Eli Rego Was Indicted And Faces 10 Years In Prison Because Of Our Concrete Cons Investigation 



Editors Note: We discussed this story on the Live Show and went through the indictment.

Beginning almost a year ago we began to investigate and report on 4 men who claimed to be concrete contractors, who scammed dozens of people out of potentially millions of dollars and were still trying to find more victims on Home Advisor and Facebook. This turned into a 7 part blog series that culminated with an investigation of Eli Rego, the primary con-artist who assisted and recruited the 3 others.

Shortly after Part 6 was published I was contacted by the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office, after some ADA’s in that office read the blogs. The ADA I spoke with told me that he wanted to help Eli Rego’s victims get justice and asked me to put them in contact with them, since I had mostly kept their names out of it. For the last few months I have been giving them more and more names to help the investigation, and on Friday it culminated with a grand jury indictment against Rego. The Commonwealth’s motion in support of requesting $25K bail, GPS monitoring, and surrendering of passports, is 44 pages long and extremely thorough. They’re asking for 10 years in prison. We’ll be reading parts of it tonight on Turtleboy Live at 9 PM. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and never miss an episode.

It’s notable to point out that Maura Healey’s office was contacted by multiple victims about this and she chose to pass on it because she was too busy virtue signaling by suing Donald Trump. This indictment never would’ve happened if victims didn’t reach out to us after other avenues failed. Turtleboy was credited in the indictment for our reporting:

This is what I was doing while abusive Moms, toothless welfare leeches, and four-chinned Woonsocket goblins called themselves “the storm” and dedicated their lives to “taking down Turtleboy” by posting screenshots of group messages. Nothing will ever distract me from the work that needs to get done. There’s too many people who need justice.

Hey Eli, are you still “not bothered at all by what those blogs were about?”

Asking for a friend.

Read the entire indictment below.







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