DA Joe Early’s Office Files Affidavit Protecting Spencer/Holden Man From Embarrassment After Being Arrested Having Sex With Dog In Rutland


Last week the Rutland Police Department posted on Facebook that they had arrested a 20 year old who apparently lives in both Holden and Spencer, on charges of animal abuse as part of a multi-agency effort with the MSPCA.

The post was pretty vague and didn’t name who the perp was. However, we got a tip on this story from a source who told us to request the police report so we did. According to the narrative a man named Ryan Williamson was seen trying to enter an apartment at 38 Central Tree Rd. This is the location of a horse stable called Central Tree Stable where people learn to ride horses, but also appears to have an apartment for rent.

When Williamson was unable to enter the apartment from the front he shattered the glass on a back door which prompted the call for assistance. When police got there Williamson was in the bathroom with the door locked and refused to come out. The police could hear rustling, and when he finally opened the door he emerged with a small dog and was detained. No other details were listed.

What could a person be doing with a small dog in the bathroom at a horse stable in Rutland? I decided to look up his court records in East Brookfield District Court, and as it turns out he was having sex with the dog, and is being held on $1,000 bail.

What was odd was that there was no statement of facts listed on the docket. Usually thats the first thing you see and you can click on it and read all the details involving the charge. But this time it wasn’t there because DA Joe Early’s office, who has proven to be the most corrupt elected official in the state, asked for the facts to be impounded because it “would likely cause undue embarrassment for the defendant.”

In 2021 a Norfolk man was arrested for breaking into a stable, climbing a ladder, and having non-consensual sex with a horse. The Norfolk County DA’s office did not impound the facts in that case to save the horse f***er from embarrassment. It seems like having sex with mammals who cannot consent to having sex is something you should feel deeply embarrassed about.

I left a voicemail with ADA Michael Luzzo this morning inquiring about why Early’s office was choosing to protect a man who rapes dogs from public embarrassment.  I also did not receive a mugshot from Rutland PD, so the public has no idea what this man even looks like if he makes bail. Unfortunately his name is fairly common, and he’s part of a generation that doesn’t use Facebook, so I can’t seem to find him on there. If anyone out there has a picture of him, or a link to any of his social media, please feel free to message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected].

Our source who turned out to be right about this also told us that he has been investigated for killing animals and may also have been staking out a daycare and pleasuring himself while watching children inside. This is unconfirmed, but the DA’s office covering for this predator is not a good look. Parents and pet owners have the right to know if a predator is in their community looking to do harm to the people and pets that they love most. What we do know is that this man intentionally broke into an apartment where he knew a small dog would be in order to sexually assault it. Only a sick and dangerous person would do such a thing, and Joe Early’s office is protecting him from hurt feelings.


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