Recruiter Discharged From Army After Dozens Of Women Allege Sexual Misconduct And Grooming As Students Says He Is Being Framed


Editor’s Note: We will be discussing this topic on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM, and at least one of the victims says she is going to join us. If any other victims would like to they can reach out to us on IG at Turtleboy_Daily_News, on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or by emailing [email protected]. Jason says he is willing to come on, but only on Tuesday because he is busy tonight. Tune in at 9 and subscribe to our channel by clicking here.

Story was discussed at 10:15 mark.

Earlier in the week we published a blog about a high school army recruiter named Jason Duffy from Sturbridge, after dozens of girls accused him of misconduct, ranging from inappropriate messaging to sexual assault. Several more have reached out since then, including someone from the Army who informed us that he was discharged from the army in September after being found guilty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice:

Good evening Sir. Hope everything is going well. I recently read this article and the post that was shared by the young female. According to the article, he is an army recruiter and the Army have never done anything about what he’s been doing to this young women. I’m here to provide you with some information.

Mr. Duffy went under investigations for predatory behavior. From the moment the allegations that took place between 2018-2019 and investigations started in 2020, he was placed on suspension and all electronics were removed. After the investigations concluded, Mr. Duffy was founded guilty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and discharge from the Army in September 2022 receiving the maximum punishment including rank reduction from E6 (SSG) to E1(PVT), lost of veterans benefits, discharge with an other than honorable and many other punishments. Mr. Duffy is no longer in the Army and unfortunately the Army does not have any jurisdiction on him. We take offenses of this nature very seriously as you can see and yes, we did something about it when this allegations came out. Unfortunately, some of this allegations just came up and there’s nothing we can do anymore. 

This is good news, but if he committed a crime he should be held responsible for that.

We have also heard from several women sharing similar stories, as well Jason himself. We will start with the victims.

Victim 1: 


Victim 2: 


Victim 3: 




Sister of Victim 3: 


Victim 4: 


Victim 5: 


Victim 6 says that he is preying on women at his new job, but one of the latest young girl’s he’s sleeping with got his name and a barcode tattooed on her back:

I really do not want him contacting me ever again. But I was involved with Jason briefly last year. He left army recruiting in 2020 after the pandemic started. He now works for the corporate office of UNFI, a distribution company. He’s still a creep there and used to brag to me about how when the female workers would fail their drug tests he would let them suck his dick to get rid of their positive drug screen. He also used to have a private Instagram account where he would post pictures including nudes of the girls he’s fucked.

I’m not sure if you saw his recent Instagram post from a few days ago but the 19 year old he’s fucking now (and has been for months even tho he’s 30!!!) got a tramp stamp of his name above her ass. He’s absolutely horrible and something needs to be done about it. Thank you for sharing how horrible he truly is.”

There are more in our inbox that keep coming in, but you get the point. Meanwhile, Jason also reached out to us to share his side of the story. He sent me a bunch of the messages I had already posted of his conversations with high school girls on social media. He believes that they prove that he was not the aggressor, but he shouldn’t be talking with high school girls on social media in the first place. I wanted to know why one of his messages said “post unavailable,” since the girl claims it was him inviting her over his house for sex.

He didn’t have much of an answer.

I then asked him why he messaged high school girls on social media apps, instead of emailing or speaking with their parents. He claimed they always messaged him first.

But according to that woman he deletes messages frequently. She screenshotted her notifications of messages, which are now gone.


He tells me that it’s OK for him to use social media to message high school girls because it’s how he has to communicate with potential recruits. Conveniently most of these girls told us he used Snapchat, where the messages disappear. He said he did this because he “became big and went viral,” and that he was taught to message girls on social media because of the No Child Left Behind Act. He actually said that.


Jason says that he doesn’t use Snapchat at all, so how does he explain these messages where he’s telling a high school student that he’s going to insert toys inside of her and choke her until she is blue?

Jason tells us that was someone pretending to be him with a fake account.

Yet here he is on Insagram telling a girl to add him on Snapchat.

He claims he has thousands of spam messages from women alerting him to the fake accounts pretending to be him.

I will share my thoughts on this more on the Live Show tonight at 9 PM. Jason says he is willing to come on, but only on Tuesday because he is busy tonight. However, we hope to speak with some of his alleged victims tonight, so tune in at 9 and subscribe to our channel by clicking here.

Editor’s Note: Story discussed on Live Show at 10:15 mark.



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