Daughter Of Elderly Man Nearly Killed By Antifa Supporter’s Crash Into Easton Trump Store: Driver Admitted Political Motives For Attack


Last week we were the only media outlet to report the name of the man who intentionally drove his car into a Trump memorabilia store in Easton. Sean Flaherty is a Raynham father of two with an anti-Trump bumper sticker on his car.


He also has an arm tattoo that appeared on his bumper, which is a symbol for the heavy metal ban Ministry.

The image looks like 2 anarchy signs, which is supposed to symbolize double the anarchy. A quick look at Ministry’s music shows that they proudly identify themselves as Antifa in this song titled “Antifa,” which came out in 2017 (Trump’s first year in office), and contained many anti-Trump themes.

I’m sure it’s all a big coincidence though, and Ministry won’t have to answer any questions about radicalizing this mentally unstable man.

Despite the fact that he has been arrested and charged with reckless operation of a motor vehicle and malicious destruction of property, the media has refused to investigate what Sean Flaherty’s motive was. You would think that a controversial store being intentionally attacked by a man with anti-Trump and Antifa bumper stickers during the January 6 hearings would get the media to ask questions, but the fact of the matter is that they’re only interested in motives when the criminals are white supremacists. The story has all but disappeared from media completely, outside of a few conservative blue checkmarks on Twitter. Not even Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannitty has made mention of it.

In the name of journalism I reached out to a woman named Stephanie Keller, whose father was the only person working in the store at the time of the attack. After the crash her father was seen picking up an American flag and folding it with the help of an Easton Police Officer.

Her father would’ve been killed if he was standing in the other part of the store.

On Saturday night I interviewed Stephanie on the Live Show (click here to subscribe to our channel and never miss an episode) and she dropped a bombshell that hasn’t been reported anywhere – Sean Flaherty admitted to her father that he attacked the store because he was “upset with the right wing agenda.”

Things we learned from this interview that have not been reported by the media:

  • Sean Flaherty admitted that he drove into the store on purpose because he was upset with the political messaging on products they sold
  • The store sells blue lives matter items, children’s toys, anti-Biden gear, Second Amendment stuff, whiskey glasses, and other things that cater to the right, and is NOT a strictly Trump store
  • The man Sean Flaherty attempted to kill comforted him, made sure he was OK, and gave him a free Trump hat
  • Sean Flaherty told the elderly man he tried to kill about his divorce, mental health issues, and electro shock therapy
  • Sean Flaherty had a hospital band on and his arm was wrapped, which indicated he was in the hospital recently
  • Stephanie spoke with media, including a reporter from WHDH, and specifically told them everything she told me, but they chose not to report any of it

WHDH “reporter” Sabrina Silva tweeted this out on Friday:

“Police are looking into why the man drove into the store.”

You were literally told at the scene of the crime why he did drove into the store. You’re also a reporter, free to do your own research instead of regurgitating police press releases. Additionally, the Easton Police reported Sean Flaherty’s name which you failed to do.

The “award winning” reporter said she doesn’t report things that are “word of mouth,” even when it’s out of the mouth of the only witness to the crime, and said WHDH would be doing an update about the bumper sticker.

Their most recent update doesn’t mention the bumper sticker. Additionally, the bumper sticker was not “word of mouth.” Images of the vehicle were posted on the Brockton Enterprise, which I brought to her attention.

“I didn’t see it.”

Yea, it was really hard to miss.

Sabrina Silva has moved on to her next assignment and is passing the buck to the station’s producers.

And now we’ll never hear about this again.

Meanwhile, WCVB is citing an anonymous “close friend” who tells them it had nothing to do with politics.

A close friend says politics was not the motivation. “It had nothing to do with Trump or any political anything,” the friend, who asked not to be identified said. “It was just an unfortunate coincidence.”

Is this person real? How close of a friend is he? How can he be sure it wasn’t politically motivated if the driver himself said that it was? These are things actual reporters ask.

It’s understandable that the liberal media would intentionally choose not to cover the motive for this attack, since it doesn’t help push their narrative, but why hasn’t Fox News? Seems kind of important.


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