NH Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Karlyn Borysenko Carried On Relationship With Incarcerated Child Pornographer, Threatens To Sue Anyone Who Talks About It While Desperately Seeking Attention

Editor’s Note: There was an update to this story

Last night we published a blog about “First Amendment auditor” Joe Hart (AKA Joa Orga, AKA Grundlestiltskin) allegedly attempting to assault Republican Senatorial candidate Don Bolduc before a debate with Democratic incumbent Maggie Hassan. As it turns out Joe Hart, a perpetually unemployed man who lives off of donations on YouTube that he acquires by harassing public servants while they’re at work, is involved in the New Hampshire Libertarian Party. Since the incident the NHLP has put out several other angles of the video showing that Hart never made direct physical contact with Bolduc.

As you can see in that video General Bolduc is waving to supporters when out of nowhere Joe Orga approached him shouting nonsensical things and holding his camera on a stick. He ran directly up to Bolduc, cornered him, and began shouting in his face.


Bolduc calls for police to remove him, as clearly Orga was not welcomed in his personal space and was preventing him from shaking hands with supporters. That’s when the guy in black came from behind the Bolduc sign, touched Bolduc’s left shoulder, and attempted to get between Joa and the General. This caused incidental contact while Bolduc had his back turned, leading him to believe that Orga had pushed him.

What’s undeniable is that Joe Orga started the chain reaction that ended up with Bolduc getting pushed. He goes around instigating controversy for a living, and he got exactly what he wanted.

Keep in mind, Bolduc has absolutely no idea who this person is. All he knows is a crazy looking man with a pony tail was running at him while screaming in a high pitched voice.

In July New York Gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin was nearly stabbed when a crazed man like this ran onto the stage holding an unknown object that turned out to be a knife. To call this an attempted assault was accurate, and Bolduc’s reaction appropriate.

Joa Hart is basically an anarchist masquerading as a Libertarian, although there’s hardly a difference between the two. The fact that the New Hampshire Libertarian Party proudly associates with someone like him tells you everything you need to know about why no one takes Libertarians seriously. They have been rushing to Joe’s defense on Twitter, calling Bolduc and anyone else condemning Orga a liar.

The NHLP is led by this person:

“Dr” Karlyn Borysenko is a former Democrat who joined the #WalkAway movement after the 2016 election. She’s also mentally unhinged and has a long and documented history of obsessive and psychotic online and in person behavior. Naturally then she is the Libertarian candidate for Governor in New Hampshire. Anyone who follows her on Twitter knows that she obsessively posts hundreds of times a day, complaining that everyone except for her is politically insufficient. She followed this reporter and has messaged me before about stuff, but I’ve kept a distance based on her online behavior. For instance, she used the LPNH account to tweet this out on the 4 year anniversary of John McCain’s death.

I’m not fan of John McCain or his daughter, but this a demented thing to post. We get it – you’re edgy and say provocative things to test the boundaries of free speech. No one is trying to stop you from talking, but it doesn’t make you any less of an asshole. They got called out by people from all sides for it, including former Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash.

None of those people responding are John McCain fans.

Before that she tweeted that she posted this Holocaust joke about the minimum wage.

Get it? Because 6 million Jews were killed. Libertarians are so edgy!

Karlyn has been up my ass ever since I published the story last night about the incident.

She’s also tweeted hundreds of times already today, begging for someone to pay attention to her video.

She’s even begging Maggie Hassan’s campaign to watch it, but they don’t even wanna listen to her.

She said that Joe Hart should sue me for deformation. The same man who has multiple times said on his live streams that I am a child molester who paid $500K to silence the victim.

Please, please, please sue me. I am begging you.

Speaking of pedophiles, Karlyn was previously in a relationship with this man.

Aaron Campbell Brown was sentenced to 9-12 years in federal prison for trafficking child pornography in 2007. While he was in jail Karlyn allegedly carried on a relationship with this sexual predator, according to screenshots posted on Twitter by a former friend of hers named Mike Harlow.

I asked her about this and she threatened to sue me for deformation and then blocked me.

She pretty much threatens anyone with the same if they asks her about her relationship with a man who she knew was a pedophile. A quick search for the word “defamation” on her account brings up hundreds of tweets about how she’s going to contact her team of deformation attorneys whenever someone wrongs her on the Internet.


She’s a real legal expert.

Karlyn has an entire parody account dedicated to documenting her insane rantings. Here is a small sampling.

I spoke with Mike Harlow, the man who posted the evidence of her relationship with the child pornographer, and he told me about their history:

So I traveled the country with her with #WalkAway. I took her at face value (big mistake!) and we were somewhat friendly. Then I started seeing what she is. She lied about a hotel discriminating against her and caused a bomb threat. She tried using my name to attack other people. When I tried to assert boundaries with her was the beginning of the end, and the hate campaign eventually started. (She came after me for a joke she disapproved of!!!) Since then I’ve learned I’m serving a life sentence of her obsession. (So is my friend Keri… her many, many, many targets!) She’s made over 40 videos on me. I ignored it for a year, then I had to take a stronger stand. I found out about her pedo past, I found out about Kieran, who she hit on then threatened & stalked when he said no. She’s accused me of everything from white supremacy to sending people to New Hampshire to attack her family lol. She’s tried getting me banned for “transphobic” jokes. Lol! INSANE! Nothing works to be left alone by this nutjob. 

Kieran White is a man she sought out to collaborate with. He is a British photojournalist who is half her age, and once she began to hit on him he turned her down and she went apoplectic. She threatened to destroy and stalk him, traveled to London to see him, doxxed him, filed fake police reports on him.

All because he wouldn’t give her the pipe.


Two words – Bunny. Boiler.

The Libertarian Party is filled with lunatics like Karlyn Borysenko, which is why they’ll never be considered a serious organization. It’s just a way for attention seeking narcissists, who aren’t serious about obtaining political office, to try to pretend like they have some sort of principles. But they really just like to hear themselves talk.

Editor’s Note: There was an update to this story

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