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Digging Up 7 Year Old Tweets To Destroy Heroes Who Raise $1 Million For Children’s Hospitals Is Why The Mainstream Media Is The Enemy Of The American People


Two weekends ago Carson King became Internet famous for holding up a sign asking people to send him beer money on College Game Day at Iowa State.

The gag made him over $40,000, and he could’ve kept it all, but instead he donated to a children’s hospital. Anheuser-Busch and Venmo jumped on board with matching contributions, the fundraiser went on for over a week, and they raised more than $1 million.

Great thing right? Not so fast.

The Des Moines Register newspaper saw this and realized that Carson King had to be destroyed. A reporter named Aaron Calvin, who couldn’t hack it at Buzzfeed, was assigned the story. But instead of writing about the world of good that Carson King was inspiring, he decided to go through Carson’s old tweets, because that’s what reporters do now.

SourceIowa’s largest newspaper is in the middle of a firestorm after publishing a report that dug up old, offensive tweets from a local man who raised over $1 million he then donated to charity.

A piece published by the Des Moines Register profiled a 24-year-old Iowan native, Carson King, who became a TV sensation last weekend after he held up a sign at a football game asking people to donate money to him. He requested that they donate the funds through Venmo so he could buy his “supply” of Busch Light. King went on to raise more than $1 million and donated the money to the University of Iowa’s Stead Children’s Hospital. Busch Light and Venmo pledged to match King’s fundraising efforts.

The newspaper report, however, included a “routine background check” of King’s social media history. Register reporter Aaron Calvin came across two racist jokes that dated back to 2012 when King was a 16-year-old high school student, “one comparing black mothers to gorillas and another making light of black people killed in the Holocaust.”

King was asked about the tweets and immediately expressed remorse.

“That’s not something that I’m proud of at all,” King told the Register on Tuesday.

He appeared on local TV stations to apologize and said, “I am embarrassed and stunned to reflect on what I thought was funny when I was 16 years old.” In light of the tweets, Busch Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, announced that it was severing ties with King but promised to honor its pledge.

After the piece was published Tuesday evening, critics slammed the Register for digging up the tweets. The Register’s Executive Editor Carol Hunter issued a statement responding to the backlash and shed some light on the internal discussion about whether to include details about King’s social media posts.

“Should that material be included in the profile at all? The jokes were highly inappropriate and were public posts. Shouldn’t that be acknowledged to all the people who had donated money to King’s cause or were planning to do so?” Hunter wrote.

Hunter went on to defend the paper’s decision to include such information, noting that it was toward the bottom of the profile and not placed prominently at the top.

The Des Moines Register is getting destroyed for this, and rightfully so. But an even bigger problem, and one that isn’t discussed enough, is that Anheuser-Busch immediately cut ties with this poor kid because of 7 year old tweets that a reporter brought up in bad faith. Social justice warriors are going to do stuff like this because it’s what they’ve been trained to do. Companies need to stop giving into them. If you advertise with Fox News and a bunch of activists harass you because of that, you don’t have to stop advertising on Fox News. That’s how they win. This kid just gave cheap college beer, most associated with binge drinking and date rape, the most free advertising they’ve ever gotten. And it’s all because of this kid. Naturally they threw him under the bus, because corporations are just as gutless as the the people who harass them.

This is the lowest thing I’ve ever seen the mainstream media do. You have to be truly deranged to see this apolitical college student raising all this money for kids, and decide that you are going to destroy them. To make matters worse the reporter actually found the tweet and brought it to the kid’s attention. He easily could’ve said, “just a heads up, but you might want to take this down.” But instead he wanted to make a name for himself in the media and this is how you do that in 2019 – you destroy other people to promote your own brand.

Make no doubt about it – the MSM is the enemy of the American people. They exist to hurt innocent people. They certainly don’t report news, as seven year old tweets are not even remotely relevant to this story, and had no business being researched.

Something else being overlooked is the fact that a media outlet like ours cannot report the name of a 16 year old who gets arrested, and their record gets expunged. But yet media outlets are allowed to name and shame people like this who say dumb things when they’re 16.

Makes sense.

This is the reporter, Aaron Calvin.

People like him are the reasons newspapers are dying. They think going through old tweets is reporting. Of course he probably learned that while working for Buzzfeed.

Before they cut the fat and he signed on with a midwestern newspaper that no one outside of Iowa cares about.

Calvin is far from the only one to blame here. They admitted in their letter defending the smear job that this was a group decision that a bunch of adults sat down and agreed upon.

This is Executive Director Carol Hunter.

This woman is in charge of deciding what is and isn’t news. Let that sink in. She looks like she’s old enough to have been Chuck Grassley’s babysitter, which means she grew up back when racism was socially acceptable. I’m willing to be that she’s said plenty of racist things in her life, she just didn’t have a Twitter account so she gets spared.

The press release explaining why they chose to smear this kid is so tone deaf too.

“He did a routine background check on King that included a review of publicly visible social media posts, a standard part of a reporter’s work on a profile.”

The fact that modern day journalists think a reporter’s “routine” duties include doing a full audit on everything you’ve ever said on social media, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the story at hand, is everything that is wrong with the mainstream media. They are the enemy of the people, and they exist to specifically go after anyone successful, temporarily famous, and preferably young white straight males. How many Covington’s do you need to see before you realize this? They are not here to report the news, they are here to hurt people.

Shouldn’t that be acknowledged to all the people who had donated money to King’s cause or were planning to do so?

Why would any donor to a children’s hospital possibly care about a 7 year old tweet that this selfless kid made when he was a minor? Not a single person would take their money back after knowing this.

“Calvin asked about them and he expressed deep regret.”

The way they scared this kid into apologizing is just sad to watch. What’s even worse is that Calvin and Carol are enjoying it. He retweeted the kid’s apology before gutlessly making his own account private. When are colleges going to start protecting their students? If a media outlet attacks a kid like this they need to respond by taking away press credentials for football and basketball. They’d stop doing it immediately.

“Editors decided we would include the information, but at the bottom of the story.”

The fact that they somehow think this makes it better is mind boggling. Like that’s not going to be the first excerpt everyone runs with because they hid it at the bottom.

It’s patently unfair that everyone who grew up with social media is held to a different standard now from everyone else. Sixteen year old boys say and do stupid things. Sometimes they repeat racist jokes. There isn’t a public school graduate reading this right now who didn’t hear one of their friends make a racist joke in school. This doesn’t make them racist, it makes them teenagers trying to be edgy when the teacher isn’t around. The difference is that our generation didn’t have Twitter, and these kids have no idea that the things they tweet as children can destroy them as adults.

But this story has a silver lining – it turns out Aaron Calvin has some controversial tweets too. For instance, he likes the n word.

He thinks jokes about reading sex scenes to children.

He doesn’t like the police.

And he’s mad that he’s not allowed to use the n word, even though he uses the n word all the time.

You hate to see it, you really do. The guy who goes through your tweets for a living forgot to go through his own. Then he gutlessly went private which prevented other people from digging more. If you go private with a blue checkmark then you should lose your blue checkmark. Also, if you work at the Des Moines Register and have 2,000 followers you shouldn’t have a blue checkmark in the first place.

Calvin actually pinned the statement from the Des Moines Register at the top of his profile, retweeted the kid’s forced apology, and then bowed his head in shame and issued his own apology.

Just hours after they issued the press release they said that Aaron Calvin was now under investigation.

The fact that the newspaper does a more thorough background search on good samaritans who raise $1 million for charity than they do for their own employees, is exactly why they are so evil.


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