Dozens Of Women Come Forward Alleging Serious Sexual Misconduct Against Disc Jam Music Festival Promoter Tony Scavone


This blog contains allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault which were posted publicly on Facebook by the alleged victims on a viral Facebook post that hundreds of thousands of people have seen. The women making the allegations used their real names, but we will be redacting their names in this story. It is implied when you post on Facebook that you are giving up certain amounts of privacy, however, due to the sensitive nature of these particular crimes we are hiding the identities of those who made the claims until they give us permission to show them.

The person they are alleging has victimized them has not been charged with any crimes, but they all publicly used his name and alleged serious misconduct on his part. I believe that criminals have a right to face their accusers, and people who publicly make allegations that can send a man to prison should have to put their name on it.

We are not redacting the names of people alleging non-sexual allegations, or those people who witnessed or were aware of misconduct and posted about it. I, along with Bristol and SSTG have been working on this blog cooperatively in order to put it together. As a man, the lens in which I view sexual assault is naturally different from how a woman might view it, and a story without input from women wouldn’t be a complete story.

Tony Scavone is a Worcester resident, and well known in the community as a music promoter at the Palladium and other venues. He is the owner of A Scavone Production, LLC.

He runs the Disc Jam Musical Festival, which combines music and disc golf since 2011, and has well known bands and vendors there every year. He’s well respected in the Worcester community, and last year was featured on a show with radio hosts Hank Stolz, Michael Bennidetti, and Brendan Melican to talk about Disc Jam, and ways in which people like Scavone are helping to rebuild Worcester as part of its “renaissance.”

It should be noted that Hank Stolz has refused to ever have any representatives of Turtleboy on his show because we are too controversial. Remember that when you read the allegations against Tony Scavone.

Pulse Magazine, owned by political operative and Mayor Joe Petty’s campaign manager Paul Giorgio, heaped praise on him for his role in helping to give the Palladium a “facelift.” It should be noted that Giorgio himself was accused of statutory rape against a young boy, and settled it by paying off the alleged victim. He was also convicted of voter fraud in 2007 and was sentenced to probation. These are the people spearheading the Worcester “renaissance.”

Disc Jam is a 4 night festival of music, camping, and disk golf that costs around $200 to attend. It’s held in Stephentown, NY, right over the border from Hancock, MA, ever June. Adam Straughn from the Huffington Post wrote this column glorifying the event and Scavone.

“Behind the success of Disc Jam is Tony Scavone, a native of Worcester, MA who started event promotion around 2002, and has always been a well-known face in the New England music scene. After he started booking events for his friends at venues like Tammany Hall in Worcester, Tony quickly started taking on more and more events, eventually starting his own festival that recently moved to its new location in Stephentown, NY. Aside from holding a few Disc Jam affiliated events each year, Tony now books events at Electric Haze, also in the Worcester area.”

Other publications have praised Scavone for putting on such a good event, and have described it as family friendly.

“It was a great time thanks to owner/founder Tony Scavone who always seems to know exactly how to appeal to a crowd, no matter how diverse its tastes are.”

“And why should cool parents and their kids never be able to attend the same festival? Not so at Disc Jam ~ once again, there will be a ton of kids’ activities ~ including free face painting, a stilt walker, a children’s art center.”

At this year’s Disc Jam 68 people were arrested, and many attendees blamed Scavone for taking their money, and then setting them up to be arrested, since it’s not exactly a secret that people do drugs at music festivals.

This is the equivalent of the police doing a DUI checkpoint outside of a bar on New Years Eve. Some of the people were arrested for pot, even though just two miles to the east marijuana is completely legalized, and many concert goers were from Massachusetts.

However, behind the scenes for years many have had negative experiences with Scavone, and they began coming forward with serious, credible allegations of misconduct after a New Jersey man named Christian Stack posted this on Facebook.

Stack made this post on June 7, and since his page is public it’s gained a lot of traction as more and more people, primarily women, came forward with their stories about Scavone. It should be pointed out that Scavone has not been charged with a crime, and these are merely allegations. We have reached out to some of the people making these allegations on Facebook, but have only spoken with half a dozen of them. We welcome anyone else who would like to speak on or off the record, anonymously or using their real name, if they’d like to speak more. Additionally, Tony Scavone and anyone supporting him who would like to share their side of the story is more than welcome to do so. Email turtleboysports@gmail.com.

