Dorchester’s Finest Can’t Get By Goal Line Defense With 15 Coats At Giblees In Danvers, Forgot That Rachael Rollins Can’t Drop Charges If It’s Not Suffolk County


An upscale Danvers coat store called Giblees was robbed over the holidays by five Boston residents who never should’ve been allowed to leave Dorchester.

You have to give it to the employees. They immediately knew what was going on and instinctively rushed to block the exit. Their goal line defense was way better than the Jets, and the criminals only got away with one coat. Watching them cry in court was oh so satisfying too.

Like I stated, all five of the defendants were from Boston.

Adriana James, 23, of Jamaica Plain, Bryon Vaughn, 23, of Dorchester, Mekeda McKenzie, 19, of Dorchester, Kashawnii Roumo-O’Brien, 20, of Mattapan, and Lynasja Trimble, 20, of Mattapan were scheduled to be arraigned in Salem District Court Friday.

Did these criminal geniuses think that Danvers was part of Suffolk County? Because it’s part of Essex County, a place where the law is actually enforced. If only these winners had committed the same crime somewhere in Suffolk County (where Boston is) then the charges would be dropped by now. That’s because DA Rachael Rollins included shoplifting as one of the 15 “non violent” crimes her office would not be prosecuting.

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Shoplifting is legal in Boston because…..bail is racist…or something. I don’t know, I can’t keep up now that we had to lay off our diversity consultant.

Mekeda McKenzie and Adriana James are the only two I could find on the Facebook machine, and they are everything you imagined two snatch and run coat thieves from Dorchester would be and more.

Keda is a 19 year old who seems to have a picture of a young crotch fruit all over her Facebook page.

Not sure if she’s a mother, but since she’s 19 and lives in Dorchester she’s overdue for a raw dog trophy.

Keda has nothing on Adriana James though, who appears to be queen of the housing projects. She exclusively takes glamour shouts outside of the finest Section 8 slums Boston has to offer.

That is the face of a woman who doesn’t know how to act when she’s not in Jamaica Plain.

Her posts sound like what the inside of fortune cookies would say if they served them at Denny’s.

She posts a lot about “getting that money.”


But I guess it’s not enough money to buy a coat, because she had to pack up her keester in a Honda Civic and drive to Danvers to steal one, and couldn’t even figure out how to do that right.

The bottom line is that although this wasn’t Suffolk County, this is still the ideal voting base that Rachael Rollins caters to. She believes that criminals get “caught in the system,” because the system is too punitive. In reality we don’t lock up nearly enough people as it is, and degenerates like these view it as a green light to steal from people and assault store employees who are trying to protect their property. Glad to see the owner call Rollins out by name in the Boston Herald.


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