Convicted Felon Who Spent 20 Years In Jail For Shooting At Cops Leads Charge Against Cross Dressing Concord Teacher 


Michael Guglielmo from Concord, NH.

In 1985 he went to a drug dealer’s apartment in Manchester, armed with a fully automatic machine gun and silencer, with the intention of killing the drug dealer. He kicked down the apartment door and unloaded several rounds but the drug dealer escaped. That led to a 7 hour standoff with police in which he fired over 200 rounds from the building at officers before surrendering. He was convicted of multiple counts of first-degree attempted assault and reckless endangerment and sentenced to more than 20 years in prison. He was one of the rare defendants who received the maximum from the judge because he was “beyond the reach of rehabilitation.”

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In jail he became a self proclaimed jailhouse lawyer who spent all day reading legal books and various philosophers because he had nothing but time on his hands. He complained about everything and eventually he became such a pain in the ass that they transferred him to jail in Connecticut.

When he got to prison there he befriended two men who were in jail for killing their wives. One was West Hartford cardiologist Russell Manfredi, who beat his wife with a baseball bat, then staged a car crash to make it look like she died in an accident.

Being as he was the tough guy in prison and Manfredi was a nerd who wouldn’t last a day on his own, Guglielmo immediately offered them protection in return for learning how to be smart.

Eventually he began to advertise himself a certified legal assistant who would help other prisoners fight for their rights.

To this day he defends his murdering doctor friend, accusing his dead wife of being a gold digging bitch.

He ended up getting out of jail five years early because the sentencing judge had a change of heart and testified that he was impressed with the person Guglielmo had become. He opened his own business and started a family with his girlfriend. His son Giovanni developed a rare and deadly disease that required a matching bone marrow transplant. He did great work and attracted positive press while looking for a match and raising awareness. One of the cops he shot at even donated. Sadly, Giovanni died in 2012 at the age of 5.

But at the same time Guglielmo turned what was supposed to be a positive and uniting bone marrow drive into an attention seeking boycott where he attacked his perceived enemies. In 2007 he began to harass local businesses for not being supportive enough towards his cause, and began urging visitors to the Baby Giovanni website to boycott those business in Concord and Laconia which he arbitrarily labeled as “non-Giovanni supporters.” As if any business is anti-sick children.

This wasn’t about Giovanni, it was about Michael Guglielmo.

Michael began doing Ted Talks about his son, where he presented himself as a reformed criminal who got a bunch of degrees in prison and became an advocate for bone marrow.

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But then in 2015 he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor sexual assault, simple assault and criminal threatening, after being arrested for trying to grab a minor in a sexual manner at a Concord Restaurant.

It’s unclear what came of those charges, but he remained free. However, in 2019 he was arrested again and charged with assault and DUI after assaulting a woman while he was driving drunk.

A Belmont man faces several charges, including assault and aggravated DWI, after police say an argument with a woman in his car turned violent. Police said Michael Guglielmo, 57, was arguing with the woman as they drove on East Industrial Park Drive on Tuesday, and he began to physically assault her. He then pulled over and continued the assault, as she searched for her cell phone to call police, according to a news release. The woman told police that Guglielmo threatened to kill her and that she hit and scratched him before she finally threw the car keys out of the car and escaped, calling 911, the release said.

Since then Guglielmo has fathered three more children, despite being over 60 years old, after impregnating what appears to be some sort of crackhead.

He has full custody as a single parent in his 60’s, so you can do the math on that woman’s life story.

Guglielmo is an attention seeking felon who is overly aggressive, can’t shut up, and has no regard for anyone but himself. He became deeply invested in MAGA, wears a “F*** Biden” everywhere, and is in constant disputes with the town of Belmont over his right to wave flags that contain profanity on his property.

Keep in mind, three children live with him and see that every day. But instead of being a grownup and teaching his kids how to be civil he decided to make a federal case over his right to put that flag on his property.

Now he’s back in the news again.

Last week a number of turtle riders contacted me about a situation in Concord involving a cross dressing male teacher at Christa McAuliffe Elementary School with inappropriate social media posts. This teacher obtained a temporary restraining order against a concerned parent who had been complaining about it. Normally this would be right up my alley.

There was just one problem – the parent was Michael Guglielmo.

He went to a school board meeting and spoke out against the cross dressing teacher, but of course wore his F*** Biden hat, just to make sure no one would take him seriously.

He posted his after David for his HPO hearing.

He’s not alleging that the teacher is grooming the kids or forcing them to use made up pronouns. He just doesn’t like that he’s a tall man who apparently dresses in women’s clothing sometimes, which admittedly I have an issue with as well. However, there’s an appropriate and effective way to handle this, and then there’s the way a violent convicted felon like Michael Guglielmo handled it. He accused the cross dressing teacher of staring him down at parent pickup, and admitted that he got out of his car, walked 30 yards towards the teacher to confront him, asked to take his picture, and then said “give me a big smile baby.”

That outfit is inappropriate for a teacher to where to school and should be addressed. But what you shouldn’t do is turn the teacher into the victim by confronting him in front of your kids, taunting him sexually (by calling him baby), and creating a scene.