Some of the allegations are more shocking than others. We’ll start with the less egregious, and gradually get to the more serious allegations of sexual misconduct as we continue.

  • Bad business practices.


  • Threatening critics.



  • Retaliatory behavior against people who ask for water at the festival.


  • Telling photographers to take pictures of girls butts, making female bartenders uncomfortable.


  • Hitting on women he had professional business with repeatedly when it was clearly not welcomed.



  • Hitting on much younger girls primarily, many of who had boyfriends.


  • Creepy text messages from him to women, some of which were not returned, but yet he continued to text anyway.


  • An ex-girlfriend alleged that he preyed on her because she had just gotten out of an abusive relationship. She also claimed that she found out that he had been been trying to recruit his neighbor into having a threesome without her knowledge, and that he “compulsively” watched porn on his computer with his son close by. Most disturbingly she said that he stalked her after she ended the relationship, broke into her house because she was ignoring his phone calls, and she woke up with him standing over her.


  • Several women and men allege that he has retaliated against women who chose not to sleep with him, and told them that having sex with him would help advance their careers.


  • Some women allege that they were put in a position where they felt like they had to put up with sexual harassment in order to get gigs because he’s a powerful person in the industry.


  • More than one alleged unsolicited “dick pics.”

I’m not going to post the pictures here, because then it would be x-rated. However, the images are out there, and if you’re going to send unsolicited pictures like that you should probably make sure it’s something worth showing off.


  • One woman alleged that he preyed on her because of her issues with addiction.

Defense attorneys in rape cases know that women with substance abuse issues make unconvincing witnesses at trial.


  • One woman alleged that she denied more of his sexual advances after he choked her while they began to be intimate, and as a result she was not given promised stage access. She said that others in the industry covered up for him when she told her story because “Tony is creepy but you just kind of tolerate him.”


  • Another ex-girlfriend told a chilling story about how he was driving back to the hotel with her, saw two inebriated girls walking on the road, attempted to use his ex in order to solicit the two other girls to have sex with them, and then left his girlfriend on the side of the road when she told him that the girls were too drunk to consent. She alleges that he then came back to pick her up and told her that if she did not have sex with him that she would have to find her own way home (he brought her there). Feeling like she had no choice she submitted to him as “tears poured down my face,” and he choked, spit on, and degraded her during sex. This same woman alleges that he does this frequently with young, drunk girls, and that one time he broke into her house while she was sleeping, and when she woke up he was already inside of her. She claims that when she forced him off of her he told her, “That’s what you get for being bad.”  She also claimed that he repeatedly told her to perform oral sex on him or she wouldn’t be given a ride home. The final straw for her was when he sliced open her mattress and convertible top after an argument.


  • Many women have come forward with allegations that he penetrated them while they were sleeping. One story is from April 25, 2003, and contains many details indicating that this is an emotional scar she will never get over.


  • A common them from these women is that they were urged by others in the music festival scene industry not to report Scavone, but now feel vindicated since so many women have come forward.


  • People in the industry said that they knew he had a reputation for being scummy with vendors, but that the Worcester community as a whole had no idea that he was an alleged sexual predator.


  • Since these allegations have been levied many bands and venues have disassociated themselves with Scavone.


  • Scavone made a brief appearance on the post in a vain attempt to defend himself, but ended up taking down both his personal Facebook page and the Disc Jam Facebook page shortly after the accusations started rolling in.

We will keep you updated with this story if any more information comes out.



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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Dude is a fucking gossip columnist, and he wonders why larger publications aren’t willing to dumb down their hard work through associating themselves with his trashing of anyone that disagrees with him. He’s a fucking loser for publicly calling people out the way he does. You’re not a journalist. You’re a fucking chump. This is in no way defending that piece of shit Tony, but rather what you’ve done to Amanda and Adam. You’re a straight up piece of shit. Consider changing your stupid fucking name to Turtlehead Boy News. Fucking jitbag… Acting like you’re Anderson Cooper, but you’re just a lazy cocksocket that wants to be famous for your efforts, but they’re shitty efforts… you’re a fucking tool that is getting laughed at by the actual associated press.

