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Dighton Selectman Calls Cops On School Committee Member Over Offhand Remark He Calls A “Threat”


Taunton GazetteSelectman Brett Zografos is “demanding” the resignation of a Dighton-Rehoboth School Committee member. In a Wednesday post on his official Facebook page, Zografos alleged that D-R School Committee member Richard Barrett threatened to run him over with his car during budget discussions at Tuesday night’s school committee meeting. Zografos said that he submitted a statement about the alleged incident to the Dighton Police Department and sent emails to School Committee Chairperson Katherine Cooper and D-R Superintendent Anthony Azar demanding “immediate action” against Barrett.

“At the very least, (Azar and Cooper) should demand his resignation from the School Committee. His behavior is clearly unbecoming of a public official and this insanity must end,” Zografos wrote in his post.

Zografos – who attended the meeting as a member of the public – said that Barrett’s alleged threat against him was “caught on camera” and was made in the presence of other school committee members and administrators from the district’s central office. He also said that another member of the public who was present at the meeting came with him to the police department to file a witness affidavit. Zografos, who posted the same status to multiple local Facebook groups, also said that Barrett works as a bus driver for the school district.

“The most horrifying part of this incident is that Mr. Barrett, a clear danger behind the wheel to anyone’s safety, drives/drove school buses, transporting children in Rehoboth to and from school,” Zografos wrote.

The school district cannot function with individuals like Mr. Barrett not only threatening residents and members of the public, but the fact that he sleeps through the meetings, his constant obstructionism, lack of support for the schools, educators, and students in general, and his clear lack of respect for the people he was elected to represent. In his post, Zografos further urged community members to “join him” in “demanding” Barrett’s resignation by emailing Azar, Barrett and Cooper.

Wow, things are really heating up in Dighton! Must’ve been pretty serious if this guy felt the need to call the cops on a School Committee member and then demand his resignation. Let’s watch the tape:

The Geneva Convention has officially outlawed forcing prisoners to listen to this man’s voice because it’s a form of torture.

Just to review, this is what the Dighton Police had to waste their time with:

Banana Pony: “I’ve done a lot more than you have, I’m awake.”

School Committee Dude: “So am I.”

Banana Pony: “Oh yea? You better be because you gotta drive home now.”

School Committee Dude: “Don’t get in front of me or I might run you over.”

Banana Pony: “Oh, how nice. You have a member of the School Committee now making threats. This man is unhinged.”

Oh yea, the guy who was sitting at the table listening to the Chinese water torture that is your voice, is the one who is unhinged. Not you, for freaking out, causing a scene, and then filing a FREAKING police report over an off-hand, obviously joking remark, about accidentally running you over. Ya know, because YOU SUGGESTED he would fall asleep at the wheel, and he mocked you for that by urging you not to get in front of his car. Because according to you he’d fall asleep.

He was mocking this guy because the man, who is obviously much older than him, isn’t as youthful and peppy as he is. The guy probably sits at meetings, doesn’t say much, and votes no a lot. Naturally then he had to be mocked by the lunatic, and when he responded the nutjob ran to the cops and cried about it.

Selectman Banana Pony isn’t just a regular selectman….

….he’s the cool selectman. Master of the ribbon cutting.

But hey, that’s just the way things work now. He’s following the lead of brilliant thinkers like AOC and Ilhan Omar who say insane things, get blowback for it, and then whine that their life is in danger.

If he actually considered that a threat, then he is a child who shouldn’t leave the house without a helmet on. Of course he doesn’t really consider it a threat, he’s just an overly dramatic naniburger who’s addicted to small town attention, and desperately wants to be a victim.


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