Dedham Gender Consultant Blames Football Coach They Fired For Opposing Critical Race Theory In Schools, Failing To Denounce “White Supremacist Extremist” TB Daily News Blog


This is Jessica Porter from Dedham.

She’s a planning board member, gender scholar, gender consultant, former Harvard Business School research project manager, craft beer enthusiast, and a suspected white nationalist.

Here she is marching through the streets without a car in the world, along with her entirely white group of friends.


Last week we published a blog out of Dedham about football Coach Dave Flynn after he was fired from his position for advocating on behalf of his daughter after she was being force fed BLM propaganda by her 7th grade teacher, who used a BLM bitmoji character to teach remotely.

Jessica is an elected leader in town who has ties to the School Committee and took to her Facebook page today to blame the coach for advocating for his daughter, along with tying him to white supremacists and defaming TB Daily News for writing about it.

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1. He was fired. You can call it “non-renewal” of his contract, but that’s just codeword for fired.

2. Multiple attorneys have reached out to me about this. It’s going to court if they want it to. They have a very strong case since his contract was not renewed due to his advocacy for his daughter, which had nothing to do with the job he did coaching the football team.

3. The email she’s referencing, which he wrote to the School Committee after the superintendent told him that his concerns would not be listened to, does not “go beyond expressing an opinion.” I have seen it and read it. Its a well written email from a concerned parent. But the message the district is sending with this is clear – if you disagree with the divisive critical race theory being imposed on your children in the schools, you should probably just shut up and keep it to yourself. Especially if you work in the district.

4. She objected to his objection to socialism by pulling this sentence out of the email – He took issue with the DPS commitment to racial equity, saying “equity is a word used by socialists.” 

But here’s what Flynn actually wrote in context.

He (the superintendent) then started on about how Dedham Schools must be committed to being more involved with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  I asked him to think about changing the word equity to  equality. This is one of the many issues I have with BLM.  Equity is not humanly possible.  Equity means that people will all be the same.  Equity means that if one person has a job, another person can have that job too. This will never happen.  People are individuals.  No two people can ever be the same.  But, Equality means that everyone has the same opportunities as each other to reach their goals.  Equity is a word used by socialists.

Everything he said there was true. Kamala Harris said the exact same thing in this video while running for office, explaining the difference between equity and equality.

Kamala Harris: “Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place.”

Coach Flynn: “Equity means that people will all be the same. Equity means that if one person has a job, another person can have that job too.”

Equity is the basis of socialism – everyone gets paid the same. Parents have every right to voice their concerns about public schools when they begin to force socialism down their throats.


5. The coach was absolutely correct to point out that the teacher sharing cartoons like this in class is “starting the process of divisions that leads to civil unrest.”

That cartoon is filled with racist stereotypes that teaches kids how to be racist and judge other people based on the color of their skin. This divides us along racial and ideological lines. It upsets and angers people. A suspected white nationalist like Jessica Porter would not object to this, but as a parent Dave Flynn has every right to express that opinion.

6. He did not sign the email “as a coach.” His email automatically includes his bio at the end, as most emails do.

What she said about Turtleboy was a classic deflection and is exactly what a white supremacist would say:

“picked up and amplified by an extremist blog, and some folks on that site and Facebook sites have encouraged harassment of a teacher and administrators. I have not seen Coach Flynn or his supporters renounce that site nor the white supremacists who are championing his cause.”

Extremist blog? Extremely truthful? Maybe. Extremely inconvenient for elitists and suspected white nationalists like Jessica Porter? Definitely. This is what they do when confronted with facts and logic – label their opponents in an attempt to discredit them. The fact of the matter is that no one on Turtleboy or on our Facebook page ever encouraged harassment of the teacher or administrators. We simply urged people to respectfully write emails to share their concern about this divisive sort of brainwashing being imposed on children at the taxpayer’s expense.

Most importantly, not a single “white supremacist” was championing the cause of Coach Flynn. Not one. If she had one she would name them, but she’s a dishonest liar who thinks she can get away with libelous statements like this because no one has ever called her out on it.  This is yet another example of why laws that give the government the power to surveil and spy on “domestic terrorists” and “white supremacists” are dangerous. Because people like Jessica Porter are the ones who get to define what white supremacists are – anyone they disagree with.

If a “white supremacist” did support the coach it’s not his job to denounce them either. That blog was read close to 100,000 times. He does not have to verify each and every person who shared it to make sure they’re not a racist. I’ve yet to hear Jessica Porter denounce pedophiles. I can only assume at this point she supports pedophilia.

I hope Coach Flynn sues the district to get his job back. They were foolish enough to put it in writing that his termination had nothing to do with his job performance and everything to do with his ideology. The community and the kids are clearly behind him, as is TB.


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