Congresswoman Katie Hill’s Nude Pictures Taking Bong Rips, Combing 21 Year Old Staffer’s Hair Expose Her As A Massive Hypocrite


Katie Hill is a 32 year old freshman U.S. representative from California, who recently flipped a red seat to blue, and has made a name for herself as a rising star in the democratic party.

She’s a progressive feminist who was outspoken about the need for women in leadership positions due to the #MeToo movement’s spotlight on men who abused their power for sexual purposes.

She protested against Brett Kavanaugh, despite zero evidence to back up any of the ridiculous allegations made against him by a partisan hack.

But Katie Hill is also a giant hypocrite, because it’s all over the news that she not only had an affair with a 21 year old female congressional staffer, she also photographed and documented a lot of it with her now ex-husband. I’m not going to print the noodz here, but Turtleboy hast them. Let me just say that I was very disappointed. Katie Hill is very attractive. She’s like a blonde Tulsi Gabbard, except terrible things come out of her mouth instead of awesome things. But in her noodz she looks like plain Jane from the state of Maine. Very underwhelming. Click here to see the pics, which for some reason include her taking bong rips and combing the 21 year old’s hair a la mode.

I personally don’t care if elected officials cheat on their spouses. I’m also on record as being 100% pro-scissoring. It’s none of my business if you’re into wife swapping, and what you do in your private life is none of my business.

My issue is with the fact that the entire #MeToo movement centered around the idea that people in positions of power aren’t allowed to have sex with people who work for them because subordinates cannot consent to the people writing their paychecks. If your ability to keep your job rests on whether or not you’ll sleep with the boss, then you’re not really giving consent.

These are the rules they made, and I’m not saying I agree with them. But if you’re going to virtue signal about Kavanaugh and #MeToo, then you don’t get to scissor with 21 year old staffers.

Now imagine pictures emerged of Brett Kavanaugh sitting naked in a chair, combing a 21 year old female law clerk’s hair. Or Ted Cruz. Or any Republican. Or any straight man in a position of power regardless of party. We all know that all of them would’ve been gone by now. But because Katie Porter is a member of three protected classes (woman, liberal, BLT-123), she gets to keep her job and hasn’t said a word about it publicly.

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Meanwhile this hypocrite, who had the audacity to demand that Brett Kavanaugh be denied a seat on the Supreme Court, is having orgies in her office, can’t keep her pant suit on, and is also reportedly a raging alcoholic who routinely misses flights, and she gets to keep her job.

Makes sense.

In predictable fashion feminists are painting her as the victim of revenge porn, even though her and her husband were basically swingers and she let him put her noodz on a “bang my wife” website. So the pictures were already out there, which means it’s not revenge porn, it’s just good ol’ fashioned porn.


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