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Dozens Of Women Allege Army Recruiter Jason Duffy Groomed, Sexually Assaulted And Harassed Them In High School And After

Editor’s Note: We discussed this topic on the Live Show (10:15). There was also an update to the story.

Update – Jason Duffy has been discharged from the Army as a result of allegations outlined in this blog.

This is Jason Duffy from Sturbridge (originally Millville).

He’s an army recruiter who’s been in high schools in the Central and Western MA region for several years now, and he’s evidently made quite a name for himself. Yesterday a woman who who graduated from Bay Path Vocational High School in Charlton in 2021 made a Facebook post alleging that he began to sexually harass her online after she graduated. According to her she never spoke to him once when she was a student, but he added her friends on social media, which she thought was weird. She said that the second she graduated he told her that she looked like one of those “kinky little girls,” sent naked pictures and videos of himself, and said that he wanted to have sex with her while she was pregnant. Although she never did anything with him sexually, she claims that other girls she know did, and that they’re now coming forward.

Kali told us that Jason tried adding her on Snapchat when she was 16, which was his primary communication method with young girls. Conveniently this is an app that makes messages disappear shortly after they are sent, and alerts the sender when the receiving party takes a screenshot. It’s bizarre and inappropriate for a recruiter to be using it with young girls at all.

Kali was determined to expose him because she was disgusted with the way he treated not only her, but her friends. So she began to try to bait him on Instagram so she could screenshot his messages. He initially told her to go to his Snapchat.


She asked him if he was going to wish her a happy birthday, to which he replied “I don’t give free attention.” She took this to mean that he expected naked pictures from her. He then invited her over his house, but deleted the message after she turned him down.

However, he did tell her that she wasn’t his girl “yet,” and hadn’t reached “side chick” status yet.

He likely used Snapchat by design because he clearly was on edge and didn’t want his messages being screenshotted. This leaves us with a lack of evidence to prove much of what she’s alleging here. However, her post was shared hundreds of times, including by other young girls who claim that they were groomed and sexually harassed as young as 9th grade.

If any of these women have evidence of this they are free to message us on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, IG at Turtleboy_Daily_News, Twitter @Doctorturtleboy, or email [email protected].

A young woman named Katelyn who graduated from Bay Path in 2018 reached out to us and alleged that he sexually assaulted her after requesting her on Snapchat while she was a student.

In November 2018 i was just barely 17 when he picked me up from my friends house and took me to his house. I said yes to going to his house, then there he sexually assaulted me after saying no multiple times. He then sent me home in an Uber at 2am. He would save pictures of me I sent to his him, and threaten me with them. When i confronted him years ago he acted like it never happened. It kills me knowing the military will protect him and he’s been doing this for years now. I wish i had more proof to give but i didn’t save anything from back then. 

Because this was mostly done on Snapchat, and the girls felt their schools weren’t going to do anything about him due to the power dynamic, most of the women we spoke didn’t bother pursuing it. However, one woman who graduated from Tantasqua was able to find pictures she took of her phone (no screenshot notification), showing Jason Duffy messaging her graphic sexual things while she was a student. He claimed to have a red room in which he would be choking her until she was blue in the face, while spitting in her mouth and putting toys inside of her.

In another message he said that college guys would bore her after high school if she had rough kink sex with him.

We reached out to Jason Duffy for comment on Facebook and requested to follow him on IG, but have not heard back. He is free to message us back, as are any other women who have had similar experiences with him.

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