Exposing Shannon O’Loughlin Labarre Part 2: Lying About Dead Baby Funeral, Pretending To Work For Boston Police And As Turtleboy Blogger


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After writing Part 1 of this series Shannon O’Loughlin LaBarre claims she’s “handing over the keys” and no longer running the Facebook page she dedicates to stalking me and harassing my friends, family, and readers.

But make no mistake about it – she is still behind that page and will likely respond with “we are all Shannon” while pretending to be other people moving forward. Tonight she acknowledged that she still runs the pages and offered to remove them entirely if I removed every blog and live show about her and two other psychopath mothers who have lost their children to DCF.

In March Shannon posted a video of my crying 3 year old son throwing a tantrum, and me saying “fake cry” as I refuse to give in. I previously sent this video to one person, who I trusted at the time, as a joke to show them what I was dealing with. Shannon exploited the video by posting it on social media and calling it child abuse.



Hours after I posted a picture on my personal Facebook page of myself at my daughter’s cheerleading competition in February Shannon shared that image and warned that I should shut my website down completely or my children would find out that I write blogs for a living. She’s also obsessed with my private life and noticed I wasn’t wearing a ring in the image, which for some reason made her happy.

She also tagged and harassed ECE Cheer, because apparently a 6 year old’s cheerleading company deserves that when you don’t like a blog.

She also has incessantly harassed Sam Adams for donating some cases of beer to our golf tournament last summer.

Last month Shannon harassed and emailed Andy’s Attic, a children’s clothing charity at Worcester South High School I donated $500 to with money raised from the golf tournament. She has sent threatening emails to the school, pretending to be a reporter for USA Today who would investigate the charity’s alleged ties to a white supremacist hate blog.

Starting around 2017 Shannon became a turtle rider and began to message me on nearly a daily basis with story ideas. I almost never responded to her messages and would joke about it to people privately, but I never said anything to her because she seemed like a supporter who just wanted to feel like she was part of the team. Here’s a sampling of her messaging:

To try to prove her worth to me Shannon would claim to have connections in Boston Police and the FBI. She gave me supposed inside information directly from Boston Police Officers, and would brag to me about how she came from a blue family because her father and grandfather were cops. She referred to former Chief William Gross as “Willie,” and claimed to talk to him all the time. She also sent her intentionally cut off ID badge from the Boston Police Department, which was supposed to make me believe that Shannon was employed by BPD.



Except she’s been Shannon LaBarre for over 10 years, and everybody we’ve spoken with has no recollection of her ever working there. Shannon has been unemployed for years and lives in subsidized housing in Medfield with her husband Arthur (AJ) LaBarre and their 3 children. She has almost no ties to her family because they are ashamed of her, and she isn’t in any of the family photographs.

Shannon is the only sibling not in that picture. I do feel bad for them all, and I previously asked her to stop doing what she was doing in order to avoid this. Instead she kept attacking my family, friends, supporters, charities, and other organizations with her anonymous social media accounts, because her online crusades matter more to her than her family.

I’ve been asked what Shannon’s motive is. Usually when people attack me it’s because I’ve written about them or someone they loved. But Shannon has been a diehard fan for years, so what’s her problem? Simple – Shannon wants to be wanted. She has no friends, she’s ostracized her family, and she lives on the Internet. For years she has tried to prove her worth to me to no avail. In 2019 she began using a Facebook account called “Boston Broad” (a place she hadn’t lived in nearly a decade) and fed me “insider” information (with no evidence other than her word) about a woman who allegedly vandalized a statue in Hyde Park. She showed part of her “ID” to prove she had connections at BPD, and wanted to feel special by offering me an “exclusive.”

Shannon’s arrogant, self-assured posts were designed to make people believe that she worked for Turtleboy, and her tactics were effective. Later on I was contacted by a person who told me that Shannon was pretending to be a Turtleboy blogger so effectively that they were sending her story ideas for blogs. Shannon told him that she would relay that information to one of the bloggers, but she never did. I later found out that she had done this with many others people.



I confronted Shannon about this and she flat out denied it, claiming to have sent the stories to Kate Peter and showing me her phone number as proof.


Out of nowhere in 2018 Shannon messaged me on Facebook and told me that her baby son died and asked me to send her flowers. I thought this was odd and awkward since I didn’t know her, and I never sent her any flowers. This made her upset, and she vented to others about it.

In 2020 she sent me an email claiming that all her pictures of her late son were deleted from Facebook.

But I later found out that Shannon never gave birth to this child, and thus didn’t have any pictures. The baby was 19 weeks along in utero, and although that is tragic it’s not how she represented it to me. Shannon told me there was a funeral that her father cried at.

But I confirmed through family sources that this was a complete lie.

In 2019 Shannon began using a Facebook account called Boston Broad, in which she used the supposed death of her “infant” son to assert her expertise about a Turtleboy blog in which a ratchet claimed to have cremated her 12 week old fetus. According to Shannon her “best friend” is a mortician and she helps with a charity that deals with baby burial services.


Along the way Shannon tried out as a blogger and it wasn’t very good. She’s still been asking to be a blogger as of December.

Shannon told people that she was no longer working for Turtleboy because she was starting her own business blogging venture, but then later claimed that the website she started was removed after Kate Peter attacked it.

She told people who mistook her for a Turtleboy blogger that she was no longer working for me because so many people messaged and confided in her that I ostracized them.

She also has represented herself to me as a reporter for Live Boston, but they had no idea who she was when I contacted them for confirmation.

Shannon also briefly wrote blogs for a bad Turtleboy spinoff called “WTF Classifieds,” which was created by another turtle rider. I have no right to stop anyone from creating bad TB spinoffs, but I thought it was lame and vocalized that. Shannon immediately used one of her aliases Karma Azriel Foreu to publicly attack the man who “hired” her.

Shannon’s motive to attack my children and defend child rapists and domestic abusers isn’t that she finds me personally offensive, or even believes anything she’s saying. Her motive is that I never gave her a chance to work for me. I didn’t value her enough, because she’s a very important person. And because of that she ran to people who have been smearing and attacking her for years, because she has no shame and is desperate for friends and self-validation. For once in her pathetic life people began paying attention to her because she was using anonymity to attack me, someone she clearly idolized and was obsessed with for years.

Stay tuned for the final part in this series coming soon.


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