Peabody Man Raises Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars For Anti-COVID Lockdown Lawsuits That Go Nowhere, Has No Accounting Of Money, Deceived Donors While Living In Florida


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This is Vincent Delaney from Peabody.

If he reminds you of Popeye it’s because that appears to be his role model.

Vinny does HVAC work and first made headlines last June when he filed a federal lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to end the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

A North Shore man filed a federal lawsuit Thursday asking a judge to order the state to reopen. Vincent Delaney of Peabody believes the governor’s shutdown of Massachusetts has gone too far and too long. An HVAC contractor, Delaney said his business has been affected by the shutdown. Delaney said many of his customers — restaurant owners — are worse off than he is. That’s one of the reasons he decided to challenge Gov. Charlie Baker’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“It’s an absolute nightmare,” said Delaney. “I said, ‘Who’s going to do something about it?'”

Delaney hired Burlington attorney Tom Mason to file the complaint but did not have the $7,500 to pay him, so he began crowdsourcing on various conservative Facebook groups he created.

Delaney lacked the platform to to get the word out to the MAGA crowd, which was growing restless by May of 2020 and was hungry to end lockdowns. He reached out to Turtleboy and asked us to share his GoFundMe, and although I am sympathetic to the cause I declined as I don’t share GoFundMe’s if I’m not sure where every penny is going towards.

After that setback Delaney went on the Jeff Kuhner show (where he is a regular welcomed guest) to use his platform to come up with the funds.

Delaney came up with the money to hire a lawyer by creating a GoFundMe page last month titled “Civil liberties.” A fan of conservative radio commentator Jeff Kuhner, Delaney called in to the show and announced that he had set up the page to help him pay the $7,500 it would cost to hire an attorney. Within 93 seconds, he said, the fund had gone from $4,000 to $18,000, and is now just over $19,000 from 378 donors. 

Vincent often displays himself as the leader of a movement, going up against a corrupt establishment with unlimited resources, and uses this to raise money.

He ended up raising over $63,000 with the GoFundMe alone, on top of t-shirt sales and Venmo donations.

Most of the lawsuit was dismissed in January, and the remaining religious freedom component of the suit was dismissed in February.

Judge William Young ruled “stopping the spread of society-threatening disease is ‘unquestionably’ a compelling interest” and that Vincent Delaney’s assertion that church capacity limits infringed on his rights of freedom of religion were unfounded because they are “devoid of any evidence that Delaney was ever denied access to his parish church, let alone that such a denial was due to Governor Baker’s occupancy limit.”

The determination was that since the denial of entry was only hypothetical based on the state restrictions of limiting public gatherings, Delaney suffered no actual injuries and that his allegations “amount to a generalized grievance about the conduct of the government.”

The religious freedom suit was the one that remained from Delaney’s original lawsuit filed in June aimed at overturning all of Baker’s business and coronavirus mandates as “irrational, arbitrary and capricious.” Delaney’s original 82-page complaint argued his work as an HVAC contractor with restaurants was negatively affected through the shutdown and ongoing restrictions that made it hard for businesses to reopen at full capacity in the spring.

After filing his lawsuit Delaney claimed that he received death threats in the mail, and that someone attempted to burn down his house in Peabody. When I spoke with him on the phone Delaney told me that the FBI was involved, and that he had to flea the state for fear of being killed by Baker’s hired goons. These alleged threats to his life were so upsetting to his fiance that she gave him an ultimatum – drop the lawsuit or the planned September wedding was off. Delaney sent me a produced VIMEO video in which he promotes his lawsuit, and said of his fiance, “As much as I loved her, I love my country more,” while holding back tears.

“It’s always been God, country, and family.”

Quite the performance.

Delaney often uses language like that to appeal to right wingers who are sick of the COVID restrictions. But within a month or so of the planned September wedding to his unnamed fiance he had moved to Clearwater, FL and married a different woman.

From Florida he launched a class action lawsuit in October against Charlie Baker for the mandatory flu vaccine that was to be required for all public school students in Massachusetts. This time Mason was helping out with the case, but the “quarterbacks” were Florida attorneys Patrick Leduc and Luke Lirot.

A group of about 11,000 people in Massachusetts is filing a class-action lawsuit against Gov. Charlie Baker and the state against the mandated flu vaccine. According to a statement from the organizer of the lawsuit, Vincent Delaney, he finds the mandate “unconstitutional.” The group’s campaign is called “FLU YOU BAKER,” according to the statement. The mandate requires children and young adults ages six months to 30 years old who attend state childcare or schools from pre-kindergarten through the college level to get an annual influenza vaccine by December 31 to be able to go to school in January 2021. The law firms of Thomas O. Mason, Patrick Leduc, and Luke Lirot will represent the FLU YOU BAKER plaintiffs, according to the statement.

