Didi Delgado Disinvited As Guest At Friend’s Non-Profit Per Request Of Mayor Walsh’s Office After Violence-Inducing Posts Surface


Monica Cannon-Grant, a Boston activist who runs the Violence In Boston INC non-profit, has responded to the blog we published yesterday about her upcoming event featuring both Mayor Marty Walsh and race-baiting unemployed scam artist Didi Delgado.

Isn’t it funny how quickly best friends will sell each other out once money is involved? When you’re running a non-profit and attempting to establish an aura of legitimacy, it’s generally not a good idea to associate yourself with people who force white women to pay them reparations, evade paying taxes, and write articles urging people to punch cops, spit in their food, and kill their rich white uncles.

Lots of turtle riders contacted the Mayor’s office and WRKO morning show host Jeff Kuhner blasted her on his show yesterday morning. Clearly the Mayor’s office responded to to this by telling Cannon-Grant that Didi Delgado had to go. And instead of standing up for her good friend, who she is ideologically in agreement with, she threw her out like day old Mac and Cheese.

Monica suggests that people only raised an issue with Didi’s presence because she’s a “black queer woman.” But believe it or not you can be gay, female, and black, and still choose not to urge people to spit in police officer’s food. It’s just not a good look for the Mayor of Boston to associate with people like that. Ultimately you chose the optics that would make a white male feel comfortable, over a black queer woman. Money is the only thing that has ever mattered.

Marty Walsh still should not be associating with Monica Cannon-Grant either. She’s basically a more presentable version of Didi Delgado. This is a woman who is best friends with Delgado and recently deleted a Facebook Live the two of them did together in which Monica said the following:

“Let’s have a conversation about these white boys. Let’s talk about about these white people. I wanna talk about the white people because, f*** you, f*** you, f*** you, f*** your feelings. F*** all the things.”

Monica also once organized an online mob of millions that sent death threats to an elementary school teacher in Bridgewater and her students, after she blatantly lied about what this picture depicted:

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It was a demonstration that the Plymouth Plantation re-enactors put on routinely, showing how the Pilgrims taught their children how to walk with tethering devices. They do this demonstration with white children all the time.

In Bridgewater the little black girl volunteered, and the teacher could’ve chosen to, a) discriminate against the child and tell her that no black kids are allowed to participate in demonstrations out of fear that a bully like Monica Cannon-Grant might send a mob after the school, or b) let a happy kid do something fun. She chose not to discriminate and this was the result:

Monica’s Twitter handle is @ProRockThrower, which also seems to indicate that she advocates for violence.

Monica Cannon-Grant is trying to clean up her act so she can look presentable to suits like Marty Walsh and all these other dignitaries attending the ribbon cutting. At the end of the day she’s a race-baiting scammer just like Didi, and appearing alongside her is just as bad as appearing with Didi.


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