Dunkins Employee And Associate Threaten TB With Autistic Gay Mafia And Lawsuits After Alleged Sexual Harassment From Desk Girl


Forrest Smith responded to yesterday’s blog about his seemingly contradictory complaints about Dunkins not paying him hazard pay while also complaining that they’re not open late enough for him to buy a lemon water with a series of videos directed at this author.

“ill factual”

“I hope someone beats the shit out of you because you f***ing deserve it dude for picking on a mentally disabled autistic gay bro. And outing me on your article with my rainbow thing on my picture. You literally outed me in my article. Nobody needs to fucking know that I’m gay. Like, nobody. And you put that picture on your article.”

“You better shut the f*** up before thumb buddy beaths yo ath.”

It’s not every day you get threatened by an unemployed suddenly autistic gay man with a lisp. According to him no one had any idea he was a member of the BLT-123 community prior to the blog. Where would I ever get that idea from?

He did a follow up video.

“So you better watch you ath man cuz you’re picking on someone who has autism so you better f***ing watch it dude. Because…I’m telling you, watch yo back because there’s more of us than you, so you better watch it.”

Well, that’s just great. Now I have the entire autistic gay mafia after me.

For the record, he just started at Dunkins less than two weeks ago and was already voicing his displeasure that they weren’t giving him sick days or hazard pay.

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He’s admitted to spitting in multiple people’s drinks, including his principal from Grafton High School.

He also wants $1,000 a month since he had to register for the draft when he turned 16.

As usual, I offered to let him come on the live show to share his side of the story and express his grievances, but he refused and sent this guy instead.


Alex Cohen came on the live show last night at the 37:30 mark in a vain attempt to make sense and failed miserably.

Axl Foreclose here is apparently in a band or something.

Which is what white males who from the burbs who live on Mom’s couch do when it does’t make sense to pursue a rap career. His music is exactly as awful as you imagined it would be.

My conversation and negotiations with Forrest Smith lasted the entire day and we could not come to a mutual agreement for him to appear on the show. Here are some of the primary reasons it didn’t work out.

  • He said he wanted $1,500 but quickly that rose to $4,000 because even though he’s not working and has nothing to do his “time is money”
  • He accused me of outing him even though he’s openly gay and has gay pride stuff all over his page
  • He doesn’t have any money but he’s hiring an attorney to sue me for hate speech
  • He’s filing a report with the AG
  • He’s upset that I routinely use words that I never use, like fudge packer
  • He’s all of a sudden autistic
  • He wants me to come on his podcast instead
  • I am to blame for mean comments left by anonymous trolls
  • He said I’m homophobic even though my good friend Matty Mo is gay
  • He might get beat up for being gay
  • This is all Trump’s fault
  • I’m a “breeder” which is a term for heterosexual people since we possess the capacity to reproduce and butt play does not
  • He’s oppressed and making a documentary about it
  • He feels unsafe in his house and has armed himself for turtle rider invasion
  • He has a “becheler’s of science” but can’t keep a job at Dunkins
  • Abi sexually harassed him by telling him he was cute when he messaged the Turtle Boy Sports Forever Facebook page


Just another day in the life of the turtle.


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