Ernst Jean-Jacques Lawyer Demands State Drop Charges Against Him For Assaulting 80 Year Old Woman, Charge Victim With Hate Crime Instead


Over the weekend Ernst “I’d too broke to buy a vowel” Jean-Jacques was arrested for punching an 80 year old woman in Swampscott because she’s a Trump supporter who allegedly splashed water on him. This is the same 32 year old white privileged Penn State grad from the suburbs who seems to never work, is always at protests, and was honored by the Red Sox as a hero in the community for fighting for social justice.

Ernst is now claiming to the victim of the 80 year old woman who he was arrested for assaulting, and he’s playing the race card with Boston’s biggest racist Monica Cannon-Grant.

Ernst has a pro-bono lawyer I’ve never heard of before named Murat Erkan, who is clearly attempting to make a name for himself, possibly because business is not going well. And as you can say from the crossed arms and rainbow coalition of attorneys at his disposal, he plays for keeps.

Eighty year old women be warned – your reign of terror on 32 year old men is over. Here’s their official statement on behalf of Ernst and Dung.

At the hearing, Doherty-Wirwicz asked the Court to accept at face-value Greenberg’s claim that “water-propelled” onto Jean-Jacques from Greenberg’s bottle as a result of “essential tremors disorder,” notwithstanding video evidence and eye-witness accounts which suggest that her assault was premeditated and that she aimed a large plume of water at Jean-Jacques, who was approximately three to four feet away. 

Oh my God, poor Ernst got assaulted with water! And from just three to four feet away! He could’ve gotten wet!

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Jean-Jaques Defense Attorney Murat Erkan stated he felt “ashamed” at the prosecutor for making the request. Attorney Erkan related that he arrived at court expecting that the prosecutor would dismiss the charges before arraignment and join his request that Greenberg is charged with violating Jean-Jacques’s civil rights and was saddened when the prosecutor not only declined but requested that the Court find Jean-Jacques to be a danger to the community. 

This guy.

He’s deeply ashamed and saddened that the prosecutor didn’t show up at the courthouse, drop the charges against his client, and charge an 80 year old woman who was victimized by him instead.

Attorney Erkan pointed out that despite video evidence that depicted Greenberg assaulting Jean-Jacques and her confession to doing so, police neglected to charge her, instead choosing to charge Jean-Jacques for disarming her.

Disarming! The government is coming for your water bottles if you don’t participate in the water bottle buyback program!

Just to be clear, the woman does not confess to anything. She says that he might’ve gotten wet, which is consistent with her story that any splashing was involuntary.

Here was the best part.

Attorney Erkan admonished the prosecutor for her decision to perpetuate the nation’s storied history of endorsing the story of a white woman over a young black male.

He’s comparing Ernst to Emmett Till. You can’t make this stuff up.

He evoked images of 1963 Birmingham, Alabama, where police sprayed water on peaceful black protesters seeking acknowledgment of their civil rights. He emphasized that Greenberg’s spraying water on Jean-Jacques dehumanized him in that same manner. He pointed out that by protecting her behavior, prosecutors and police demonstrated that, sixty years after Birmingham, lessons of our painful past had not been learned.

Yes, Ernst dancing to “it’s raining men” before assaulting an elderly woman who splashed him with water is the same thing as the Birmingham fire department spraying hoses on peaceful protesters. You can hardly tell the difference.

The evidence Attorney Murak submitted of Ernst’s innocence includes a still image of Ernst extending his arm over the barrier in the direction of his victim, in which Ernst doesn’t have an open fist.

But that’s him pulling away after he punched her. A split second before he punched her looked around to make sure the cops weren’t looking and clearly was clenching his fist.

They also submitted a slowed down video of Ernst having water splashed in his direction.

A video of this out of control, dangerous elderly woman waving a small Trump flag.

And a video of the victim telling a cop that she “did get water on him,” before telling the person recording her statement that she is “Not America” and to f off.

Meanwhile, the part left out is after Ernst has water splashed in his direction when he looks around to make sure no cops are looking, and then quickly strikes the woman in a split second before pulling his arm back and running away when he sees the victim was knocked back.

Ernst has such a lack of shame that he is telling the world that he is the victim of an 80 year old woman he beat up.

Now I’d like to you to listen to what Ernst said to me at the 42:30 and 47:30 marks of my interview with him.

“If you ever call me anything but Ernst, I’m not sure things will be as cordial.”

“I didn’t appreciate you calling me a douche and a pussy, and I’m always down for civil conversation, but if you were ever, ever, ever, ever to call me out of my name, I couldn’t guarantee that I would respond how I’m responding now.”

Throughout the interview he kept up with these veiled threats of what would happen if I called him a mean name. The message was clear – if a conservative says the wrong thing to him he will respond with violence, no matter the age or gender of the victim.

Like Mike Gaffney, Murat Nurkan is a VERY serious attorney, and has a VERY serious website. He highlights his experience as a prosecutor sending people to jail on there, and includes links just in case you don’t believe him.

Obviously then Ernst should have full confidence in a guy who brags about sending pot dealers to jail, and has hyperlinks that don’t lead to online articles, but instead lead you to pictures he took of actual newspaper articles covered in bacon grease droplets which he then scanned sideways and uploaded to his website.

Attorney Murkan must’ve realized that ADA’s are government employees and can’t make that much money, which is why he switched to defense attorney, and proudly defends murderers.

He even includes the ads in his scanned articles.

So if you hire Murat you can also get 50% off at JC Penny.

And in case there was any doubt that Ernst’s lawyer isn’t playing around, he also is a “respected legal commenter” who shares his thoughts on the widely read Massachusetts Lawyer’s Weekly.

So Ernst is in good hands.

The bottom line is that Ernst Jean-Jacques is a criminal who was arrested and charged with hitting an elderly woman. Instead of owning up to his crimes he’s playing the race card because it’s the only thing he’s been trained to do. Make no mistake about it though, he’s no victim. He is a criminal and a coward, and the police and DA’s office agree.


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