Class action lawsuits are not supposed to cost the plaintiffs money. Lawyers take them on when they think they have a case that is likely to end in a large judgement or settlement in their favor, and they assemble people who have been hurt or damaged in a similar way to strengthen their case. Individual plaintiffs are unlikely to make money off these lawsuits. However, Delaney crowd funded over $83K with GoFundMe alone for this class action.

On top of that Delaney also that all 11,000 people whose names appeared on the class action lawsuit were required to give him $5 after it was “voted and passed” by unnamed people.

When I asked him where the money for these two lawsuits went Delaney became defensive and said he could account for every penny, but would need time. He said that all the money went to the lawyers, so I contacted Attorney Mason who could not tell me how much he was paid, but said that he “wished” it was the $63K Delaney raised.

Delaney told this reporter that he paid Leduc and Lirot $25,000 each for the flu vaccine lawsuit and spent the rest of the money raised (over $83K) on travel expenses. He claims the money for the GoFundMes went to a Santander account in his name, but since Florida does not have Santander he closed the account and no longer has access to it, and thus cannot provide any receipts documenting where any of the money went.

On August 30 Delaney appeared at a rally at the Statehouse to protest the flu vaccine mandate. He stood beside a woman named Candice Edwards, another self-appointed leader in the anti-flu vaccine community.

Like Delaney, Candice Edwards used Jeff Kuhner’s platform to elevate her brand as a freedom fighter. With her newfound platform she repurposed an existing GoFundMe to visit her mother in England who was allegedly dying from cancer, into a GoFundMe for her to travel to Mexico to get holistic treatment for her alleged breast cancer. She raised over $40K and got a free trip to Cancun, but has yet to provide evidence that she actually has breast cancer.

At the August 30 rally he delivered a speech filled with ring wing cliches about 1776, God, and country, and presented himself as Charlie Baker’s worst nightmare, who flew back to Massachusetts from hiding in Florida because his activism makes him such a threat to the establishment.

“Charlie’s gonna hear us coming loud and clear. He knows who I am.”

“There’s nothing that’s gonna keep me from helping the state that I love!”

At this same rally he told protesters to he was collecting signatures for the anti-flu vaccine mandate, and that it’s “not gonna cost you a dime.”


A month later they were all told it would cost them $5 each.

In January Governor Baker announced that they were dropping the flu vaccine mandate because they wanted to focus on the COVID vaccine (which didn’t exist at the time the flu vaccine mandate was proposed).

“Preliminary data show that this has been a mild flu season to date, presumably as people have received their seasonal flu vaccine and have been adhering to mask-wearing and social distancing due to COVID-19,” a state Department of Public Health spokesperson said in a statement to The Boston Globe. The state is now concentrating its efforts on rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine, the spokesperson said. The mandate applied to anyone six months or older in child care centers, preschool, K-12 schools, and colleges, with some exemptions including for religious and medical reasons.

There is no evidence that Baker’s decision was at all influenced by the class action lawsuit. Additionally the flu vaccine mandate could come back next year, as this was simply a one year delay. However, Delaney has claimed many times that this was a victory and has used it to raise his profile as a fundraising freedom fighter of the right.

Delaney also sells “No jab” t-shirts, and other anti-Fauci gear on his Facebook page, on top of accepting Venmo donations. He has brought in well over $150,000 from those two lawsuit fundraisers and produced nothing in return, aside from building his own brand as a Massachusetts freedom fighting leader, living in exile in Florida. He never created a non-profit or any sort of charitable entity to document where any of the donations went to. His record in lawsuits was 0-1-1, with the anti-lockdown lawsuit being dismissed, and his own legal team ended the other lawsuit after Baker dropped the mandate.

After his lawsuit was dismissed in February Delaney began his next legal venture – organizing supporters for more anti-COVID lawsuits. He formed new Facebook groups on top of the other groups he created for the other lawsuits, in order to amplify his message and sell his t-shirts.


On February 8 he announced that he had prepared an anti-mask mandate lawsuit that would be “filed in the Supreme Court of the United States,” that would make history. The primary defendant would be Dr. Anthony Fauci.


You cannot file a case with the Supreme Court. Cases in lower courts get appealed to higher courts, and SCOTUS can pick and choose which cases they choose to bring forward. No anti-mask lawsuit was ever filed.

After being kicked out of a Spectrum location for not wearing a mask Delaney vowed to file a $1 million lawsuit, which also never happened.

In March Delaney announced that he was launching a new lawsuit against Charlie Baker if he mandated vaccine passports, which he announced on his new group “Don’t Shed on Me Class Action.”

He falsely claimed that his previous lawsuit against the flu vaccine mandate was a success, even though it was Baker’s administration that voluntarily dropped the mandate, and said he needed more signatures for an upcoming class action.

