Dartmouth Public Schools Post Pictures Of Teachers With No Masks On, Kids With Masks On, Say It’s OK Because COVID Doesn’t Spread When You Take Pictures 


The Dartmouth Public Schools, like all schools in Massachusetts, are forcing children to wear masks in school. However, yesterday they posted pictures on Facebook of their teachers without masks on in school.

You can remove your mask to smile for pictures because the virus doesn’t spread when you do that. Ya know, science. Almost as if smiling is if it’s important for human beings to see each other smile. I think the message has been sent loud and clear – if you don’t want your kid to wear a mask have them take selfies all day. You don’t have to wear a mask when you’re posing for a picture.

All this does is prove what we’ve known the whole time – no one is actually worried about coronavirus. If you thought that an airborne virus was lingering out there that could enter your mouth and kill you the second you removed your mask, then you’d never under any circumstances remove your mask in public. You’d be petrified to eat or go near anyone, and you certainly wouldn’t take it off to smile for a picture.

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But the fact is that none of these people are scared of COVID, and they know that masks don’t stop the spread of it. It’s all just about control. Adults can’t be controlled the way kids can be because we are allowed to think for ourselves. It’s why schools have mask mandates in towns that don’t.

The original post they put up didn’t say anything about removing masks for the picture.

They only put that update in after they received blowback. I’m not blaming any teachers in these pictures. I’m sure most of them are good at what they do and don’t want to wear the masks while they’re working. But the fact that the district would be this tone deaf to post this and not expect the response that they did, shows how clueless most administrators are. Last week they posted pictures of freshmen and new teacher orientation on Facebook, and somehow saw nothing wrong with images showing a room full of unmasked teachers, while every kid inside had to have a mask on.

Do any of these people look scared to you?

Of course not. Because they’re sane human beings, and they know that COVID is not a threat to them, especially if they’re vaccinated. They only put them on because everyone else is doing it, and standing up to this sort of madness would put their jobs at risk.

Last week on a public post about masking in school a man named David Harris suggested that parents who don’t force their children to wear a mask should have their children removed from their home. The comment was liked by Dartmouth School Committee member Kathleen Amaral.

This is how psychotic these people are. They know that masks are theater and they’re not scared of COVID themselves, but yet they’re willing to allow the state to take your children from you if you don’t play along with their unscientific panic porn.

Today is the first day of school for many and I’m already getting emails from parents whose students refused to wear masks. The schools are powerless to stop them, so tell them to keep doing it. If one kid is allowed to do it then the rest will follow. If their teachers don’t have to wear masks then why should they? Make DESE regret this decision.


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