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Facebook Took Our Live Show Down Faster Than They Did The New Zealand Killer


Yesterday’s horrific shooting in New Zealand at two different mosques that left 49 people dead was live streamed on Facebook:

Facebook said it quickly removed videos of a gunman opening fire inside a New Zealand mosque on Friday who appeared to have live-streamed his attack in a 17-minute video that looked to be recorded on a helmet camera.

Seventeen minutes. Seventeen long minutes of brutal killings being shared on the world’s largest platform for communication. Facebook is claiming that they took it down as soon as they found out it was going on:

‘New Zealand Police alerted us to a video on Facebook shortly after the livestream commenced, and we quickly removed both the shooter’s Facebook and Instagram accounts and the video,’ Ms Garlick added.

Yet it was up for 17 minutes. We’ve had MULTIPLE Facebook Live shows taken down within 5-10 minutes despite the fact that we never violated their terms of service, and more importantly we weren’t using their platform to live stream a massacre of innocent people.

Since those videos have all been pulled there’s no way for us to prove to you right now that we got pulled quicker than them. However, in January Uncle Turtleboy was doing a live stream on Facebook that he was simultaneously recording to SoundCloud. The topic – the dangers of censorship. And ironically the show was taken down by Facebook at the 16 minute mark. Listen for yourself:

Facebook is willing and able to censor us faster than they are a guy who is using their platform to broadcast the killing of innocent people. They claim to have developed the technology that can artificially pick up on shootings like this after Virginia reporter Alison Ward was killed on Facebook Live in 2017.

It was incredibly easy for them to shut the New Zealand shooting down within a couple of minutes, they had the ability to do so, yet they let it go on for 17 minutes. It’s arguable that the shooter would not have even done this had the liver stream option not been available. Facebook lets this go on but shuts us down for discussing censorship. These are their values.

As for the shooting itself I will join the growing number of publishers who will not state this cretins name. I’ve seen his manifesto. It’s 70 pages of name dropping with the clear intention of provoking partisanship in the United States.

And of course the left is falling for it, blaming Trump, Candace Owens, and other people who dare to question the long term ramifications of mass migration and religious extremism. But none of them are blaming Facebook for giving him the tools to do this or for allowing it to go on for 17 minutes.


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