Critics Blame TB Daily News For Death Of Missing New Bedford Woman After Accurate Reporting About Family Negligence


Last month we published a blog about missing New Bedford woman Jahliajia Finklea, a tribal member who had just turned 18 and was believed to be with a man named Luis Barboza. On Wednesday police in Florida announced that they believe they found her body.

Since then I’ve been inundated with messages from ratchets demanding I take down the blogs, and commenters blaming TB Daily News for what happened.

Let me be very clear here, just for the record – I apologize for nothing. I will not be removing a thing because everything I said was accurate. Family members who accused him of kidnapping her also:

  • Neglected her and allowed her to run wild, posting pictures of herself drinking and rolling blunts at clubs when she was 15
  • Did nothing the many times she ran away from home as a minor
  • Her aunt introduced her to the man she was with because she was dating him, knew that he was grooming her, and allowed him to be around her anyway
  • She had previously posted that she planned to run away as soon as she was 18
  • Family members posted that she brought a knife with her and got into a car with him for the sole intention of robbing him, which is not the same thing as a kidnapping
  • Their immediate reaction to her disappearance was to profit off of it by making a GoFundMe to raise money for a “private investigator” to “bring her home”
  • The police ended up finding her body and the man who probably killed her (and was introduced to her by family), meaning the family pocketed the money and it was all a big scam


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Jahliajia was reportedly 5 months pregnant, and according to unconfirmed Internet commenters the “procedure” she had scheduled was an abortion she didn’t want to have. It was allegedly her second abortion and Luis reportedly wasn’t the father.

This is not confirmed, but it’s out there and people are alleging it. There’s as much evidence that this is true as there is evidence that she was kidnapped. All I know is one thing – everything I published was correct, I stand by it all, and if you think I’m the kind of guy you can shame into an apology or a retraction then you must be new here.


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