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Everett Mayor Smears 2 Businesses For Towing Cars During Graduation, Forgets That It’s His Job To Figure This Out Ahead Of Time


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This is Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

During his tenure he’s been no stranger to scandals. In 2014 he was accused by four women of sexual harassment.

In 2014, The Boston Globe reported that Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria allegedly groped a woman who came to his office for help. Among three other women who accused DeMaria of sexual harassment was a city employee who said the mayor asked her for oral sex. DeMaria denied the accusations and remains in office after winning re-election unopposed in 2017.

He also oversaw the tenure of superintendent Frederick Foresteire, whose corruption as the head of the public schools was loudly protested by teachers for several years. Yet DeMaria did nothing to seek his removal until Foresteire was charged with indecent assault and battery on several school district employees.

Now the Mayor is not happy that 30 people had their cars towed for illegally parking on private property during Everett High School’s graduation.

Newsflash – you’re the mayor. It’s your job to make sure there’s adequate parking for the graduation. Business owners pay property taxes that fund your salary and keep the city from turning into Chelsea Part 2. They have every right to tow people who illegally park on their property, are not customers, and take up spots that could go to paying customers. Try actually thinking ahead next time. Maybe let parents know where they can park without getting towed or work out an agreement with a local business ahead of time, instead of just assuming that they’ll let people trespass on private property in the name of “community.”

Or just keep doing what you usually do, which appears to be nothing more than cutting ribbons, handing out awards with your name on them, brushing elbows with important people, riding bikes in suits, and reading at a third grade level.

The best part about that rant was that he said that the business owners would be “spoken to.” I assume it will be a stern talking to, followed by 15 minutes in timeout and fribbles for everyone.

A lot of people pointed out exactly what I did, but instead of listening to them he doubled down and ranted about people trying to “stain my administration’s reputation.”

A great way to avoid your administration being stained is to actually lead, instead of throwing taxpaying businesses under the bus for towing people who weren’t customers.


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