Ex-Con Who Once Started Prison Riot, Beat CO’s, Is The New Face Of Criminal Justice Reform, Shirley Prisoners Sue Jail For Not Being Comfortable


Jamie Eldridge (D – Shirley Max), has spent the last few weeks responding to the vicious attack on three corrections officers in Shirley by advocating for the prisoners responsible for the attack.

After visiting Souza-Baranowski prison and refusing to meet with CO’s or their union, he instead met with several prisoners, took their word as Gospel, and held a press conference with family members of incarcerated inmates where they complained that prison isn’t fun anymore.

Oh no! Their privacy rights are being violated without any notice. It’s a real shame they all ended up in jail on accident. I wonder if they gave the CO’s any notice that they’d be attacking them in January.

Former guest at Souza-Baranowski Jurrell Laronal has become the voice of the movement to reform prisons, is a good friend of Senator Eldridge, and of course has a sibling incarcerated in Shirley.

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According to Jurrell it’s the CO’s fault creating the violent environment in jail, not the violent prisoners who are there for incidents of violence.

He constantly takes shots at the union, while aligning with a state senator who gets the endorsement of every union when he runs for re-election.

When a CO was nearly killed on January 10 by prisoners Jurrell blamed it on the CO’s for their “disrespect” in making prison an uncomfortable place to live

Almost like it’s a place you should avoid going.

Let’s see what Jurrell had to say at the press conference.

“It’s hard to tell someone not to do anything when guards are coming to his cell randomly.”

Almost as if CO’s need to make sure prisoners don’t have weapons because they’re violent offenders.

“I feel disrespected in a way.”

We wouldn’t want violent criminals to feel disrespected in any manner. They’ve earned our respect by robbing, assaulting, raping, and killing people.

What was Jamie Eldridge’s good friend Jurrell incarcerated for? He must’ve been in there for possessing marijuana right? This is what the Jamie Eldridges of the world always claim people of color are locked up for – pot. “Non violent” crimes. Let’s see what the face of prison reform did to end up in jail.

He led a prison riot after being put into solitary confinement for being violent. Definitely the kind of man who should be the face for prison reform. Convicted criminals have a right to express themselves with violence just like anyone else.

Then when he got out of jail he kept his nose clean, turned his life around, and opened his own barbershop right? Not quite. The first thing he decided to do was drive without a license and try to steal a cop’s gun from him because he didn’t want to return to prison.

A great way to avoid returning to prison is to obey the law, rather than violating it the moment you get out.

I’m a little confused though, because the media and black lives matter has told me that cops kill black people for no reason. Well this guy, who is a trained MMA fighter, actually fought back against the cops and tried to steal a gun from them. Yet somehow he didn’t get shot. Weird that these examples are never brought up, even though shooting is justified in that scenario.

It was also announced that three inmates are suing the jail because CO’s weren’t nice to them.

Let’s find out what Carl Larocque, Tamik Kirkland, and Robert Silva-Prentice did to end up in this situation .

Larocque killed his best friend at Crompton Park and showed up to the wake and funeral like nothing happened. His victim’s family (Kevin Shavies) will never get to see their loved one again, and his brother was serving our country overseas when he found out what happened.

Jamie Eldridge doesn’t care about them though. He only cares about the man who took Kevin away from his family.

Robert Silva-Prentice has barely been in jail for a year and he’s already complaining. How much marijuana did he have on him when he was sentenced?

Oh wait, he’s a murderer who killed a completely innocent teenager in the projects, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I definitely care about his feelings.

What about plaintiff #3 Tamik Kirkland? If that name rings a bell it’s because he was all over the news seven years ago after he escaped from jail to avenge the shooting of his mother, accidentally shot and killed a completely innocent man and another barber who survived 11 gunshots, then shot a state trooper and a Springfield cop from the trunk of a car he was hiding in. To make matters worse the deceased victim’s name was Innocent.

Jamie Eldridge doesn’t care about Mr. Innocent or the family he left behind.

He cares about this Tamik Kirkland.

He’s never reached out to the victim’s family, just the killer’s.

Tamik’s family seems like great people too, considering they’ve started a “Free Kirkland” website, and a Facebook page called, “Not Guilty 4 real,” to go along with his IG and Twitter accounts.

The website FreeKirkland.com exists mainly to make excuses for his crimes, call the victims liars, and profit off of his incarceration by selling t-shirts.

Excuses like, “it was a walk away, not a escape” from jail.

“He did not know what to do.”

Here’s an idea – go back to jail instead of hunting down an innocent man named Innocent and killing him, and then shooting the barber 11 times before shooting 2 cops.

They claim it was “wrongful” for the police officers to shoot back because he dindu nuffin.

The Latino cop was the real bad guy of course.

He was only shooting the cops to “protect his life” after murdering an innocent man.

Tamik was just turning his life around and his new rap label/business named after the daughter whose name he spelt wrong, was about to take off.

These are Jamie Eldridge’s constituents. This is who he represents. These are the people Bernie Sanders wants to vote. Remember that in November.


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