Investigating Luke Noble Part 2: Dr. Brian Orr Testifies In Deposition About Why He Found Daughter’s Allegations Of Sexual Abuse Credible 


Click here to read part 1 of this series in order to catch up.

Luke Noble is a Republican candidate for Board of Selectman in North Andover who presents himself as a loving father and stepfather of four. He has been endorsed by governor Charlie Baker, he frequently uses children in his campaign videos, and his new wife Amanda Noble is a teacher at a middle school in Chelmsford. From the outside he seems to be living an idealistic life as a loving suburban father.

However, a disturbing video of Luke shouting obscenities at his then three year old daughter while degrading her has shocked many in the community, and presented a different side of Mr. Noble.

Additionally, allegations of sexual abuse against the same daughter in the video were brought up during the contentious divorce, and have raised more questions that have not been addressed by Mr. Noble. One of the people who brought these issues to light during the divorce was Dr. Brian Orr, a well respected Gloucester pediatrician over 30 years of experience.

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In 2016 Dr. Orr was deposed after filing a 51A when he was told by Luke Noble’s ex-wife Jessica that their oldest daughter, the same girl he was seen verbally abusing in the video, had made statements alleging that her father had pulled his pants down in front of her and told her to touch his genitals. The deposition of Dr. Orr was conducted by Luke Noble’s attorney Joe Orlando Sr. Also present was his ex-wife’s attorney David Newton and Orr’s attorney Keith Sachs.

The 107 page deposition begins with Attorney Orlando asking him about the report he filed with DCF after the allegations were allegedly made by Luke’s daughter. Dr. Orr stated that Luke didn’t start showing up to doctor’s appointments until recently, and that his staff witnessed him have an outburst at his daughters in the lobby. Dr. Orr described it as a “blowup” and said that they don’t often see this sort of temper displayed in the office by parents. 

Dr. Orr noted “a lot of symptoms of urinary frequency” from Luke’s daughter before she went on visitation trips with Luke Noble, and wondered whether the girl might be afraid to see him.

Dr. Orr made it clear that her mother had contacted him and told Dr. Orr that her daughter had told her that he asked Luke to touch his private areas. Based on Attorney Orlando’s line of questioning he wanted to establish that this was all coming from Jessica, the ex-wife, and that Dr. Orr filed the report because he was mandated to.

However, his daughters’ counselor Mariah Marsh reported the same allegation, and once again Attorney Orlando attempted to establish that Marsh had been relayed this story by Jessica.


But did the girl specifically relay this story to Dr. Orr, or was it all through a bitter ex-wife, as Attorney Orlando was clearly portraying her? According to Dr. Orr the girl told her during a visit that someone had exposed themselves to her, but did not specify who. Dr. Orr contacted her mother who said that her daughter had told her twice about this, and in one occasion told her that her daughter said that Luke told her that it was “yummy.”

Attorney Orlando asked Dr. Orr if five year old girls often seek attention by lying to their parents. Dr. Orr said that kids often lied or embellished, but about minor things like tummy aches, not sexual abuse. According to Dr. Orr, this was unusual because kids “don’t say these things unless they’ve experienced something.”

Attorney Orlando suggested that the girl might’ve been coached to say these things by her mother.

Dr. Orr testified that he had no concerns about the mother when he made the report to DCF.

Orlando established that Luke had never previously been alleged to commit sexual abuse and had no criminal record.

Dr. Orr testified that he recommended counseling for the girls, which is common for children whose parents are going through a divorce.

Dr. Orr said that he noticed a change when Luke started showing up for doctor’s appointments recently, which raised a red flag.

Dr. Orr told Attorney Orlando that the during a conversation about privacy the girl told him that someone had exposed themselves to her and she reported what happened to her mother. She did not specifically say her father, but the girl hadn’t told her mother that anyone else had exposed themselves to her. Dr. Orr stated that the girl asked for a coin, which to him meant that she was no longer comfortable talking about what happened.

Dr. Orr also testified about an incident in which Luke insinuated that Jessica neglected their younger daughter after she complained about a fractured leg. Dr. Orr wrote a note that made it clear that the girl did not have a fractured leg.

In the letter Dr. Orr called Jessica a reliable mother and caretaker to her children.

Attorney Orlando seemed to be attempting to establish that Luke was the responsible parent because he brought his daughter in when she believed she may have a fractured leg as a result of neglect, but others believe that this was an attempt by him to deflect from the more serious allegations made by their older daughter through her mother.

Attorney Orlando’s questioning implied that Jessica was not as responsible as Luke since she didn’t report the incident to the doctor, but Dr. Orr made it clear that he believed that the decision to bring in the younger daughter was a mutual decision between the parents.

Attorney Orlando continued to ask questions that implied that Jessica was coaching her daughter to lie in order to benefit herself in the divorce.

