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Concrete Cons Part 4: Nelson Rego Steals From Dozens Of Clients To Finance Failed Singing Career, Amasses Hundreds Of Thousands In Court Judgements, Creates Multiple Companies 


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This is Nelson Rego from Fall River.

Nelson is a 47 year old man who still hasn’t given up the dream of being a world famous singer, and is a big fan of gym selfies, skin tight leather vests, flat brimmed hats, sport coats with untucked shirts and no ties with the top 2 buttons undone combos, and in general going for the “creepy old guy at the club who wants to make you think he owns the club but probably owes a lot of money in child support” look.

He has been promoting his music for almost a decade now, and his big break will becoming any minute.

His 2015 smash hit Tira Mao Dai features him singing in Portuguese at the beach, in various outfits including male capris, surrounded by some creepy dude rocking a chain, oversized jorts, and a soccer ball, with some of the most mediocre women Fall River has to offer.

His 2014 hit single Malas De Saudade tells the story about him doing his hair in the morning before departing on his glamorous trip to visit family in the Azores.

Who can forget his 2016 hit “I Wanna Sex You?,” which totally isn’t a bad Eurotrash play off of a Color Me Badd song.

Shockingly his big break never came, despite family and friends from the Portuguese community in and around Fall River who will support anyone so long as they are Portuguese.

In the meantime Nelson had to find a way to make money to support his glamorous lifestyle and invest in his music career, so he decided to go into the family business – concrete.

Nelson has created a number of companies over the years that all revolve around concrete. In 1999 he founded Dexcon Concrete Company out of his home in Northborough, which was a corporation that allegedly built concrete pool decks and sold shares.

However, the company was dissolved by court order on May 31, 2007.

He also founded a company in 2004 called NR Concrete, INC, from an address in Fall River, that also sold shares and was also involuntarily dissolved by a court order on the exact same date that Dexcon Concrete was dissolved.

In 2010 he created a company called Stampcon Concrete Corporation, out of a residential address in Westport that was selling 275,000 shares for $1 each.

The address 1 Lucy Lane in Westport is the same home that appears in one of his glamorous music videos above, where he is shown coming out of his house in sweatpants and getting into his Hummer because he was going, going, back, back, to Portugual.

However, Stampcon, just like the rest of his corporations, was involuntarily dissolved by a court order in 2014.

Perhaps if he had focused on his business, rather than promoting his latest albums in Armani shirts that are two sizes too small for him, he would’ve lasted longer.

He must’ve been needing cash due to the fact that albums weren’t being sold fast enough, so in 2017 he created yet another corporation called NR Concrete Corp, not to be confused with the involuntarily dissolved NR Concrete INC. It was initially incorporated out of his Westport address, but later changed to a Fall River address he had previously used.

This is what the concrete gypsies do – move around, do horrible business, screw people over, and then start over with a new company. His online ratings speak for themselves.

A former employee of his claims that his company was a scam, and that she was directed by Nelson Rego to lie to customers, and use Google pictures as evidence of his work. According to her his MO, like the other concrete cons, is to collect money up front from customers, begin to do the job but never finish it, and then live a lavish lifestyle with fancy cars, clothing, and trips. She alleges that she was never paid by him so she left.

She also alleges that he has “so many lawsuits and court hearings that he dos not attend,” so I researched district court records in every courthouse in Massachusetts and found over 100 cases involving Nelson Rego at courthouses in Fall River, New Bedford, Taunton, Wrentham, Quincy, Dedham, Worcester, Plymouth, Brockton, and several others.

In almost every case he gets sued, doesn’t show up, gets defaulted for the full judgement, and has a capias put out authorizing his arrest. Judgements in these cases alone add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, but anyone who’s ever dealt with deadbeats in court knows how hard it is to recover money. Instead of paying he usually just declares bankruptcy and starts a new company. I’ve spent hours going through all these court records and put together a chronological list of about half of his court cases that I could find.


Floriano Cabral won a $2K judgement.



While doing business as a “Sunset Video Productions” he was sued by two women in small claims court who did not appear. He also filed for bankruptcy after being sued by Wakefield Materials Corporation.



Wood Development Limited Partnership won a judgement against him of $21.406 after he defaulted by now showing up.



Nelson Rego paid a judgement of $1,000 in Dedham District Court.

Nelson is friends with Joe Occhipinti, featured in parts 2 an 3 of this series, and they have been known to refer each other for jobs. However, in 2005 Occhipinti filed a small claims lawsuit against him, won, got a capias to have Nelson served with, and then Nelson agreed to pay him $2K plus interest.



While doing business as NR Concrete INC Nelson Rego was sued for over $4K, had multiple capiases issued against him, and tried to get out of it by claiming to have military service.



You may notice that Nelson Rego frequently wears expensive jewelry in his music videos and likes to make it appear as if he has vast financial success. However, jewelers also sue him a lot and win judgements when he doesn’t pay for the jewelry he wears. This happened in 2007, along with another judgement of $830 that he tried to get out of by claiming military service. Also in that year Spruce Realty Trust won a $21K judgement against him, and two separate women won $2K judgements against him.



Had a $6,674 judgement against him that he never paid.



Had a $1,681 judgement against his company Stampcon.



Stampcon had a $4,407 judgement against the company, and an attorney also won a $3,942 judgement against him personally.



One man won a $2K judgement against him, the jewelers won a $726 judgement, and Barclay’s Bank Delaware won a $1,854 judgement. Stampcon had a judgement against them for almost $10K in 2011 when Abraham Progerties, INC sued him.



A debt collection company won a judgement of $1,706 that he tried to get out of by claiming military service that he finally paid off in 2019 after several capiases were issued. Another debt collection company won a judgement of $2,003 that same year.




Judgements of $2,259 by another jeweler, $921 for Rent-a-Center, $5,258 for another Portuguese guy he agreed to pay $100 a week, and $1,156 for a consolidation company.



You may recall that Stampcon Concret Corporation was involuntary dissolved in 2014. That may have had to do with the $21,677 judgement Erin Christenson won against him, which he did not show up to court for and never paid.




Debt collection company won a judgement for $1,248.




Doing business as his new company NR Concrete Corporation he lost a judgement of $7,262 to a customer when he didn’t show up for court, had a capias issued, and still has not paid a dime. Also in 2017 Nelson Rego had a $10,158 judgement against him for rent. We will have more details on both of these cases after speaking to the victims in Part 5.



Judgement against him by a man named Todd Bartolomeo for $7,244 when he didn’t show up for court and had a capias issued against him.



Debt collection company took him to court, which he has avoided due to COVID court closures.

Nelson Rego has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from people and never paid most of them a penny owed. The judgements against him in court mean nothing, because gypsies know how to abuse the system. He uses this stolen money to finance his lifestyle while pretending to be a professional singer. We will explore more of that in Part 5.


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