Daughter Of Peabody Man Who Raised $150K To Sue Charlie Baker Says He Hit Her, Hasn’t Seen Him Since She Was 12, Is A Scam Artist 


Last week we published a blog about Vincent Delaney, a former Peabody man who raised over $150K via GoFundMe to file two anti-COVID restriction and anti-flu vaccine lawsuits, but has no accounting for where any of the money went. Both lawsuits were dismissed, and the attorney who represented him says that he was paid significantly less than what Vincent raised. He is now raising money for a third class action, and was originally looking to raised $500K before lowering it to $100K.

In his heartwarming, produced documentary Vincent explains how the FBI helped him flea Peabody for his life after Charlie Baker’s goons tried to burn his house down and wrote him death threats, and he claimed that his children walked away from him because they are liberal and were against the lawsuit he brought forward. He claims put “God, country, and family” before all else by leaving his fiance and children for the lawsuit because, “as much as I loved her (holding back tears)…I love my country more.”

Except there’s just a couple problems with that:

  1. His fiance is the woman he ended up marrying in Florida, so he never left her and that was a lie
  2. His daughter is speaking out and claiming his whole story is bogus. 

According to his daughter Vincent is well known for scamming. She also claims that the documentary he did was full of lies, she hasn’t seem him since she was 12 (over 15 years ago) because he used to hit her, it’s not the first time he’s stolen from people, he’s a narcissistic liar and an attention whore, he was an abusive addict towards his family, he got caught stealing copper from work, he wrote the death threat to himself, the FBI is not protecting him, and he’s on steroids (obviously) and ketamine.


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Yet all these morons blindly following him are accusing TB of being fake news.

Name one lie Angela. I’ll wait.

I wish Vincent Delaney would sue me for slander and “liable.” It would be fun to go through the discovery process with him. I agree Christina, let’s have him sue me and open up those books so he can prove how he spent that $150K he raised!

Oh OK. He did a Facebook Live video, therefore he’s innocent. Makes sense.

Never trust anyone who calls themselves a “patriot.” It’s how the Delaney’s, Diana Ploss’, and Tony Fed’s of the world make money off the MAGA crowd, and anyone who exposes their grift gets labeled as “fake news liberal mainstream media.” Because everyone knows TB is a huge libtard.

According to Kathy here “BLM burned his house down.”

And if you believe that then you are an idiot and there’s just no hope for you.

I understand that his daughter is a liberal, but that’s how he attempted to discredit her. Now when these morons see her saying this stuff they’ll dismiss it as a disrespectful liberal daughter lashing out at her loving father. It’s quite the scam.

Meanwhile Vin is kicking people out of his groups left and right for asking for refunds or any sort of explanation for where all the money went on the previous lawsuits. He’s even kicking out his own admins for answering questions.

And if you still think he’s telling the truth here’s a post he made in September about his flu vaccine lawsuit.

“All proceeds are going to vax injured children charity.”

Of course he never explained whatever the hell that was. Just shut up and give him your money, and if you don’t then it means you’re in favor of forced vaccinations.

Vincent Delaney told me was going to prove me wrong by showing where all the money went if I published my story. Well I did, and he still hasn’t done that. It’s really simple folks – if Vincent Delaney isn’t pocketing tens of thousands of dollars in donated money all he has to do is show how he spent the $150K he raised. Please Vincent, prove to your followers how fake I am by showing the world where the money went.


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