Red Sox “Hats Off Heroes” Honoree Arrested For Punching 80 Year Old Woman In Swampscott


Remember this human?

Ernst Jean-Jacques showed up to disrupt our peaceful protest against Monica Cannon-Grant’s violent systemic racism in September, where he threatened and harassed Rayla Campbell.

He came on the live show to defend his defense of a racist woman, and critics argue that he made a complete fool of himself starting at the 32:45 mark.

Over the weekend Ernst was doing what he always does – harassing and protesting against people who have different political opinions than he does in Swampscott. However, this time he couldn’t resist the urge to punch an 80 year old woman, leading to his arrest.

The weekly Monument Square Trump rallies, which appeared to have cooled down in recent weeks, were back in full force this weekend, culminating in the arrest of a anti-Trump protester who reportedly punched an an elderly Trump supporter in the chest. Ernst Jean-Jacques Jr., 32, of  61 Cromwell St. Haverhill, was charged with assault and battery on a person 60 years or older. The woman, who the Trump supporters identified as “Bubbie”, refused medical attention.  The counterprotest, which usually is comprised of North Shore residents, was instead made up largely of members of an out-of-town group led by Joseph Castro Del Rio, who sports a signature half-beard. He was involved in a Saugus protest in October that was similarly confrontational. In a video recorded by Ploss, Jean-Jacques Jr. is seen across a barrier from the Trump supporters dancing to “It’s Raining Men,” which the Trump supporters were playing from a speaker.

“It’s raining Trumps,” he sings, through a full black facemask. 

“Bubbie” can be seen making her way through the crowd, approaching Jacques Jr. at the barrier.

Suddenly, seemingly without any provocation, Jacques Jr. throws a punch across the barrier, appearing to strike the woman in the chest, though the video is obscured at the last minute, so a viewer can’t see the punch connect.

Afterwards “Bubbie” can be seen doubled over in pain.

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“She definitely seemed shaken up,” said Locke.

Jean-Jacques Jr. left the scene after throwing the punch, was apprehended by police and escorted away in handcuffs, police said.

This is hardly surprising. The black lives matter movement has never hid the fact that they believe it’s OK to assault those who disagree with them after looting and burning major American cities. They don’t care if you’re an 80 year old woman. If you disagree with any of their easily debunked, Marxist inspired talking points on policing, they will physically assault you. There is a video of Ernst punching the woman, although it’s obstructed when he actually throws the blow.

It’s clear as day that he did though. You see the old lady in the foreground before she walks towards the barrier where Ersnt is.

You see him sizing her up.

Then you see his elbow bend as he’s gearing up to punch her.

Then his elbow disappears as he delivers the blow to her chest, completely unprovoked.

Then he stood there briefly and admired his work as an 80 year old woman fell backwards, before running away like the coward he is. .

Of course Diana Ploss and crew screamed at the police to arrest him, which he eventually was.

Look, all these people need to get lives in my opinion. It’s two weeks until Christmas. If you’re out there protesting for or against Trump at this point then I feel bad that this is your existence. Diana Ploss is a low IQ rabble rouser who goes around looking for trouble, but to her credit she has never punched a BLM counter-protester in the chest. These people have a right to protest on behalf of Donald Trump without getting punched by unemployed 32 year old PennState grads from Haverhill who think they’re oppressed despite being paid not to work.

Just a reminder that the Boston Red Sox honored Ernst as part of their ‘hats off for heroes,” over the summer, because they so desperately wanted to pander to black lives matter that they were just handing out awards to any black person with a megaphone.

This is very similar to how the Celtics honored Monica Cannon-Grant, despite the fact that she’s a violent racist lunatic who threatened to kill Rayla Campbell for the crime of “riding white penis for a credit score.” This is who your Boston Red Sox honored for “fighting for civil rights and social justice.” A man who assaults 80 year old women for no reason. He is a “pillar of the community” according to them.

I emailed Red Sox Media Relations managers Abby Murphy and Justin Long for comment but have not heard back.

It would be great if our local sportball teams stopped going out of their way to honor violent sociopaths just because they yell loudly and baselessly accuse other people of being racist. I know it’s hard for organizations like the Red Sox to find black people to honor, since pretty much everyone who works for them is white, but it would take just a couple minutes of research to find out that there are far more worthy people of being honored as “heroes” in the community.

P.S. “Free speech” activist Michael Picard was there, but his live stream conveniently disappeared. Almost as if Michael Picard is an agenda driven fraud, masquerading as a free speech activist, who censors himself when video is recorded that is not helpful for his side.


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