Dr. Orr testified that in his 34 years as a pediatrician he had seen children used by parents during contentious divorces, but that he had never seen a parent allege sexual abuse of a child.

He said he had seen allegations of neglect, like the one Luke insinuated in regard to the younger daughter’s leg, but never sexual abuse.

Dr. Orr did testify that as a doctor he had seen allegations of sexual abuse made by children before, just not one that was fabricated to give an advantage to a parent in a divorce.

Attorney Orlando asked questions about Jessica’s anxiety in what appears to be an attempt to cast doubt on her credibility.

Attorney Orlando showed Dr. Orr a Facebook post Dr. Orr put up of himself and the girl smiling, and implied that the girl would not be smiling if she was sexually abused. Dr. Orr made it clear that victims of sexual abuse are still capable of smiling.

Dr. Orr testified that during the visit the girl’s behavior was different and much more solemn and serious than usual. Attorney Orlando asked him whether or not Jessica could’ve made up the allegation, and Dr. Orr made it clear that although it was possible he believed she was being genuine because she sounded distressed.

He reiterated the girl was normally shy, and it would’ve been out of character to make an allegation of sexual abuse unless it actually happened.

Attorney Orlando suggested that the person who the girl claimed exposed themselves to her could’ve been another family member or Jessica’s boyfriend.

Attorney Orlando asked him why he didn’t tag Luke in the picture on Facebook as he did with Jessica. Dr. Orr explained that he can’t tag people who haven’t friend requested him.

Dr. Orr also explained that the smiling picture, which Orlando was suggesting was evidence that the girl was not sexually abused, was taken before the examination where she made the allegation to him.

Orlando then asked Dr. Orr if he had blocked one of Luke’s other attorneys on Facebook, and he said he had not.

Orlando continued with the line of questioning meant to establish that Luke was not guilty of sexual abuse because pedophiles don’t just start doing this in their thirties.

However, Dr. Orr said he believed this was not out of the ordinary and stated the a pedophile is not a pedophile until they are caught.

Orlando attempted to establish that just because Luke had displayed a short temper with the girls at the doctor’s office, it didn’t mean he was a pedophile. Dr. Orr said that his concern about sexual abuse came from the fact that the girl was displaying behavior that indicated that she was afraid to go to her father’s house, not from the outburst.

Orlando once again attempted to suggest that this change of behavior could’ve been caused by Jessica’s new boyfriend, but Dr. Orr insinuated that this wouldn’t make her apprehensive about going to her father’s house.

Dr. Orr explained that the behavior displayed by the daughter was relayed to him by her counselor Mariah Marsh, and that Marsh had filed a 51A alleging that the girl made allegations that Luke had put his penis in her mouth.

Orlando asked if Jessica was in the room when her daughter told Marsh this, implying once again that she may have coached her to say these things in order to gain an advantage in the divorce.

Dr. Orr made it clear that when the girl told her that someone had exposed themselves to her at no point did the girl look to her mother for validation.

Orlando asked Dr. Orr if he was aware that a restraining order had been issued against Luke preventing him from seeing his children, and Dr. Orr explained that he was not. Orlando seemed to be implying that Jessica used restraining orders when they were not necessary if she believed she had been wronged.

In conclusion, Dr. Orr believes that the allegations of sexual abuse made by the daughter were credible because she exhibited behavior that was unusual and consistent with a victim of abuse.

The girl’s mother, grandmother, and therapist all said the same.

The deposition took place after Dr. Orr filed the 51A, which led to Luke terminating the girl’s relationship with the doctor and counselor. He was later found in contempt of court for doing so.

Luke Noble later filed a defamation lawsuit agains his ex-wife, and according to sources she could not afford to continue to litigate and agreed to a divorce settlement that allowed him to have some custody. The children currently attend school in her town, not North Andover. However, sources we spoke with believe that Luke was using his wealth, influence, and attorneys in order to silence his wife who did not have the means to continue to fight for her daughters, and claim he tried to hide substantial amounts of money during the divorce.

As we will see in part 3, Jessica had good reason for fearing Mr. Noble due to his influence and the family man persona he presents online. Despite the release of the video there are there are many in the community who not only are standing by Luke Noble and excusing the disturbing video as 45 seconds of bad parenting. These same people are smearing his ex-wife. Luke has not dropped out of the race for Selectmen, which is set to take place on March 31, and since no other media outlet has reported on these allegations yet, Governor Baker not been asked if he still endorses Luke Noble.

Over the weekend Luke Noble posted many pictures and photos of himself playing with the kids in what many believe is an attempt to downplay the allegations made against him.

Some have argued that it’s wrong for us to publish this story because his children might read it. However, an argument could also be made that Luke is the one dragging his children through this by remaining in the election despite all the allegations and evidence against him.


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