He berated group members for not signing up for the rally he would be attending, and claimed that their lack of action would mean the lawsuit was “dead in the water.”

“Class action lawsuits are not cheap.”

Yes, they are. They are supposed to be free for plaintiffs.

He shared anecdotes from mothers and their children who he allegedly inspired with his activism.

Worried that nobody would attend his rally for his new lawsuit on May 1, Delaney teamed up with failed Senatorial candidate Shiva Ayyadurai, who repeatedly called me a “cock sucker” during an interview in September, and claimed that his crushing loss in the Republican primary was due to voter fraud.

Unfortunately for him at the rally Shiva did what Shiva always does – made it all about him. Shiva spoke for over half an hour under a banner promoting himself, then led a parade through downtown Boston. Delaney spoke briefly under the Shiva banner.

Their relationship is apparently now over as Shiva was not useful for his cause, and Delaney went back to building his following on Facebook by vowing to bring his biggest lawsuit yet forward.

On May 12 Delaney announced that he was launching a class action against CDC director Rochelle Walensky and FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock, and that a fundraiser would be coming shortly.

Yet when he began raising money shortly afterwards and his supporters began raising concerns, he claimed that there were no defendants named yet.

Delaney has hired Attorney Ryan McClane from Western MA for his new anti-COVID vaccine mandate lawsuit. In the spirit of full disclosure, Attorney McClane is representing me in two current legal matters – the Jamie Genereux Packleader Pettrackers’ defamation lawsuit, and the Rian Waters federal lawsuit. He is a more than capable attorney who helped get the Waters lawsuit dismissed, and is a passionate advocate for free speech rights. He has been up front and honest with Delaney’s supporters that there is no guarantee for victory.

Unlike in previous lawsuits McClane urged Delaney to create an actual foundation so that money raised could be documented.

Delaney then immediately launched a $500K GoFundMe for the lawsuit, which raised over $30,000 in just a couple days, despite allegedly being a class action.

To promote his fundraiser and urge people to donate to it Delaney often references his previous lawsuits, but fails to tell the tens of thousands of people in his groups that he did not win either of those. He continues to falsely take credit for ending the flu vaccine mandate as well by sharing screenshots of misguided people thanking him for his role in it.

Perhaps the most disturbing post he made was announcing that a 6 year old boy was donating his $2 allowance to the lawsuit GoFundMe, and instead of declining the child’s offer Delaney took his money.


Speaking of accepting donations from a person of limited means for a cause that has no chance of going anywhere…..

Same energy. Except worse because this is allegedly a 6 year old. Hopefully that child is as real as the people who Charlie Baker hired to blow up his house.

Delaney also recently turned on one of his admins for posting the t-shirt fundraiser without his permission, because apparently the t-shirt sales went directly into Vinny’s pockets, and not towards the foundation.


Then out of nowhere Delaney announced that the lawsuit was NOT a class action, since a class action is free and he was trying to raise $500K. Instead the money would be going towards a series of never ending lawsuits related to government restrictions.


This despite the fact that the group was literally called “No Jab USA Class Action,” and he called it a class action dozens of times.

Over the weekend Delaney announced that he would be doing a 24 hour cycling marathon on a stationary bike at Planet Fitness in Florida to raise the $500K.

However, in case you can’t tell from his voice Vinny is a chain smoker and is probably the last person to try to do something like this, so it ended early, he went to the hospital, and the fundraiser’s goal was lowered to $100,000.

Because $500K was a completely arbitrary number to begin with, and Vincent Delaney is the last person who should be promoting health. During the Shiva interview people noticed that snot was coming out of his nose and that he was a chain smoker, which contradicts Shiva’s slogan of “truth, freedom, and health.”


Delaney admits that he only works four hours a day, due to all of the stress that comes his way from running online fundraisers, filing lawsuits that go nowhere, and hiding out in Florida from Governor Baker’s thugs who apparently are too afraid to cross state lines in order to find him.

I reached out to Vincent Delaney for comment on this story and spoke to him on the phone about it. He told me that he would get me receipts in a week, but when I asked how it was going he began to deflect by accusing me of defrauding my readers

The cause that Vincent Delaney is fighting for is a noble one, but he is the wrong leader for it. He’s clearly not an intelligent person, and is far from transparent. He has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and now wants to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars more. He hasn’t produced a thing for all this money, aside from some lawyers making money on cases that go nowhere, but takes credit for ending the flu vaccine mandate. The question is, what did he do with all that money? Tens of thousands of dollars are unaccounted for, and he refuses to show where any of it went. Meanwhile he’s thrown himself a wedding and moved to Florida while not working much at all. This is potential fraud on a massive scale, and the Attorney General’s Office in Florida and Massachusetts should be looking into it.



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