    1. Anonymous (explains allot), the TBS dude could care less about fame. Survival yes, due to getting clipped in the wallet, but I’ve followed TBS for 3 years now. He always, and I mean always, touts and returns to the main goals. Facts, truth, and First Amendment rights. Do I like everything written, no of course not, anyone tells you they do is lying. But getting the gist, that this society is so warped, and even the most mundane actions can literally be a sign of such incredulous trends to preposterous proportions that it is eating away of the fabric of our nation. What TBS is doing, is right, and they are they only ones doing it. GO ahead and make comparisons on projected levels, there’s 10s of 1000s, headed to 100s that believe the overall message. Oh, and guess what, dipshit, do you even know what the Associate Press is? It’s a cooperative of media outlets, you write as if it is CNN or Foxnews, it is not. The AP is not its own entity that would take a position. That statement right there shows just how much of an idiot you are. Outlets support the AP by submitting news, while others pay the AP to derive the work of the collective (gathered by all the other contributing outlets.) Yeah, sure they have an international video news service, but even that falls back on the cooperative. The “whole coop” call themselves the “AP.” By the by, while you project TBS has no status, this article provided PROOF! The links to Boston Globe, Washington Post, Yahoo, Masslive, and other outlets. Right there, reviewing, are cites for 3 different TBS headlining events. The devoted know there are plenty more. So your rant and put down merely makes you look even more idiotic. Do you have a link/cite to “AP laughing at TBS.” Well, we know you can’t, because the cooperative would never issue such a position. Foolish son, you HAVE TO be either Turleboy famous, or someone you know or love is part of the same Ratchet fraternity. As select Turtle Riders would submit, “Bag of Dicks for you !”

  2. She TOLD YOU NOT TO POST HER NAME AND YOU STRAIGHT POSTED HER PIC AND CONVERSATION LIKE A CHILD. Smh… hopefully your little “article” won’t hurt their case in court! You did this for CLICKS AND VIEWS not cause you care

    1. This article is not going to negatively impact a court case. Anyone who thinks otherwise obviously doesn’t know much about the law.

  3. Does not surprise me that Amanda Rivera was so unprfessional and uncooperative, she completely lied about the conversation we had saying I refused to connect her with victims unless she unblocked my boyfriend on social media… not true. For someone who claims to organize something in order for justice to be served she seems very inexperienced and probably not the right person to be doing this. My friend will not come forward with no evidence I would never being her name up with out her permission and i dont know the other person and the fact I was blocked from sharing my story because she told the person to block me is ridiculous and it hurt so thanks for putting her in ththe public eye as well. I hope someone else takes charge in this matter.

  4. Definitely the way to look professional… you supported a scumbag… deal with yourself and get over it…

  5. FUCK YOU for including me in this article. In no way am I glorifying the situation. I am not okay with my name being included in this article. Leave it to the professionals.. This is a trash article and disrespectful

  6. “If you’ve ever used the term “verbally raping,” it’s probably because you have no training or background in sexual assault.”.

    THANK YOU. These women need to be careful about who they can trust with their stories, and someone who doesn’t have the proper training, experience, or education in this field can definitely inflict additional damage.

    I feel for these women but I also don’t understand why anyone hasn’t reported the home invasions yet. That’s an extremely serious felony under Massachusetts state law and prosecution and conviction would get him put away for a good long time. It might also help him develop some empathy for predators who prey on the weak, just by taking a shower in prison.

    Women, you have a right to go to the police after the fact – it doesn’t have to be right when the incident happened. You can file complaints and get restraining orders. You can get the law your side and take him to court to put him away to prevent him from hurting you or anyone else again.

    Because ultimately this guy is a total predator based on the information provided above, and he will strike again.

  7. You are using the sexual assault of dozens of women to get back at your perceived enemies. You are vindictive, childish, and terrible at writing… you’re also unethical in your journalistic approach. You should br ashamed of yourself.

  8. My husband and I told the owner of the electric haze years ago that he raped our friend! She didn’t believe us and then when shit hit the fan denied remembering us telling her. She enjoyed the money coming in from him even tho he was a scumbag

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