Eagle Tribune Editor David Joyner Explains Why He Won’t Report On Sexual And Verbal Child Abuse Allegations Made Against Luke Noble


The Eagle Tribune has failed in its duty to report the credible allegations of sexual abuse made by a five year old girl against her father Luke Noble, a candidate for the North Andover Board of Selectmen. They’ve also failed to write about or even mention the disturbing video showing Noble verbally abusing his then three year old daughter. This is especially concerning because Noble has counted on their silence to remain in the race, and Governor Charlie Baker has not had to comment on whether or not he would be pulling his endorsement for Noble. I emailed four Tribune reporters on May 3 about the story, linking them to the alleged victim’s doctor’s deposition, in which he states that he believes the girl wasn’t lying about being sexually abused. I also showed them the video of Luke Noble verbally abusing his daughter. But I never heard back from any of the four people I emailed there. The evidence is damning.

One of the Tribune employees I never heard back from was executive editor Dave Joyner.

However, he did return an email to a concerned citizen who wrote to him after yesterday’s blog, explaining why he chose to cover this up.

This is what a cover up looks like. This is what lazy, irresponsible journalism looks like. Let’s look at some of the highlights from David Joyner’s email.

“Our interest has been in reporting facts, not hazy allegations with unclear context leveled by anonymous people.”

These aren’t hazy allegations. It’s the entire transcript of a deposition of Dr. Robert Orr, in which he specifically said that he believes the 5 year old girl was not lying when she told him that her father told her to put his penis in her mouth.

There is no “unclear context.” If there is, feel free to ask me and I can clear that up for you.

There are no “anonymous people” leveling these allegations. My name is Aidan Kearney. I am the publisher of TB Daily News and Turtleboy Sports, which has broken more news stories than the Eagle Tribune could ever dream of doing. I’d be happy to send you a free copy of my book entitled, “I Am Turtleboy.”

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“We could not answer important questions that would both authenticate the video and fill in key context: When and where was the video recorded? Who recorded it and why? Who else was in the car? Who released it most recently and why?”

What have you done to have these questions answered? I pulled court documents and spoke to attorneys involved in the case. You clearly did nothing.

The video was recorded inside a car six years ago while Luke was driving. His daughter was three at the time. He admitted all of this in an interview with the North Andover Citizen, which also has remained silent on the sexual abuse allegations.

It was recorded by his ex-wife, whose name is listed in the court documents.

She recorded it because she clearly wanted to document the sort of danger this man represents to children.

The motives and name of the person who released this video years after it was recorded are irrelevant because it doesn’t chance any of the things David Joyner witnessed in that video.

“We could not find that Noble was ever charged criminally.”

Yes, this is where you as the reporter are supposed to ask, “why?” Then you follow up with the police, reach out to the ex-wife, reach out to Luke Noble, and reach out to the ex-wife’s attorney. You clearly did none of these things.

“We’ve not reviewed the entire divorce file.”

Why not? It’s all public record. I’ve also published several damning parts of it, including where he was found in contempt of court after he attempted to terminate his daughter’s relationship with the pediatrician and therapist who the child told about the alleged sexual abuse.


“My understanding is that it is impounded.”

Your understanding is wrong. If you put an ounce of effort into this by calling the courthouse you could find that out on your own.

“If you have relevant, verifiable information on Noble please feel free to share.”

Translation – TB is not relevant or reliable.

Please email the following four people again if you haven’t already. Do not let them cover this up. Be respectful and to the point. This newspaper and every other media outlet gave considerable coverage to Christine Blasey-Ford over unverified allegations of sexual assault 36 years ago. Why can’t they do the same for a little girl in their own backyard?

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