order, which I was willing to do. Plus, arguing for my order would’ve taken a lot longer and I gain nothing from getting one on her.

The judge ended up denying both orders, and told Kate that the things she was alleging (arson, threats, defamation) were civil matters that were not germane to the matter at hand. He told her that she was free to pursue an alternative route, which she appears to believe was a green light to sue me based on her post-court commentary on Discord:

She makes it very clear there (she’s Tin Foil) that if I write factual things about her then she will pursue “lawsuit #8” that I’m “itching for,” which will “financially bleed him dry.” She wisely stated that her intention was not justice, but rather to harm me financially by incurring court costs, something she is well aware of since she worked for me for 1.5 years.

Sorry Kate, but you know that I won’t be intimidated into silence by your petty threats. Personally, I’d focus more on the criminal complaint that the Holden Police (a real police department, unlike the town you live in) are filing against you for hacking into my account. Or better yet, maybe focus on developing an alibi for where you were on the night of Sunday, March 1, when the truck at your work mysteriously caught on fire and “burned itself out.” You seemed to know a LOT about that on Discord.

Almost as if you hacked into my account and threatened to burn everything the day before.

And that fire is very suspicious indeed, since it appears to only have affected the driver’s seat, then magically stopped spreading, and caused no smoke damage or melting of the wheel.

Good luck explaining that one to the Bridgewater Police.

Kate Peter is the ultimate hypocrite, who has turned into the kind of ratchet she mocked for years. She has the conning skills of Kylie Kirkpatrick, the legal skills of Rian Waters, the unhealthy obsession of Michael Gaffney, and the mental instability and parenting skills of Lorrayna Calle and Amanda Sawyer.

I have a lot more to say about her, and I will in a multi-part series starting next week. I’ve never been scared into silence by anyone, and I’m certainly not going to stop now.


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