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Exposing Shannon O’Loughlin Labarre Part 1: Boston Cop’s Daughter Uses Social Media To Help Monica Cannon-Grant, Domestic Abusers, Child Rapists, Dog Killers


This is Shannon O’Loughlin Labarre, originally from West Roxbury but now a resident of Medfield.

Her father and brother are both named Jim and are both Boston Police Officers.

For that reason Shannon was a fan and supporter of Turtleboy for many years, but this is a 2-part cautionary tale of what can happen when you get too invested in a blog.

In late January a Twitter and Facebook account were created to troll me on social media. This is not unusual as accounts like this come and go over the years. But this particular account tweeted obsessively about my personal life 24/7. It also was used to harass the Holden Police Department, assist child rapists, domestic abusers, dog killers, and Monica Cannon-Grant. I later found out it was created by Shannon, which was surprising because she claims to support the police and comes from a family of Boston Police Officers.

Initially the account (which uses a picture of me from my 2013 engagement photos that Shannon dug up) would try to catch people’s attention by replying hundreds of times a day to people who responded to me on Twitter, and made up ridiculous, baseless things about alleged crimes I committed.


Whenever I posted anything Shannon would respond. She vowed that a “storm” was coming for me that would force me to shut down the blog forever. She contacted my payment processor relentlessly in an attempt to get them to shut down our online store and Turtle Club and claimed to be making progress by using free websites to determine that our traffic was decreasing as a result of her campaign (you can’t do this without access to our dashboard). She even paid right wing commenter Amiri King $15 to make a 30 second Cameo video about the upcoming “storm,” which he never ended up sharing on any social media.



Shannon harassed the Holden Police Department on Facebook and on Twitter, bemoaning them for not charging me with a non-existent crime that she and some other ratchets fabricated. Specifically, they alleged that I sent a person a video of my children in the tub who was pretending to be a hacker and texting me from a fake phone number. The Holden Police made it clear there was no video, which upset Shannon and only intensified her harassment campaign of a police department.


When that didn’t work she began to spend her days contacting District Attorney’s across the state, and the Attorney General’s Office, making baseless allegations about wiretapping and defrauding customers.



Needless to say nothing came of that, so her next move was to contact ratchets I have previously written about and urge them to file for harassment prevention orders and criminal complaints. This is the reason I had so many court dates this month from DCF Moms, Rian Waters, and Big Black Jeffrey. All of the orders and criminal complaint applications were denied, tied up the already overworked courts, and forced me to waste my time on her games.


Despite being the son and daughter of Boston Police Officers Shannon also defended vulgar BLM grifter, and soon to be convicted felon Monica Cannon-Grant, whose opinion of the Boston Police Department is “f*** the police, f*** the police, f*** the police.”

Shannon claimed that Monica didn’t actually defraud anyone, and that we should focus our efforts on former Republican candidate for Congress Rayla Campbell instead, despite the fact that Campbell is an ardent supporter of the police.


Shannon was a long time supporter of both Turtleboy and Rayla Campbell, especially after Monica posted a threatening and racist video accusing Campbell of “riding white penis for a credit score, so this was also a surprise.



In September of 2020 Shannon and her mother showed up to support Rayla and I in Hyde Park at the grand opening of Monica Cannon-Grant’s fraudulent nonprofit, Violence in Boston. You can see Shannon in a black shirt at the 38:44 mark.

As you can see she looks much different from her profile picture.

Shannon also started a group text with Rayla and I that I had to eventually block notifications from because she would constantly message during the day about internal Boston Police news in an attempt to feel important. Rayla and I almost never responded. Perhaps this is where her anger comes from.


Shannon used the account to assist a man named Rian Waters, who has been trying and failing to sue me, and file criminal complaints against me for the last 4-5 years. Rian horrifically beat up the mother of his disabled child in late 2016, killed her dog in front of the daughter he abandoned, intimidated her from testifying against him in court, and then sued her for defamation when she was too scared testify. Shannon sent him private messages between me and a woman named Crissy Yakimowsky (who is currently facing 2 felony charges in Milford) that she believes will help Rian “end Turtleboy,” and justified helping this domestic abuser out by claiming that he was a “victim” of wiretapping.


