DA Marian Ryan Confirms That The 5 White Teens Accused By Monica Cannon-Grant Of Lynching Mikayla Miller Have Alibis 


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Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, critical race theory grifter Ibram Kendi, Patriots running back Damian Harris, Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone, former Boston Mayoral candidate Tito Jackson, and lots of other blue checkmarks with hundreds of thousands of followers continued to spread The Big Lie yesterday on Twitter that 16 year old Mikayla Miller was lynched by a group of white teens in Hopkinton. It has already been confirmed by police sources and town officials that she hung herself on the night of April 17 after an altercation with her ex-girlfriend and other teens.


Yes, Mikayla did deserve to grow old, and something horrific did happen in Hopkinton – Mikayla killed herself. Luckily a full investigation has been happening already because her life mattered. Nonetheless a member of Congress and the Mayor of another city are inciting violence in their own state while using social media to spread misinformation. This is the exact same behavior they demand conservatives be deplaformed for.

These people are gross. Mikayla was not jumped by 5 white teens, and her death was not suspicious because she killed herself. It’s just fun and games for these people to incite racial tensions. She died two weeks ago by suicide, and not a single one of these people knew who she was or offered any sort of condolences. The fact of the matter is that a 16 year old black girl who committed suicide is not useful for them. They don’t “say her name” if the girl took her own life. The only time dead black people are of any use to black lives matter is when they are killed by white people and the police are involved in covering it up.

That’s why they’re pretending this is something that it’s not – because they can’t monetize suicide. Kendi can’t write books about how racism caused this. Pressley can’t use her suicide to pass legislation or raise money. Curtatone can’t pretend to care about black people if he doesn’t pretend this was a murder. Mikayla’s life only matters to them if she was murdered.

But they could draw attention to a much bigger crisis plaguing our community – mental health. This pandemic has been hard on kids Mikayla’s age, and instead of talking about how this poor girl reached the point where she felt that killing herself was the only way out, these grifters are chasing imaginary white lynch mob bogeymen because they like that story line better. This could be a great opportunity for teens experiencing anxiety or depression to get in touch with mental health counselors, but none of that is being discussed because it’s not sensational enough for the mob.

Last night District Attorney Marian Ryan finally decided to get out in front of this story, now that a mob led by mentally unstable racist Monica Cannon-Grant is going to descend on Hopkinton tomorrow. She held a press conference giving a timeline of what happened leading up to Mikayla’s death, and explained how the white teenagers Monica is calling murderers were cleared.

  • There was a physical altercation at a clubhouse where Mikayla lived between 5:17-6:41 PM that involved Mikayla and other kids.
  • Mikayla was at the clubhouse at one point with 2 friends who left, and she was joined by 4 other teenagers. An additional 5th teenager remained outside the clubhouse.
  • The physical altercation occurred between Mikayla and 2 of the teens – one male and one female.
  • After that altercation Mikayla and the 4 teens spent 20 minutes together in the clubhouse.
  • At 7:20 PM the Hopkinton Police were dispatched to her home after her Mom called and reported that Mikayla had been jumped.
  • Mikayla reported that during the altercation she had been pushed and punched in the face. She had a mark of blood on her lip, and the investigation into that assault remains open.
  • At 7:43 HPD left Mikayla’s house and went to the house of one of the girls involved and took a statement. They returned to Mikayla’s apartment and observed damage inside and outside the clubhouse, which they photographed.
  • Between 9:30-9:45 Mikayla’s mother went to bed believing her daughter was still home.
  • Mikayla’s cell phone has an app that tracks her steps. Between 9-10 PM her phone traveled the exact amount of steps (1,360) is the amount of steps between her home and where she was found dead.
  • Her body was found right off of Main Street by a jogger, relatively close to the police station (34 West Main Street).
  • Two of the girls who were in the clubhouse have a location confirmed from 8:30 PM until the next morning. Mikayla died between 9-10 PM. They could not have killed her.
  • Two of the boys who were in the clubhouse were seen getting off the Mass Pike in Charlton at 8:58 PM. Charlton doesn’t have a Mass Pike exit, so she’s probably talking about Sturbridge because they were seen on surveillance video at a Wendy’s in Sturbridge, showing them eating food in their car.
  • The third girl who was outside the clubhouse has witnesses who put her at her house that evening.
  • The DA’s office is waiting on the medical examiner to give them an official cause of death.
  • The teens were not just white, and at least one of them is Latino.

