Thompson Dunkin Donuts Employee Complains He Can’t Collect Unemployment While Still Employed At Dunkin, Demands They Stay Open Later So He Can Buy Lemon Water


Update – Forrest Smith is now suing us for sexual harassment. Click here to read about it.

Forrest Smith is a well traveled young man who attends Fitchburg State but somehow lives in Thompson CT area and wants to be a singer or a DJ or a video production something or other.

And hopefully the first thing he will do after achieving his goals is eliminate that collection of pubes and broken dreams that he calls a mustache.

He also worked, or currently works at Dunkin Donuts, but is upset with them because they sent him home sick and he can’t freeload off the government instantaneously, so he wants people to donate to his Cash App instead.

He’s your typical whiny Bernie bro, jumpstarting a revolution one Facebook post at a time.

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But despite hating corporations because they’re evil and make you work for money and whatnot, Forrest saw nothing at all ironic about this post, which he shared everywhere.

Just to review. He hates corporations, he supports workers and wants them to be paid hazard pay, and he shows his solidarity towards them by complaining that they’re not open late enough during a pandemic to sell him a lemon water that he could easily make for himself at home.

Makes perfect sense when you think about it.

He had a perfectly reasonable explanation for this.

He’s going to pay them 75 cents for a water that cost them 4 cents to make. Take that Mr. Dunkins!

He’s been demanding hazard pay since weeks before the Chinese coronavirus became a pandemic though.

So perhaps he’s just a whiny freeloader in general.

He really wants people to comment and share his post.

But it’s not exactly going as planned, so he shared it to some local Facebook groups and he got torn apart like the last crab raccoon at the gravy dumpster buffet.

He just really can’t stop whining about anything.

So let me get this straight Forrest. You were a manager “in the coffee business” for 12 years, then you got demoted back to minimum wage and the new manager sent you home because you’re sick, even though you also admit that you’re the one who called in sick to work? Yea this all adds up. Makes about as much sense as collecting unemployment while you’re still technically employed.

For a guy who’s allegedly sick and thinks people should get hazard pay due to Wuhan virus, he sure doesn’t see anything wrong with going out a lot for non-essential things like whatever they sell at Exotic Rayz in Webduh.

He used to work for Uber too, but as usual he didn’t get enough free stuff from them so he quit or went on strike or something.

To the surprise of nobody didn’t want Turtleboy to blog about this because we’re homophobic, which he made clear while invoking allegedly homophobic terms that he accused us of using.

But even Forrest knows that we don’t expose people for being gay, nor do we call them homophobic names simply because they enjoy a little butt play. Forrest knows that we do expose freeloading losers and hypocrites who try to scam people out of money, and he knows that that is exactly what he is.

Forrest, I don’t care how many guys you felate. But I do care that freeloaders like yourself are allowed to vote. That kind of scares the crap out of me. Luckily most of you choose not to exercise that right so the grownups are still in charge of running the country and Bernie will never, ever be President.

Anyway, water is free and he can buy a lemon at any grocery store. Maybe he should do that instead of whining that the corporations he hates aren’t open late enough for him to give them money for something he could easily do himself.


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