Dedham Elementary School Principal Explains To 2nd Grade Students That Their Classmate Is Non-Binary, Uses They/Them Pronouns, Without Consulting Parents


This is Oakdale Elementary School Principal (Dedham) Kimberly Hermesch.

This is the same school district currently being sued in federal court for firing the high school football coach because he expressed opposition to critical race theory being pushed on his 7th grade daughter in class. Now they’re forcing transgenderism on 2nd graders, as was evidenced when Principal Hermesch sent out an email to parents of 2nd grade students, letting them know that she had personally spoken to their class about a fellow student becoming “non-binary.”

This is coached. Seven year olds don’t just say they’re “non-binary.” They’re influenced to be this way by activist parents. If your 7 year old tells you they’re non-binary you’d be a fool to take them seriously. This is a confused young girl who’s being psychologically abused by her parents and the school, and they should all be in jail for it.

More importantly, why is the school having a conversation like this with children without consulting their parents? This is a discussion parents should have with their kids, instead of an ideologue reading them BLT-123 propaganda. What happens if the student decides they’re something different next week? Why are kids being taught this in school instead of learning math, science, English, and social studies? What is more important for the long term sustainability of our country?

“they do not identify as male or female, rather they feel comfortable somewhere in the middle.”

Translation – we’re just kind of making this up as we go along and listening to the delusions of a 7 year old.

“They are using they/them pronouns.”

This is an age when children are being taught how to write sentences and use correct grammar, and the adults in their lives are teaching them the opposite.

“She is a really good student.”

“They is a really good student.”

That’s not English. But who cares about kids being confused by new rules of grammar. Just shut up and embrace it.

She also met with the class to explain to them that “this student does not feel like a girl or a boy, but something in between.”

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Who cares what they feel like? My son feels like an astronaut but I’m not sending a 3 year old to the moon.

And how do you “feel like a boy” if you can’t even define what a boy is? If you “feel” like a boy then please explain what exactly a boy is. You can’t do that without saying, “a boy is someone who has a penis and XY chromosomes,” at which point this whole ridiculous transgender narrative falls apart. Ask someone a transgender activist this and see what they reply with. Usually it’s “a woman is someone who feels like a woman,” because they can’t actually define what it is they feel like. Woman and man no longer have a definition, so what exactly are you identifying as?

She then read a book called “Red, A Crayon’s Story” to the class in order to explain what was happening.

Except this is the opposite of trangenderism. In this case the crayon is scientifically blue, it just calls itself red by putting a red piece of paper around it, but it’s still a blue crayon. Much like a girl who dresses like a boy is still scientifically a girl. The way we present ourselves does not change who we are when we take off our clothing. This principal literally debunked transgenderism without realizing it, but I’m sure she smiled and felt really good about herself in the process. That’s what’s really important. The true identity of the color was always blue, not red. Just as much as this 7 year old girl’s true identity will always be a girl.

The only thing less legitimate than being transgender is being “non-binary.” What would this book look like if it was non-binary propaganda? The blue crayon feels like an orange crayon some days, purple crayons other days, and yellow crayons every other Monday? Cool story. Now what color comes out when someone draws with it?


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