The 5 teens being accused of lynching Mikayla have officially been cleared. It’s undeniable and there is video and cell phone evidence backing it up. The fact that the DA’s office has pulled surveillance tape from a Wendy’s in Sturbridge shows you how seriously they’re taking this, and how thorough their investigation has been. It completely debunks the lie that they are attempting to sweep this under the rug.

After that press conference Ryan went on WGBH with Monica Cannon-Grant and Jim Braude, who makes a salary of over $400K a year paid for by the taxpayers. Monica was given this platform and legitimized by Braude despite her long and documented history of racial abuse and violent threats.

The most telling part of this interview happens at 6:30 when Braude asks Monica how she knows that Mikayla was murdered. Monica has stated as a fact several times that this was a lynching, but has yet to provide any evidence to back that claim up. Her answer is telling.

“It’s because the same these individual jumped Mikayla around 7 in the evening, a few hours later Mikayla leaves the house, her location was shared via Snapchat with these same individuals and she ends up dead.

The answer is that Monica has no evidence. The totality of her evidence that Mikayla was lynched was that she went on Snapchat, which Monica alleges gave away her location and prompted the 5 teens to descend on West Main Street and murder her not far from a busy road. But all 5 of these teens have alibis, so she really has no theory at all.

Because Monica has no evidence she deflected and claimed that Ryan’s office never contacted Mikayla’s family, which turned out to be a lie. The police interviewed her to get all the information they had. According to Ryan she was in touch with Mikayla’s Mom. This means that not only is Monica lying, but so is the mother.

Since Monica has no evidence she’s playing the “if they were black” race card.

“The frustrations is that if Mikayla was a white child and if these were 5 black children charged with assault they would’ve had their faces posted all over social media and everywhere else. There’s been a lack of transparency and accountability from DA Ryan’s office. The Sgt who is on this case, Sgt. Sean O’Brien has been using bullying tactics with the neighbors.”

Monica is moving the goal posts. It’s out of the question that they could’ve murdered her, so now she’s trying to demand they be charged for assaulting her. But if this were a case of assault it wouldn’t be making headlines. It’s making headlines because of the murder allegation, which is baseless. It’s interesting that two weeks ago people like Monica were telling us that it’s completely normal for 16 year old black girls to become involved in knife fights, but now they want the full force of the law to come down on teens over a bloody lip.

The teens haven’t been charged with assault because the witness who could testify against them is dead as a result of suicide. The DA’s office doesn’t prosecute every teenager who gets into a fight either. Monica is intentionally trying to connect the physical altercation at the clubhouse to Mikayla’s death, but there is no evidence connecting them.

My favorite part was when Monica “demanded” an independent investigation. She’s used to getting her way by yelling louder than everyone else and bullying elected officials into complying by threatening to send her mob after them. She really thinks that despite being a profane ratchet grifter, she still is in a position to make “demands” of the DA’s office.

I also thought it was interesting when Monica said that she wants the FBI to take over. There was a time when many in the black community didn’t trust the FBI, since they spied on MLK and covered up murders in the deep south of black people. But now the FBI has become completely politicized and is used as a weapon by BLM to crack down on white grandmothers at the Capitol.

Tomorrow at 4:30 PM Hopkinton will become a circus, and it’s all because the media and race baiting politicians have chose to embrace Monica’s Big Lie.


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