Shockingly the guy with a temporary order on him who wore a F*** Biden hat to a meeting where he expected to be taken seriously, didn’t get what he wanted. He then began urging people to contact the school, leading to protests that required the police to show up. He also urged people to contact Tucker Carlson, but of course Tucker wouldn’t want anything to do with this spectacular dumpster fire and didn’t get back to them.


The art teacher’s name is Silas Allard, and he has made a lot of inappropriate social media postings over the years that should’ve been addressed.

I’m not defending this freak, but a lot of these posts were made in college or high school, and he has since deleted them. The ones people are clutching their pearls over are edgy, dark humor jokes.

One of them was him allegedly making a comment about “picking up boys,” but clearly by looking at it you can tell that he’s talking about an adult man that he matched with on Grindr.

The teacher ended up dropping the order, but that hasn’t stopped Guglielmo at all. He arranged a meeting with the Superintendent and once again showed up in his F*** Biden hat, looking like a disheveled homeless man who got dressed by his court appointed attorney. His posse filmed the meeting the wrong way on their iPhones, and he clearly had no intention of reaching a resolution as he stormed out after 30 minutes because they brought up his rhetoric and he threatened to sue them.

Granted, the Superintendent seems like a shrill old communist who I normally would not like. But if you want to be taken seriously on a matter concerning your children, then act in a serious manner. Instead he did the whole ‘I’m Irish and Italian so this is the only way I know how to talk” routine, and blamed the cross dressing teacher he harassed for “trying to get a rise out of him.”

He had no choice but to cause a scene. The teacher made him do it.

He’s now claiming to be the victim because he’s being unfairly labeled as a felon, which he is.

Newsflash – they’re not doing this to you because you’re a felon. They’re doing it to you because you’re making it easy for them with your behavior.

Obviously his crusade is going nowhere and no one is going to lose their job over this. The legal genius has no idea how to actually get things done, and is now talking about his thirst for vigilante justice.

It pains me to write this blog because I do agree with him on this issue. He’s just the worst possible spokesman for the cause and is making our side look bad.

And just in case he wasn’t coming off as a big enough lunatic, Guglielmo began posting pictures of his armed security team stationed outside his house like he’s some sort of political dissident the state wants to take out in order to protect national secrets, when in reality he’s just a mentally unhinged lunatic who makes everything about him.

Maybe it’s not the best look to have a guy who went to jail for 20 years for shooting 200 rounds at police posting images of a small arsenal of weapons, and suggesting that he looks forward to shooting anyone he perceives as a threat to his children. Clearly this guy does not give a shit about his kids, who he admits he could be in danger of losing as a result of his behavior.

This isn’t about his kids, it’s about him.

Michael has been posting non-stop about this in the “We The People NH” Facebook group, which I was recently banned from after posting about his criminal background. Others expressed similar concerns.

They brought up the 2015 arrest for grabbing a juvenile in a sexual manner and his 2019 arrest for assaulting a woman while driving drunk.

Call me old fashioned, but I think it’s better when movements that aim to protect children from predators aren’t being led by men who have been charged with grabbing children in a sexual manner at a public restaurant. But that’s because I’m able to separate my political beliefs from my principles. Others in the group didn’t care that this guy is a violent criminal, a deviant, and a world class asshole, as they defended him while attacking anyone who suggested that his criminal past is problematic.

Michael at first tried to deflect by pulling a Monica Cannon-Grant and demanding that people ignore the horrible things about him and focus on the positive press he received in the media for his deceased son who he uses as a shield.

He defended himself by claiming that he was acquitted of the charges.

Just like he did with his murdering friend in prison, Guglielmo blamed the victim, claiming that the daughter of a crooked politician was drinking underage.

It’s OK if he grabbed a child at the bar because she shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Definitely the kind of guy I want leading the anti-pedo movement.

Guglielmo vowed to produce the court paperwork showing he had been exonerated.

But instead of doing that he posted a picture of himself applying for the paperwork while holding up a document that didn’t say anything.

People in the group asked to see the documents but he backtracked and told people to email him instead.

He then went on to talk about what an educated free thinker he is because he read Aristotle in jail, and said that the cops wanted him dead because he’s the most dangerous creature on earth.

The ironic part is that he benefits directly from liberal policies while pretending to be a staunch conservative. He was released from prison early and apparently never went back to jail after being arrested for two violent crimes against women and children. In a lot of red states felons can’t vote, but they can in more liberal states like New Hampshire.

He’s just too stupid to realize that, which makes him the ideal target of Trump’s voting base – hardos who never voted before 2016, and will sit out the general election in protest if he doesn’t get the nomination in 2024.

Oh, and he looks up to this lunatic too:

Karlyn Borysenko is the full fledged narcissistic psychopath who ran for Governor as the Libertarian candidate and got less than 0.5% of the vote. She dated a convicted child pornographer for several years while he was serving his sentence in federal prison.

Karlyn threatened to sue me for bringing this up. I’m still waiting on the paperwork to arrive.

The guy who wants to protect children from sexual deviants is sharing content from a woman who has spent the last decade protecting the worst kind of child sex deviant in the world.

The bottom line is that opposition to grooming and indoctrination in public schools is a serious matter that parents should be concerned about. But it should be led by serious people, not 60 year old violent felons who are only interested in promoting themselves.