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Crystal Meth Addict Hired By Michelle Wu To Run Boston’s Reparations Task Force Despite Plethora Of Criminal Charges Now Lives In City Hall, Gets Arrested For Throwing Dustpan At Cop


This is George Washington Williams IV from Boston.

He’s a super woke Morehouse College grad who worked on Ayanna Pressley and Julia Mejia’s campaigns.

He was rewarded for his work when he was hired by Boston’s teenage Mayor Michelle Wu to work in the “equity and inclusion cabinet” as a made up position called Project Coordinator for the Reparations Task Force.

He says he’s committed to social justice, except there’s just a couple problems –

  1. He’s more committed to crystal meth
  2. He lives in City Hall. Literally lives there.

Whatever though. He knows the right buzzwords and supports the right politicians so he’s more than qualified to work for Michelle Wu.

George Washington Williams IV has a vast array of Google trophies he’s picked up during his travels between Dorchester and his backup vagrancy destination of Brockton-by-the-sea (Barnstable). In 2017 he picked up charges for OUI drugs, driving without a license, A&B on a police officer, and resisting arrest. But because it’s Massachusetts his taxpayer funded attorney worked out a deal with the ADA to dismiss all the real crimes and take a continuance without a finding on the resisting charge. Everyone gets a CWOF in Massachusetts, but the hard part is avoiding arrest in the next calendar year if you want the charge to go away. GWW4 failed to do that.

Ya see, the only thing he had to do was just stop getting high. But James K. Woke tested positive for THC pretty much every time he met with probation, then just stopped showing up for testing days and probation violation hearings.

He moved back to Dorchester after that and kept driving cars there despite not having a license. That only works when you don’t get caught, and GWW4 got caught in 2019.

But luckily for him 2019 was when Road Rage Rollins became District Attorney for Suffolk County and the only kind of criminals who her office went after are people who showed up at her press conferences and heckled her for being bad at her job.

In March of 2022 James K. Woke was charged in West Roxbury District Court with A&B on a family member.

But the victim appears to have not cooperated so he got the charges dropped there as well.

Naturally then Michelle Wu decided that this would be the ideal time to hire DEI Jesse Pinkman to run her reparations task force. Because who could possibly make a stronger case that black people should be given money for being black than a guy who would instantly spend that money on crystal meth?

Getting hired by Michelle Wu didn’t curb his behavior at all though. In January of this year GWW4 was charged with felony entering at night and interfering with a police officer.

Two months later in March he was charged with disorderly conduct, trespassing, and resisting arrest.

There are no police reports available on Masscourts.com like there are for most criminal defendants, which I suppose is a perk you get for helping jail break politicians like Pressley, Wu, and Mejia get elected.

According to sources Williams has been living in City Hall since being hired by Wu. Apparently her administration doesn’t believe in paying a living wage to drug addicts who will blow it all on Diego the friendly neighborhood drug dealer’s kid’s college fund.

The problem is that you’re not allowed to live at City Hall, and according to multiple sources he was arrested on Friday for assaulting an officer inside. He has been charged with trespassing and resisting arrest.

As usual there is no arrest report on Masscourts.com. Luckily an eye witness who saw it happen spoke their truth to Turtleboy:

So they were trying to get him to leave. He started sweeping and threw the dustpan past the officers head and then picked up like a plastic tarp he had wrapped around a rug. He was being an ass and went to throw the plastic away and the barrel was behind the officer so he swung his arms down to toss the plastic in the thrash and in doing so he hit the officer. So I believe they charged him with assault on an officer and also trespassing. He has been put on admin leave with pay pending termination hearing. 

He was not charged with assaulting an officer, but the account is consistent with his past behavior. I for one am shocked that hiring a homeless crystal meth addict with a long criminal background would backfire on Michelle Wu.

This is how the disease of wokeness manifests itself. Michelle Wu has hired dozens of incompetent morons with no experience to staff her administration, simply because they virtue signal about climate change, their favorite adjective is “bold,” and they use “y’all” on Twitter despite never living in the south. In case they haven’t made it clear, George Washington Williams IV is EXACTLY the kind of person they cater to. And they are rewarded for years of degenerate behavior with jobs on reparations task forces so they can figure out how to take money from law abiding people and give it to squatting junkies at Motel City Hall.


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    1. Working people who only smoke weed don’t have to live at the office because can afford a place to live. 🥱

      1. You sure you answered the question?…looks like you enjoy eating a frank too 🥱 get it all in

        1. my answer is self-explanatory for anybody with more than 3 braincells. Sorry you only have 1 or 2, I guess. 💔

    2. Only when you’re a fake journalist who makes shit up for headlines that fit your agenda. TB gave no evidence of meth. None.

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