Disabled Nonverbal Man Banned From Davis Farmland In Sterling For Being Too Old, Urged To Find Child In Parking Lot To Sneak In With


Davis Farmland is a popular petting zoo for kids in Sterling. It has farm animals, alligators, water games, jumpy houses, corn mazes, and has featured celebrities like David Ortiz. I’ve been there many times, and it’s a good way to kill a day with the kids.

But apparently they are run by people who have no concept whatsoever of PR, because a local mother is alleging that they wouldn’t let her disabled, nonverbal son in due to the fact that he was too old.

I understand the desire to keep out pedophiles, but clearly an exception to the “you must have a kid under the age of 12 with you” rule could be made in circumstances like this one. However, if they really told this woman to find another family in the parking lot with a kid under the age of 12, pretend to be with them, and get in that way, it completely defeats the purpose of even having that rule. The “rules are rules” people are some of the dumbest people on the planet, because they’re incapable of critical thinking in situations like this.

Normally I’m skeptical of any viral Facebook story without getting confirmation from the other side. I’d usually call up Davis Farmland and ask for comment, but luckily they took care of that for me.

“This policy applies to everyone regardless of age, physical/cognitive abilities, race, or gender.”

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Are they stupid? They’re really comparing race to mental and physical disabilities? As if a 21 year old black man and a 21 year old non-verbal man in a wheelchair are somehow comparable. How tone deaf can you be?

The correct answer in a situation like this, if you’re at all concerned about not destroying your own business, is “we can amend our dumb rule to allow disabled adults of any age.” Because they don’t have the cognitive or physical abilities of adults their age. They’ve also been dealt an unfair hand in life, and all this poor man wants to do is pet goats, and these soulless vagabonds made him cry.


Everyone is piling on Davis Farmland and rightfully so. Everyone except for this simpleton.

No moron, their hands are not tied. No, this will not lead to lawsuits or open up any doors. They just say they were wrong, announce that this age rule does not apply to the mentally disabled community, and move on.

I’m even more blown away by the fact that they not only lied about this man having a great day at Davis Farmland, but thought it would be wise to say that “this 21 year old nonverbal, nonmobile man arranged to comply with this rule and then enjoyed visiting the farm.”

They really couldn’t even say his name. They just referred to him as a 21 year old nonverbal, nonmobile man. This is EXACTLY how you sabotage a business that prior to this had a great reputation in the community.

Newsflash – he didn’t arrange anything because he’s not mentally or physically capable of “arranging” that, you morons. And even if he did, what you are publicly admitting in this horribly put together statement, is that you are encouraging any potential child molester to pretend to be with another family in order to gain entrance.  Or, a diddler can bring a child they’re currently abusing and use them as bait to attract more kids. That’s how stupid and useless your rule is.

Here’s another question about your rule – why would you allow three adults to purchase tickets without also purchasing a ticket for a kid? Didn’t think of that one, did ya?

Then these nudniks copy and pasted that answer to the hundreds of people who have flooded their Facebook page, including to the turtle rider who is literally on every viral post I get tagged in.

Pro tip – when something like this happens, just say you made a mistake and offer to let the guy come back for free. The spirit of your rule is to protect kids from creepy adults. Clearly Austin is not a creepy man, and this has exposed a fundamental problem with your rule. Adjust and move on. It’s really that simple. Plus, they don’t mind discriminating based on your profession.

All respect to healthcare workers, cops, firefighters, CO’s, and active military, but teachers, sanitation workers, the people who keep our electricity on, small business owners, and pretty everyone else in society with a job has some sort of value too. That’s one thing the lockdowns have taught me – the concept of some people being more essential than others is discriminatory nonsense. 

Anyway, I’m so sorry this happened. Davis Farmland rightly wants to honor first responders because they are selfless and noble. But who’s more selfless than a parent who signs up for a lifetime of taking care of a developmentally challenged child? A lot of people in a situation like this might choose to terminate the pregnancy, but Kelley Foley heroically chose life instead. Every day is a struggle not only for people like Austin, but for their families as well. And this is how they get treated. I will never go to Davis Farmland again unless they change their policy and find a way to make this right.


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