Just a reminder that this is what Rian Waters did to Samantha Cardin and her 10 month old puppy.


I had court with Rian twice in April thanks to the “information” Shannon O’Loughlin provided him with. Rian then used this “information” to re-victimize his domestic abuse victim at a deposition.

Why is the daughter and sister of Boston Police Officers assisting a domestic abusing dog killer?

Not to be outdone, Shannon also contacted Jeffrey McAdam, AKA Big Black Jeffrey, to assist him in attempting to file a criminal complaint against me for wiretapping (taking a picture of my computer screen during a publicly recorded Zoom hearing in November). The complaint went nowhere but forced me to drive to Springfield for a hearing. Jeffrey is a child sex predator and an accused rapist well known for targeting vulnerable underage girls, feeding them alcohol, and forcing himself on them sexually (even while they are sleeping). Jeffrey acknowledged receiving assistance from the person behind the account, and Shannon posted her correspondence with Jeffrey on the social media accounts, in which Jeffrey brags to her that he kept her name out of it.

Just a reminder that the man Shannon O’Loughlin is assisting did this to a teenage girl:

“He kept trying to go lower down my back. I said “no don’t do that I don’t need it that low.” He stopped for little bit then did it again, then had nerve to pull down my pants down and try n touch me. I was in tears and beyond angry about to hit shit. I went outside in the rain and waited for my friend nick to pick me up.”

I met him when I was 13! This crazy psycho would blow my phone up drunk or off what ever at 3-5am in the morning some nights. I would block it and he would call me off text now numbers or what ever girl he was with to harass me. He even showed up at my apartment couple times. I threatened him with the police and he laughed and said he will ruin my life and no body ever pass trying to stop BBJ.

My friends would tell me he said he has sex with me and now after what happened that day I’m scared. What if he has raped me? I didn’t understand the amounts of alcohol when I was younger. Seen some videos of me that I don’t even remember. It makes me sick honestly. 

We interviewed one of his victims at the 27:20 mark of this video

Big Black Jeffrey isn’t the only child sex predator this cop’s daughter assisted though. Shannon also is followed by and has defended pedophile Tony Branch.

Last week a second judge ruled that it was “substantially true” that Branch had sex with a 15 year old girl, and told her that God wanted him to have a virgin.


Shannon also attacked Katie Lawson, the victim of the Rachael Rollins road rage incident, for doing an interview with me on the Live Show. She initially took down her attacks on Lawson, but then went after her again for failing to “distance yourself from Turtleboy.”


Shannon attempted to enlist the help of BLM activist Didi Delgado, who once wrote an op-ed urging service workers to spit in the food of Boston Police Officers, including her father and brother.


She advocated for Kylie Kirkpatrick, who is charged with 7 felonies as a result of our reporting.


Shannon’s page attracts all sorts of former ratchets we’ve blogged about, including Deanna Brogna, who left her 7 month old baby with an out of control teenage niece, who ended up getting arrested for putting the baby in the fridge and broadcasting it on social media.


Shannon has been trying to exonerate disgraced former Mass GOP Vice President Tom Mountain, and seems to believe that I was the one who catfished him into soliciting an Israeli woman for strap on orgies.


She reached out to racist anti-police BLM activist Talbert Swan, who owes $82K in child support.


Shannon is working with another defund the police activist named Brian Riccio, as well as a mentally unbalanced BLT-123 named Charlotte McFarland, who had a one year restraining order taken out on her by me after threatening to burn my house down.



Shannon defended a woman who falsely accused two exonerated Acton Police Officers of misconduct.


Her page attracts deadbeat Moms like Tiffany Scott, who was part of a group that threatened me outside of Worcester Courthouse after trying and failing to get an order on me that Shannon urged them to pursue.


She’s friends with liberal activist and disgraced kindergarten teacher Jen Vacca.


Concrete Con Eli Rego, who will soon be going to jail for stealing close to a million dollars from clients, is also a regular contributor on Shannon’s page.


And finally Shannon frequently tags an activist named Chip Goines, an extremely vocal political activist who wants to defund the police department her brother and father work for.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg for Shannon’s insanity. She’s exploited young children, pretended to be a Turtleboy blogger for years, and given out blatantly false tips about the Boston Police Department while claiming to be an insider. Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow.


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