Poor Behavior

Danvers High School Teacher Leads Counter Protest To Support Sex Simulating Drag Queen  Doing Makeup For Kids At Public Library


A couple weeks ago the Danvers Public Library (AKA the Peabody Institute Library)  announced that they were holding a drag event for kids, in which something called Miz Diamond Wigfall will be doing tutorials on makeup. Except there’s just one twist – it’s ONLY for kids.

But they’re totally NOT grooming kids into transgenderism. They’re just holding events at public libraries, in which men dressed as hookers will show impressionable young children from ultra-liberal households how to look like circus freaks.

We wrote about Miz Diamond Wigfall last year when he was putting on a show for little kids, which seems to be his target audience. Here’s some of his finer work:

Predictably communists are falling over themselves at the chance to be able to virtue signal about how excited they are that children will be subjected to this disturbed dude who mocks womanhood by portraying females as low rent prostitutes, desperate for attention.


The library will “consider” having a drag queen event for grownups, but probably won’t. After all, by the time they’re adults it’s too late to groom them into this lifestyle. But yea, it’s a total coincidence that 1 in 5 kids now openly identifies as another gender. This phenomenon totally happened organically and isn’t a direct result of public institutions pushing people like this as role models.

The event is scheduled for today, and there is apparently some push back from normal people. But all that does is inspire counter-pushback from the groomers and the communists who plan to protest their protest today. One of the people leading the movement is Danvers High School teacher Heather Carnevale.

If “I just got COVID for the 3rd time but thankfully I got my 8th booster or I would’ve died,” had a face.

For some reason this grown woman is meeting up with children after school hours to show solidarity with that that naked man with coconuts who wants to dress up 12 year olds like him.

“Drag queens are under attack.”

Translation – states run by normal people are passing common sense laws that don’t allow children to attend burlesque shows put on by sexual degenerates.

“These folks are artists, plain and simple.”


Something called Boston Revolutionary Socialists will be there to support him too.


Imagine being AGAINST “informed parents” who are AGAINST “abusing children.”

Oh no! Informed parents are rallying against abusing children. Better rally up the troops for a counter protest in favor of abusing children! Let’s make sure the 10th grade English teacher is in charge.

This library also hosted a workshop run by an “author” named Cathy G. Johnson last month.

Cathy is really more of a cartoonist who likes to write children’s comic books promoting incest.

Everything these people do and think about revolves around sex, and they simply MUST feed it to children. It’s important to remember that you’re not crazy for thinking that there’s something wrong with this. That’s a normal way for an adult human being to react when seeing this. What’s not normal is to bring your child to a public library to get their makeup done by this thing:

This person is not representative of the gay community, but they’re being portrayed as if they are. The best way to normalize the LGBT community is by having normal members of the community speak to kids instead of the Barnum and Bailey rejects currently doing so.

The bottom line is that teachers who wanna meet up with kids after school to protest for political causes, especially when it’s a man with fake tits teaching kids how to be like him, have no business teaching. Their primary concern isn’t to make sure your kids can read and write, it’s to make sure they’re indoctrinated into far left ideology so that behavior like this can one day become the norm.


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